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We're Not Made of Money!

posted 3/3/2008 3:28:20 PM |
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tagged: funny, money

I have a very spoiled three year old. I give in to almost every whim she has, whether it be the new swimming baby doll or the baby alive or the newest batting equipment for the back yard.

I made a bad habit of buying her something every time I went to the store when she was younger. I felt guilty about having to leave her every day and I would go to the grocery store or the department store after work and buy her a tiny little trinket, an Easter Bunny straw, a new sippy cup, nothing huge but something to leave on her desk and let her know that I'd been thinking about her that day.

Now, every time I go to the grocery she asks me what I brought her. If I didn't get her a special treat she gets upset and stubs up a little and gets a little bit of an attitude. If I tell her I brought her food to eat for the rest of the week, she has a bit of a tis and then she'll eventually calm down when I find a snack bar or some fruit chewies to give her as her 'special' treat. I know all this is my fault and that it was a terrible thing to start, but we never thought we'd ever have another child (as we were told we weren't) and we made sure we doted on her. Now we DO have another child and we can't afford to buy things here and there every single day. or even every single trip to the grocery store. As a matter of fact we have started going to the Dave Ramsey meetings at a local church just so we can get the A-Z's down on how to live on a budget and how to save money, because now we just have to.

I know I have drug this out.. I AM getting to the point.. I like to ramble, y'all know ''at. The point is this:

My daughter just asked me if she could have another popsicle after dinner. I said yes. She said can I have another treat, too? A playing treat and not an eating treat. I was busy and I mumbled a 'yes' and went back to my task at hand. "How about a Jack In the Box!?" she asked. And then it dawned on me, she had just 'talked' me into a toy. OK, she snowed me into it....

To which I replied: WE ARE NOT MADE OF MONEY! We have to go out and work to get it! We have to go earn some money to buy you and your brother the things you want and need! I want you to understand this! Look at Me! When you go out and get a job and earn your own money, then you can have a Jack in the Box!

To which she replies .. with her nose stuck up in the air..

"I'm gonna go earn some money in the kitchen."

She came out dragging my change jar behind her.


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Mar 3 @ 3:38PM  
LMAO.....I did the same with my daughter who is now 8. She is not only spolied by me, but my mom too!

EVERY time we hit the grocery store, she wants and EXPECTS something. However this is my own

But, her new baby brother will be here in 7 days....So, boy is she in for a BIG SURPRISE!!!

BTW- She had some b-day money and we went shopping, her bill was $4 dollars over so I paid it for her. Her dad told her that when I go and cash another b-day check of hers, she would have to pay me back the $4.....Man O' man did she about fall off the chair.....LOL She's got EVERYONE wrapped! From us to my parents to the secretary and boss at my work and my dads work, they all give her what she wants and even better when she walks outta the joint with $10 bux just for selling her smile!!!!

What I wouldn't give to be a kid again and live at home with my mom....

Mar 3 @ 3:45PM  
I don't wanna live with mom again just the perks that went with it

Mar 3 @ 4:09PM  
Butbut....didn't you know....

Due to the advancements in modern no longer grows on trees....

It now comes out of a wall, after you insert this little card...

Mar 3 @ 4:27PM  
Boy I can relate to oldest daughter was the first grandchild, great-grandchild and niece for everyone...not to mention the fact that hubby and i have divoriced parents so she has 4 sets of grandparents...talked about a spoiled kid...and it has only gotten worse the older she gets...she will be 17 in may and let me tell you...she cant understand why we wont buy her a car...she says we should buy it because my dad bought me 4 cars...yes i am spoiled to...

well we have just learned to ignore her everytime she says i hate you and all my friends parents by them what they want...we figure she will learn once she is out on her own.

Mar 3 @ 5:04PM  
Oh and the.. mommy buy me this.. I have no money.. you have checks!!!

Mar 3 @ 6:04PM  
Kids! What a hoot! Now my son has his own money (allowance) and HESITATES to spend it.....WTF!?!

Mar 3 @ 6:57PM  
You can't blame these kids for trying....

This is what I tell my boys when they ask for things in the store.... "Is it your birthday? Is it Christmas? Then no.... you are not getting anything.

It sounds harsh to some, but we also live paycheck to paycheck, and it is tough. I am also very open with them about bills and what needs to be payed etc.

Your daughter's habit can be broken!

Mar 3 @ 7:55PM  
Yep, my 8 yr old is the BABY!!! She's the youngest and last Grandchild and Niece!! My Mom has Great Grandkids older than her. Her closest cousin is 23!!!! I spoil her with clothes and shoes...It's because I didn't have pretty clothes and shoes as a kid being the youngest of 4. My Brothers and their wives just spoil her every time they see her!!! Christmas is CRAZY!! She's the only KID to buy for!! Then there's my Mom!!! Lord have Mercy!!! She plans vacations for us to the Beach because her "BABY", nope she's not talking about me, Loves the Beach!!! She bought her a HUGE Swimming Pool last year and every time they go to the store the kids comes home with more DVDS!! My Mom says she won't live forever and wants my daughter to have all she can give! I tell her it's not the things, it's the time you spend with her....she doesn't listen! But then I'm just as guilty.

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We're Not Made of Money!