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Death on the 520

posted 3/3/2008 9:19:21 AM |
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Before I get to the business of finsihing up Lily's and my story, this is one that has to be told. In the hopes of saving some of our young peoples lives. Feel free to print this out and show it to your loved ones. Sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, your friends teenagers, etc.

A a couple of you know I am an EMT-I tech. I run with a local ambulance service. My specialty is trama and extracation (ripping vehicles apart to get people out). This weekend I had the midnight Fri. night to midnight Sun. night shift.

At 2342hr. (11:42pm) we got dispatched out to the bypass. Our information was vehicle versus trees. 4 possible victims. 2 reported dead. We went out with the main ALS (advanced life support) unit and the extracation vehicle. Arriving at the scene we saw a vehicle in the trees laying on its top side against the trees. Top of the vehicle crushed in. The police officer there reported that he knew 2 were dead and 2 more were still in the vehicle. He was unsure of their condition but knew it wasn't a good one.

First we had to pull the vehicle back onto its wheels. There was no way we could easily get to the occupants the way it was against the trees. We got the vehicle righted and got to work. At this time I could see that we had 3 dead. The forth still had a pulse. Very weak but there was life there. Female. Young. What made me sick, right off, was that they were dressed in dress uniforms and evening gowns. Military ball......It is the time of year for the area high school JROTC military balls. Every year this happens but this is the worst I have seen or heard of in the past few years.

We started cutting the vehicle apart so we could get to the girl. That took over 15 minutes to get where we could get her out. Blood everywhere. I won't describe the rest of the scene. I will make you sick. We finally stabilized her and got her out. Packaged and transported her. On the way to the trama center myself and another EMT did all we could to regenerate fluids and stop bleeding. A detailed exam showed me that she has a broken back, both legs broken, one broken arm, internal injuries, broken ribs and head trama. This girl wasn't in very good condition. We all wondered if she would even make it to the hospital. All this time she is unconsious. She never regained consiousness.

As of this morning she is in critical condition. Still unconsious. But alive. At this time the prognosis is that if she makes it she will, most likely, be paralized. Very likely brain injuries. The outlook on the rest of her life isn't good.

This is what happened. According to the truck driver and a witness, the vehicle was playing around with the truck driver. At 65 mph. The trucker stated that this vehicle came up behind him, passed and then slowed down to make the driver pass them. Then pulled up behind the trailer and got lost in his mirrors. It was drafting the truck for about 3 miles. The trucker pulled out to pass slower traffic. He still didn't see the vehicle behind him anymore. He didn't know if it had broke away or not. As he was pulling back into the right lane the vehicle shot out to pass on his right. Caught his rear duels on the trailer. When that happened the vehicle went off the shoulder and flipped. Then hit a row of pine trees top first.

Now there are 3 familys preparing funerals. 1 family sitting around praying their daughter makes it. And a truck driver with years of a safe driving record having to deal with the death of 3 teenagers. Possible 4. Even though it wasn't his fault. How do you live the same after somthing like that? Your fault or not.

My plea to everyone............Prom season is upon us. We always seem to lose some of our youth during this time also. Pass this story on to any teenager you know. If we can get some to listen and think to save their own lives or a lifetime of pain and incapasity then we helped.

I do know that there was no alcohol involved.

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Mar 3 @ 9:28AM  
Yes I will pass this out to my daughter and her friends...we have prom this coming
Saturday for our tech school and this is one of my biggest fears...worries me so much that i would rather chauffer them around but unable to do that...thanks for the blog

Mar 3 @ 9:28AM  
just plain stupid! Probably thought it was "fun" to mess around with the semi. Alot of people just don't understand the mirrors do NOT see everything

Mar 3 @ 10:36AM  
Thank you hon for sharing this with us... I know that it has to be hard to deal with.. Some of us dont realize what it is to have to help others like that and then see the out come..... I hope that you guys are ok and that the girl makes it.......

Mar 3 @ 10:36AM  
Thank you hon for sharing this with us... I know that it has to be hard to deal with.. Some of us dont realize what it is to have to help others like that and then see the out come..... I hope that you guys are ok and that the girl makes it.......

Mar 3 @ 12:21PM  
Great eye opening blog. My Hubby & I are Long Haul Truck Drivers and unfortunately we see people play games with both us and other Truckers. We have had people merge onto the interstate in front of us, us doing the speed limit and they slam on their brakes. I guess that they just don't understand that it takes us at least the length of a football field to stop. It's not just our youth that does things like that... too many adults also enjoy playing games with us. We do our best to protect the general public, get our loads delivered in a timely fashion, and live our life on the road. It would be nice if everyone took just one trip with a Truck Driver to see things from our point of view..... it would drastically change their driving habits..... kudos to ya!

Mar 3 @ 1:24PM  
A lot of times people don't realize the emotional toll it takes on the emergency workers as well. We have children too. The things that go though our minds when we are trying to save strangers lives. Especailly our young people. So often while working on them we see visions of our own children being in that place. It send sudders down your spine.

To buelriders. I can only imagine what you have to keep trying to aviod out there on the roadways. People just don't think. In a hurry. "Accidents just looking for a place to happen".

A special thanks to lily........We have been talking this morning. She helped me a lot to deal with it this morning...........

Mar 5 @ 7:10AM  
You are welcome hon anytime you need me to just sit and listen so to speak just let me know ok.......

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Death on the 520