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The Thunder Rolls...Chapter 5 and final

posted 3/3/2008 1:15:57 PM |
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Jack was surprised that Sierra stopped him and led him into her bedroom. His thoughts were for them to strip each other naked as they stood in the living room. But this twist was surely going to make this whole experince a lot better. Jack loved a woman who took the lead when she knew exactly what she wanted and how to get it. It made her even sexier. He was thinking about what to expect when she had him right where she wanted him. He was a willing follower. He did as she asked. Being a tease, himself, he appreciated her advance. No way was he going to object. He just sat back and let the moments present themselves. She's put on music and is doing a lap dance. Jack is going to settle back and enjoy this. Jack was watching her and taking in every movement she was performing. He was so hard he thought he was going to bust the seams out of his shorts.

Jack just layed back to enjoy. He could feel her hot breath as she went from bottom to top of his body. Her soft lips exploring his flesh. He thought that if she took his cock into her mouth he would explode right there. This is how close he was. His balls starting to ache from the pent up pressure in them. He didn't want to but at the same time it would relieve him for a few moments. Then she could bring him back. That wouldn't take any doing for her to do that.

She must of been reading his mind. She came right to his shorts and took it out. Stroked it a couple times and then bent over and started licking it. Jack shuddered and pulled a deep gasp. He didn't get it all out when she sucked it deep into her mouth. Feeling her tongue playing and teasing. Damn, could he be able to control himself. To his surprise he did. Took every thing in his power to control it.

She stopped, looked up at him and smiles. She was good. She knew exactly when to stop. She was saving him. Jack got up from his chair and led her to the bed. He was competely naked now and finished undressing Sierra before they got on the bed. He layed her down and laid beside her. Going back to kissing her and going for her erotic zones. Starting at her neck and working his way slowly down her body. She layed back to enjoy my journey. It was his turn and he was going to try to make her feel the way she had made him feel. It wasn't long before he found she loved her nipples suck and licked. A little nibble brought forth moans of pleasure. He stayed there just long enough for her not to tire of that. Then moved on down to her belly buton. There he didn't get too much reaction so he moved on down more. To the place where he had been aching to go. He reached the top of her pubic area. She spread her legs for to make it easier for him to explore that area. Jack knew that he couldn't get right to where he knew he would eventually end up for her ultimate pleasure. He had to tease her for a while to get her even hotter. He licked the folds to both sides of her crotch. Then went further down to her inner thighs. Nibbleing and licking them, one side and then the other . Feeling her quiver and hearing her moan with every lick and nibble. She was now trying to push herself down into his face. Seemed like she was trying to get his lips and her pussy lips to meld into one. He stayed away still exploring her inner thighs. On occasion going back to the upper pubic area to tease that. He now saw that the bed sheets were becoming soaked by her juices. He thought he can't torture her anymore. It was time. He went back to her inner thigh. Started there with his tongue and then went upward. He run his tongue right up the middle. Spreading her pussy lips as he went and didn't stop until it was on her clit. Sierra arched her back right off the bed and stayed there. She let out a screech of pleasure. Then sucked in a breath that she held for what seemed an eternity. She was so close. He knew that it wasn't going to take much to make her have a mind blowing orgasm. She was pouring her love juices out. She was ready. Jack placed his lips just right and sucked her clit into his mouth. She exploded. Her ass hit the bed again and then came arching right back up to meet him. She pulled his head into her as hard as she could. She wasn't letting him go. Just as he felt her start to subside he would let loose of his grip on her and suck it back in again. Using his tongue to tease her nerve endings at the same time. He know she wouldn't be done until she released the grip she had on him. There was no way he was going to give it up. Even having a hard time getting a breath he didn't move away. She was in control.

Sierra finally released him and lay there panting and quivering. Jack rolled to his side. Trying to catch his breath. Then he started carressing her with his hand. Slow moving, deliberate movements. He moved his hand down her body to the area around her clit. He could also still see it red and swollen. He couldn't resist the urge to run his finger over it. When he did she gasped and shook all over. It was tender. Best to stay away from it for a while.

They gained their composure and lay there looking at each other and carressing each other. After a while they both went to making slow passionate love to each other. Both oral and intercourse. Both enjoying the moments. Nothing will ever be like the first encounter. Its the first that sticks in your mind forever. It's what turns you on to each other just ready to explore equalling that or improving on it. The decision that day was that they would continue to see each other. Now that part was apparent that they would enojy each other in the bedroom or any other place where they will find those moments of pure passion, it was time to get to know each other. Find out if their sexual chemistry expanded to the rest of their being.

Hope you enjoyed it...............

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Mar 3 @ 1:28PM  
Wow...great story...I enjoyed all of it and a little green thing for ya!!

Mar 3 @ 1:47PM  
You can't just LEAVE it there?!! Give us more!! And a green thingy to ya!!

Mar 3 @ 2:19PM  
Wow that was fun!
Thanks for taking us along for the ride!

Mar 3 @ 2:22PM  
dayum I just got out of the shower and now I need another one great story you guys!!! yeah I'll leave a kudo on the nightstand

Mar 3 @ 6:40PM  
Loved It!!!!!!

Mar 3 @ 11:47PM  
Loved it hon damn you must of gotten in the mood pretty quick.. well Im glad you did....... hugssssss kissessssss licksssss and a green thingy

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The Thunder Rolls...Chapter 5 and final