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Who's going to win Ohio and Texas, Hillary or Obama?

posted 3/3/2008 9:18:04 PM |
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tagged: politics, straddle

Tomorrow's the election, and so far Hillary is winning in the polls in Ohio, and running even in Texas. Should Hillary win Ohio and loses Texas, should she quit, or continue? What if she loses both Ohio and Texas? Should she quit, or continue on to PA next month? There's talk about Republicans voting for Hillary in Texas to keep her in there longer, and even being the Democrat to challenge McCain in November. Any last minute thoughts? Canu, I know where you stand, but feel free to give me another kudo!

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Mar 3 @ 9:23PM  
I don't know honestly..........I think if she wins Ohio..but loses in would be difficult at best for her to catch up to Obama and pass him.

I know I will be happy when all the mud slinging is done. Oops!! were talking about DC politics...not AMD blogs!

Mar 3 @ 9:25PM  
Yeah, but should it be winner take all delegates from ALL states and not just from a few states?

Mar 3 @ 9:31PM  
Sugar, if Hillary pulls this off, Michigan and Florida may have to vote all over again in all new elections for the two.

Mar 3 @ 9:34PM  
I think she should go on no matter what.. after all it's not her money she's spending.

Mar 3 @ 9:40PM  
Well, Bruce told me last night who he voted for already...

Mar 3 @ 9:40PM  
Yeah..I saw that on the news. Talking about voting again in Michigan and Florida.

Mar 3 @ 9:44PM  
psssst shawn you furgetted to kudo yourself.............. I'll give you one too even tho i dont do politics ..................

Mar 3 @ 9:45PM  
You can kudo yourself??? I didn't know that!

Mar 3 @ 9:47PM  
like a couple of my friends stated on Sam's blog, why would I kudo myself for, I don't wanna go blind!

Mar 3 @ 9:50PM  
*ponders writing a blog so I can give myself a kudo*

Mar 3 @ 9:51PM  
It doesn't really matter who wins
we're all gonna lose in the end
hasn't anybody watched the documentary
"Endgame" by Alex Jones.
It's posted on Youtube.
Take a look at that before you post anymore
it's a great insight : )

Mar 3 @ 9:52PM  
Looking at the candidates on BOTH sides, only one thing is clear: Regardless of who wins the in the primary - and the general election - the big loser will be the American public. Is this field of lessers the best they could come up with?

Shoot 'em all and start over.

Mar 3 @ 10:00PM  
Jeff, I'm going to have to disagree with you on all of us losing at the end. Sure, the choices could have been a lot better than who we will have this coming November on the ballot, but whoever ends up in the oval office Jan.20, my Republicans will win regardless.

1. McCain is WAY better than Hillary and Obama in my opinion

2. If a liberal gets in, people will eventually learn once again how bad liberals really are and they won't get back in the white house for another 12 or so years...

So actually, things aren't nearly as bad as you make them out to be!

Oh man, I'm sure I'm going to hear from Canu sooner or later on here.

Mar 3 @ 10:03PM  
I really don't know, but my son goes to Hocking where Obama had his town meeting Sunday morning. After the televised speech he talked to all the students one on one who where in the Alternate Fuels Technology, my son being one of them and pretty astute when it comes to history and politics.

Brad said he shook his hand looked him in the eye and said, "Mr Senator, it's a pleasure to meet you. You talked about all this money you want to spend on future project for alternate fuels and energy, but where is the money going to come from?

Obama's answer was typical. "We'll just take the taxes credits away from the rich. (That's anyone or family that makes more than $100,000 a year) Yeah, strive to achieve the American dream and the government will kick you in the ASS.

Brad said, that's why he's staying Republican. They don't know how to run a business, and look for other ways of funding, just taxes.

His words not mine Guys. But I'll take Obama over Queen Hilary any day.


Mar 3 @ 10:11PM  
I don't think Michigan and Florida will be allowed to hold two primaries. They were told it wasn't going to count, they went ahead against PARTY ruling and moved theirs up and they don't count. If they count the one they had, they're showing preference to Hillary, which they can't do. The Democratic party crewed themselves this time.

Hillary is losing ground, and she knows it. They're flooding the TV and Radio stations with "Bad Press" against Obama to see if anything will stick, nothing has yet, because it's such a tight race it's hard for the press to choose a side, and they're not really suppose to.

