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posted 3/3/2008 4:03:49 PM |
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Ya know, I don't often get up on a soapbox. So I am building a big one, just as big as the amount I am tired of the shit that is building around here.

The first "issue" of the day is the current one. As has been said in a great many blogs lately. ( and thank you very kindly ) I served in the military. Not one, but two branches, so that the rights we in the U.S. have, are preserved. No where or no way do I expect anyone to be kissing my ass for it, but I DAMN well expect respect for MY effort, and I ALSO represent the thousands that came before me, and the thousands that will follow me on this. When I say, I-I-I-I fought for your rights, I am actually speaking for ALL of us, we are LEGION, dating all the way back to 1776, when we broke free of the tyranny of England. We are all brothers in this, and when you speak to one, you speak to all. When a "brother" speaks, HE speaks for all. Love us we would like. Hate us, some do. But respect us is all we have ever asked of anyone.

And wayyy too many are taking that statement "Free Speech" and are using it any way they like, without so much as ever reading what is in the constitution. READ IT. Pretty simple, really. ALL it grants is freedom of expression, free from fear of GOVERNMENT influence or reprisals. Thats it. And you are still bound by local and state laws, rules and regulations. No place does it say you have the right to be an asshole, the right to start a riot, or the right to otherwise harass, harangue, defame, deface or otherwise PISS in people's oatmeal.

Lot of discussion around here as to what this site is for. Some would like to hinge on the word "Adult." As many including myself would like things to be maintained in an adult manner, with couretsy and respect. Granted, that. But others lately just play off that single word. Well, here is what it says at the top:

100% Free Adult Dating & Sex Personals
I have seen many posting in the forums and blogs also " I dont like this, I dont like that," and repeatedly saying such, till the topics all beat down, and no one is having fun anymore. And personally, that's what I thought was part of this sites attraction WAS when I first signed up.

I don't think anyone likes EVERY topic discussed in here. But there is this little thing , called TACT. And also, respect and consideration. Honestly, I don't think that a sex site is a place to be discussing politics or religion. BUT, because I personally try to practice and uphold the freedom of expression, I DONT READ EM!
AND I DONT POST ON EM!! I don't run em down, I dont piss in their oatmeal, I LET THEM BE. And let them express themselves any way they want, and anyone who is into that sort of thing, have all the fun they wish. I will never go into any topic and negative it to death until its no longer discussable, because thats FUCKIN rude. AND thoughtless, AND selfish, and DOWNRIGHT CHILDISH.

And yes, I am still inflamed over this "rights" business. People here in the US, a large part of them need to wake the hell up and remember what rights we DO have. They forget that often and take it for fuckin granted. I defy anyone to take their soapbox with their expressions to pretty much any foreign country. Set it up on a corner, and start expressing. Find your happy ass in prison in most, some I wouldn't give you a life expectancy of 30 fuckin seconds. FAR too many people forget that and sure as hell take it for granted.

And like I said, I dont encourage religion on this SEX AND DATING site, but I am going to say one thing. Those who have a soapbox for their "God given rights," well, I know my way around a Bible pretty well. Never have found any lists concerning rightS. Free Will is about all I have seen. And historically speaking, and Biblically speaking, pretty much anyone who promoted stabbed, stoned, burned at the stake, and a host of assorted other grisly treatments. Again, be happy that you can express religion in the US.Be grateful. APPRECIATE IT. And remember who helped give it to you. And again, if you don't believe it, take it to Iraq, for just one example. Start preaching on a corner. Nice knowin ya.

SO...cant we play nice, express ourselves WITHOUT startin a pissin war, present our views in a CONSTRUCTIVE fashion, or JUST LEAVE A TOPIC THE FUCK ALONE in respect for OTHERS opinions and views?

Nuff Said.

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Mar 3 @ 4:14PM  
I agree with ya DKW. What I have learned is a healthy debate is always good to have if you have a disagreement with that person. But one must also learn that ya can't argue with idiots as well, so why even try?

A kudo for you, my friend!

Mar 3 @ 4:15PM  
Shiny green thingy for ya. That's all I'mma say Well that and Thanks DK! for all you've done!

Mar 3 @ 4:20PM  
Ah DK I have already told you but will again..............You are my hero in more ways than one...............

Mar 3 @ 4:30PM  
I fought in Vietnam and as you notice,I am fighting another battle.
You can like me or hate me.Please respect me.I mean no harm to anyone.

Julie Lynne

Mar 3 @ 4:31PM  
I agree ...if you can't post an opinion without getting ugly..move on. Simple enough. Even when I do not agree, I may post my opinion that the blog was well-written. If I don't agree, and it angers me....I just move the fuck on to another blog. Now go check your gmail, kiddo

Mar 3 @ 4:31PM  
My respect and great appreciation!!

Mar 3 @ 4:32PM  
Great blog btw...deserving of my very last kudo

Mar 3 @ 4:38PM  
First off thank you for your military service, as well as all your brothers in arms.
Second I think posting is your choice what to blog about, also the reader’s choice to read or ignore it. Some people thrive on starting shit or stirring it. They crave attention and don’t care what form it takes. Not my speed, I don’t like that and as an “Adult” I can join the fray or my personal favorite ignore those agitators because indifference is the thing they fear the most.

Mar 3 @ 4:40PM  
I don't know you, but I do appreciate your service to our country. There aren't enough kudos or thankyous to express that, but here's a kudo anyway.

Mar 3 @ 4:41PM  
Ya got me, juliecd...I should have said Brothers AND Sisters, my deepest apologies.

And all the good will, energy and strength I can send to you in your battles.

