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posted 3/2/2008 9:30:05 PM |
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I've discovered that some people like thunderstorms as much as I do..
At night I love to lay across my bed and watch it storm through my open window. Watching the dark sky come alive with the lightning. Occassionally I can feel a light spray of the rain. The breeze comes in and makes everything smell so fresh and new. Especially when it's all done.

There's just something about thunderstorms when you are with that someone.. Sex is fantastic during a wicked storm. It's kind of like riding the storm out.. Hearing the cracks of thunder and letting the intensity just take you away in the mood. Kinda makes sex like crazy thunderific or something.......Yea, I know it's not really a word, but try it and you'll understand what I mean...

But then there are quite a few adults that I know who are scared half to death of thunderstorms... Won't be out, won't have any windows open, unplug everything.
And that's okay, we all fear something.... and they can be extremely dangerous.

Do you like or fear thunderstorms? Do they change your mood? Can you sleep during one?

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Mar 2 @ 9:37PM  
I love rain and I love is hot during storms and afterwards the storm just lulls ya to sleep..........I also just love sitting on my porch watching them at night............

When my husband (the one i am seperated from now) and I were first married we had a stereo on our porch and when it was raining we would put music on and go out into the back yard and dance in the rain............

Mar 2 @ 9:37PM  
I like thunderstorms, but I hate to be in them alone.
Thunder scares me more then lightning
And only if I have someone to cuddle with can I sleep while one is going on.

Mar 2 @ 9:39PM  
When I was very young and my blood was so hot it would boil over regularly..

My b/f and I went up to the top of airport hill and sat in his pickup to watch the storm.. pretty soon I was sitting on the hood of the pickup (bright no?) next thing I know.. we are naked and sweaty on the hood of the pickup in the storm. Fuckin WILD! Ever since that time it's made me feel like I gotta get nekkid NOW..

I love to dance around in them outside of course..

The storm calls my name,
Beckons me to come and play,
Dance in wild abandon
In it's purplish light.
Lightening flashes,
Quick, bright flares of blinding light,
Shatter the darkness of my heart.
Thunder booms, echoing
Response shivers through my soul
How could I resist the call?

Mar 2 @ 9:48PM  
I love watching thunderstorms, but have never made love while one was going on.

I had a couple houses with wrap around porches, and when one came up I would sit out there and watch. Many times I would get soaked from the wind blown rain, but was well worth it. Just the freshness in the air afterwards from the rain and ozone from the lightning was fantastic.

Mar 2 @ 9:52PM  
Sure do love them. Bring some this way, let's say Wednesday.

Mar 2 @ 9:52PM  
Thunder rolls across the plains. Winds softly blow, scattering leaves across the ground. Lightning flashes above the clouds, illuminating them from within. A deep husky voice softly whispers upon the wind as two glowing eyes smoothly appear from deep within the shadows...

Now what do you think.....

*A Wicked Chuckle slowly fades away with the glowing orbs...*

Mar 2 @ 10:00PM  
Yes I adore Thunderstorms matter of fact when I decided on my little house the porches is what sold me. I got front and back and yep I can sit out and watch the storms I love them

Mar 2 @ 10:01PM  
I don't go out riding my bike or stand next to a tree during them but I love listening to the thunder and watching the lightning

Mar 2 @ 10:03PM  
but have never made love while one was going on
Griz, lemme tell you what you're missing.. And it might start out making love but the mood will turn to wild, wicked sex.. It just can't be helped....

Now what do you think.....
I think that was there more to it?

How could I resist the call?
Exactly.....thanks for the poem, Sam.

sex is hot during storms and afterwards the storm just lulls ya to sleep
Yep, wrapped around each other in such a peaceful sleep while the earth is shaking around you.

Mar 2 @ 10:22PM  
Oh but I love a good thunderstorm especially sitting on the porch enjoying the sounds and the smells. Storms have that special clean smell to them.

It is truly one of the things I miss most living in So. California we rarely get a good loud thunderstorm but when we do they are glorious.

Making love during a's passionate and incredible.

Ok...I am ready for a storm!!!

Mar 2 @ 10:25PM  
I love thunderstorms... especially the way you described them

Yes they change my mood and I can definitely sleep during them, but try to fight the sleep so I can enjoy it as long as possible.

Mar 3 @ 1:21AM  
I absolutely love thunderstorms.

Mar 3 @ 1:33AM  
I'd love to be able to sit out on a porch with that special someone, sitting next to each other on a bench, swing or some other comfy seat, holding hands or my arm around her, watching a thunderstorm roll in.

What I love most, other than sharing the moment with someone special is the sheer power. To me, it's exhilarating to watch the lightening spread across the sky, knowing that a fraction of that power could rend and destroy but yet, it's so beautiful. Listening to the thunder roll across the skies, not only giving testament to the power behind the light show but also adding to the barrage coming at my senses, almost overloading them. I also love the smell in the air. Before, you can smell the rain coming and you can just tell it's going to be a big one. During, while the rain is falling, it reminds me of growing up in Iowa, living out on a farm and having the really big storms roll through and sitting at my window, wishing the sun would come out but also imagining shapes in the water rolling down the window as I stared off into my own little world. And after, when everything smells clean and fresh, as if Mother Nature just ran her version of a car wash and everything seems right with the world.

And throughout the whole storm, taking it all in as a whole and wondering at the glory, the overall power and the wonder of it all, hitting all my senses, almost overpowering them and making me feel small in the grand scheme of things.

Yeah, I like thunderstorms.

Mar 3 @ 3:49AM  
i'm a thunderstorm lover're right about having storm sex plus i love nothing better then to snuggle up with someone one special under a blanket on the porch and watch the lightening and feel the me it's mothernature at her finest.

Mar 3 @ 6:12AM  
I too Love a Good storm when I'm at home..and being with that someone special.. makes it awesome!!! There is nuttin like it!!!!

but... I use to fish a lot...and on the Water..isnt the place to be during a bad storm!!!.. trust me!!!!

Mar 3 @ 8:42AM  
When I was a little kid, my grandfather used to take me out onto the front porch where we'd sit and enjoy the thunderstorms. I lost him years ago, but I still think fondly of that wonderful old man when a storm comes by - and, now, I take my grandkids onto the porch and we sit and watch storms together, all cuddled together under a quilt.

Mar 3 @ 1:27PM  
I love rain. I don't know why, so don't ask

Mar 4 @ 8:28PM  
I love them......I feel alive with pleasure .....(I know Newport)lol! But during these wild storms, my body feels electrified............I mean I had some of the best sex of my young years in a guy's room that was a converted attic.........lots of windows.....the sky flashing brilliant light, thunder clapping...............naked bodies positively charged..............

Mar 4 @ 8:49PM  
Like them?

I AM a thunderstorm

Now, who wants to ride the lightning?

Mar 4 @ 8:51PM  
I love's the severe ones with potential for tornadoes that can scare me

But..I do love thunderstorms at night..watching the night sky light up... I don't sleep through them much....I do love the rumble of thunder.

my sisters and I used to drive our mom crazy cause we always wanted to stay outside and play in thunderstorms.

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