My biggest complaint is Chelsey. She goes out on the trail, shakes hands, is on stage with her mother, but the press isn't allowed to talk to her. EXCUSE ME, they Crucified the Bush daughters the first months in office, If she's not allowed to be questions, then she shouldn't be present at all. She not a Child anymore.


Mar 3 @ 10:15PM  
Nah, I think Howard Dean will have no choice but to have to count Michigan and Florida if it comes down so close near the end. He will have to open up new elections however for both states to decide the winner since there may not be a winner with the required delegates, even with the super delegates added on in them.

Mar 3 @ 10:20PM  
The one that needs to drop out of the race is Mike "gomer pile" Huckabee.

Mar 3 @ 10:24PM  
Hmmm.... I never thought of that, but now that you mention it, Huckabee does look a little like "Gomer Pile". Wellllll gollllyyyyyy......

Mar 3 @ 10:25PM  
you didn't watch the documentary
ur not seeing the big picture

Mar 3 @ 10:29PM  
I see the big picture, Jeff. I have been involved in politics since I was 17. I almost live for this stuff!

Mar 3 @ 10:45PM  
You are a Repub...I am a Dem...nice to meet you!!! I think it will be very tough for Hillary unless they re vote in Michigan or Florida as you pointed out above. I do think she will win Ohio and spin it to mean that she is the best candidate because she is taking the key states needed for a victory in November. The problem with that reasoning of ccourse is things could go an entirely different direction ( as I am sure you realize), come November. McCain is going to appeal to many independents and I believe that change is what we want and that is not going to be Hillary. Besides we are just to fair in our primaries. Sheez a PHD is needed to figure out the rules in our primaries. I will hand it to you guys...a winner take all is much better....that being said I am an Obama supporter with some reservations. Texas Obama, Ohio Hillary, Rhode Island..Obama, Vermont Obama...someone meets with Hillary next week and she pulls out after that. I don't think even my sometimes confused party will go much longer with this infighting. We ned to beat you guys in November......that being said...a kudo in the spirit of bipartisanship!!!

Mar 3 @ 10:46PM  
I follow politics..but I don't live for it.....too much bickering...would drive me crazy. But, I do try to catch debates..both Democrat and Republican.....I want to know what each candidate is going to try...where they stand on issues...before I cast my vote..I don't vote "blind" on party loyalty..I vote for who I feel would best represent what I want for the country....and right now...I've been leaning towards McCain.

Mar 3 @ 10:52PM  
Well thank you, aim2pleez! You're right, Hillary has a battle ahead of her, but as you know, anything can happen these days in the world of politics and the media. To be honest, I am hoping Hillary can pull it off. I do think she's better than Obama, even though I can't stand her.

Mar 3 @ 10:54PM  
Here's the big thing a about OHIO. They really don't like the Clinton's. Ohio has gotten hit very hard by NAFTA, The unemployment rate is lower than the national average. Heavy industry jobs that were once there are now South of the boarder or over in China and not coming back. Ohio is going to be a tight race. and it's a open primary, which means a Republican can walk into the polls and vote Democrat if they want. All they have to do is declare themselves at the polls that day.

With PA in April and a few other state that follow, it could be a horse race to the end. Hillary is not known to be gracious. I don't think they could talk her out of stepping back.


Mar 3 @ 11:00PM  
You got everything right except the open primary here in Ohio. I believe that's Texas, and not Ohio. People have to declare themselves before the cutoff date of registering to vote. Nafta has hurt Ohio, but Texas, it has done well there.

Mar 3 @ 11:03PM  
My last comment was directed at BlueEyes. I thought I put her name ahead of what I wrote, and saw after I posted it that I hadn't. lol

Mar 3 @ 11:26PM  
It doesn't really matter who wins
we're all gonna lose in the end
hasn't anybody watched the documentary
"Endgame" by Alex Jones
Yeah, Alex Jones is a reliable source. I wouldn't trust anything that nut says. Alex Jones thinks 9/11 is an inside job and everything is a conspiracy. Bush and John Kerry's fraternities Skull and Bones that something shady was going on at their meetings. He thinks every fucking thing is a conspiracy. Don't waste your time watching Endgame, it's all fucking lies, so this asshole (Alex Jones) can get some attention.

Mar 4 @ 3:24AM  
It doesn't matter... Deomcratic party rules are such that she could lose and still go to convention and be nominated... Remember Gary Hart and Mondale?

If she loses these states but does not drop out, then that will be the plan....

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Who's going to win Ohio and Texas, Hillary or Obama?