Mar 3 @ 4:45PM  
I also meant brothers in a total encompassing like mankind, not leaving out any of the fine women who have served our country.

Mar 3 @ 4:54PM  
Very well written, I agree with you on most of it, and would give you all my kudos if i could (aqnd i never give them all away). My brother is in the armed forces and while I dont' like him as a person I respect him for what he is doing.

Mar 3 @ 5:09PM  
I served in the military and even I take things for granted...I guess we all do in some form. I could name several countries that if you decided to voice your would be imprisoned, tortured and eventually killed. Scary thought when you really think about it.
I hope I never loose the right to blog about panties but it could happen. Whoops ..Ash just told me Larry Flynt is on the phone...catch ya later....

Mar 3 @ 5:11PM  
Nuff said Master Sunshine.. nuff said.

Mar 3 @ 5:16PM  
Sir Knight:

Our constant vigilant against those who would oppress us. You know already where I stand on those who serve. OR at least I hope you do

I like juliecd saw our men come home to reticule and shame. I do not want to see that happen again. Even if I don't like the present politics, I will alway support the Commander and Chief, because not to shows weakness of a country in my book. I know many military person, but enlisted and retired. All that gave without self, and I had one dear friend who especially gave all on 9/11 at the Pentagon. ( God speed Dave).

I had 5 kudo's and you would have gotten all of them, but I'm only allowed to give you 1. So just tack on 4 more in your memory and know how Special I think you and the Men and Woman who served with you are.


Mar 3 @ 6:07PM  
Well said DK, and imma give you one of the shiny green things too!

Mar 3 @ 6:12PM  
Hey I prefer bitey bitey, gnaw gnaw, nibble nibble... when can I get some of dat action?

Mar 3 @ 6:17PM  
You can protect me anytime!!! And Thank You and All of our service folks for keeping us safe and sound!!

Mar 3 @ 6:22PM  
makes perfect sense.............course you normaly do

Mar 3 @ 7:36PM said it all Knight!

Kudos.....and my total, 100% respect for what you have done for this country and the people who live here.

Mar 3 @ 10:14PM  
Ok I've thunk it over sexy.. you can hammer hammer nail nail me any time.

Mar 3 @ 10:58PM  
JUST LEAVE A TOPIC THE FUCK ALONE in respect for OTHERS opinions and views

I'll even give you a kudo and umm do ya wanna fuck?

Mar 3 @ 11:27PM  
Not much to say, as all others already have, but here - as well as a kudo!

Mar 3 @ 11:45PM  
Your 100% right about all of it. There are men and woman who have fought in war, for this country for you, and everyone who lives here, and I think its a damn disgrace how they are treated when they come home. My cousin, is 59 years old, and fought in Vietnam, and is now a disabled vet. I went to visit with him in November, and he was sitting in his house dark and cold. His gas, and electric was turned off, for non-payment. Well, for those of you who have never been to New Jersey in November, let me just tell you something. ITS COLD ! WEll, I went home and grabbed a few of my camping space heaters, took him back to my house and after I called and freaked out on the gas co. and elect. co. needless to say his house was bright and warm that night. He was afraid to tell them he was a disabled vet. Thats friggin sad.

#1. I dont think there is a single military person out there that has ever gotten the thank you they truthfuly do deserve.

#2. I see no point on posting on somone elses blog just to trash them, or say negtive things about it.

#3. Just always remember "nothing for nothing" just because its free dont mean you have to take all. same goes for freedom of speech. just because its free dont mean you wont pay for your words one way or another.

I'm sorry, I didnt intend to highjack your blog. I leave with you two KUDOS

Mar 4 @ 2:29AM  
I tried to get real discussions going in the blogs only to have them dominated by one and squashed effectively... I returned to the blogs.. I must have left a trail because now it seems I was followed....

100% Free Adult Dating & Sex Personals

How attractive does it look when you are constantly arguing stupid shit? Do people think it will help them stand out to be obnoxious?

Mar 4 @ 2:38AM  
Dunno, Bro...some are not happy unless they are spreading acid with a field sprayer. But far as I care, let them hear their own drum, and their own drum alone. Hard to argue with themselves. Far as I care, one particular person no longer exists, because they are far beneath my attention, and I hope many will follow that lead.

Just got home from work, and I cant express how great all the responses have been.
Biggest of huggz to you all. ( and a few gnaws for those who care to get gnawed.... )

A special thanks to xdcfx, the banner is awesome, Bro. *Brotherly Hug*

Much, MUCH Thanks to everyone.

Mar 4 @ 8:18AM  
The problem we have on this site is too many people with different ways of's too easy to be misunderstood and have our words taken as condescending or insulting, even when we don't mean them that way.
When we talk to people face to face, it's much easier to not only get our point across, but to get the emotion and intent of that point across. We can communicate not only with words but with gestures and facial well as tone and attitude. The written word is limited. Some of us use different things like emoticons or CAPS to further express our intent or emotions...but it's still difficult. Others only see the words, but not always the true meaning behind the words.
We assume when we type something, whether a response that is well-thought out or a knee-jerk reaction...will be taken as it was meant. This isn't always the has been proven over and over.

This is why we tend to seem to be 'shoving' our opinions down others throats...because our words are taken out of the context of our emotions and intents...and we feel we have to keep trying to justify what we've said to the person who is taking those words as condescending or insulting when that was not the original intent.

Mar 4 @ 9:57AM  
Thank you DarkKnight. I'm just agreeing on what I believe in.

and here is that other KUDO.

Mar 4 @ 3:12PM  
I hasta hamer

The crazy red head won't let me saw! Something about the one mishap I had with a power saw....

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