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Do liberals focus more on race and gender?

posted 3/2/2008 5:42:28 PM |
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tagged: politics, straddle, race, gender

It's been my experience that liberals tend to focus way too much on race and gender. It's really come out this election with the democrat race between Hillary and Obama. Bill Clinton even stated that it's unfair for him to have to choose between a woman and a black, because he's waited his entire life to see a woman and a black to hold that office. But then soon afterwards Bill Clinton played the race card in South Carolina, and some would say that hurt Hillary a few weeks back. Seems like you have most Latinos going for Hillary, while most blacks are jumping on the bandwagon behind Obama. I am no means a liberal, I'm a true conservative Republican, but all these years we have always heard that Republicans are racist and not open minded people. I do beg to differ with all that. My party wants people to strive to be the best they can be without and government interference of any kind. We don't believe in quotas where a job is concerned favoring any race or gender of any kind, and feel that the best person should be hired for any job. Liberals seem to want to hold people back with government interference as far as quotas go. Some programs are meant to help people out of the situation they got themselves into, while most of the programs continue keeping people poor. The welfare situation is a mess, and it should only be there for people such as the elderly, and people who are trying to better themselves. Some states have welfare set up with a number of children you have. This is crazy. You have to have 4 kids to receieve any kind of welfare in at least one state. I'm sure there are more of these states. What does this teach people?

I have been watching more of this all on the news channels this afternoon, and it seems with everything at stake with the upcoming elections here in Ohio and Texas, it's getting ugly in the democrats race with Hillary and Obama. I see so many people jumping on the bandwagon for Obama, and they all want change. But in all honesty, has he really talked about his plans in greater details? What are his plans? I heard he has ideas, but that's all I have heard, nothing more than ideas. See,s like the media won't ask him to go into any kind of details of any kind. As for Hillary, I'm not a fan of her's either, but I will admit, she does have a lot more experience than Obama. Right now she's still ahead in the polls here in Ohio, and Texas, too close to call. Should she lose both Ohio and Texas, should she get out of the race, or keep going and hope for the best next month in PA? Even if she does win both states come Tuesday, seems like the liberal delegates still won't support her, is that really fair? I feel the winner should take all delegates no matter what. If it was winner take all in all states early on Hillary would have put this one away already with wins in Cali and New York. Anyway, if you're a democrat, who are you supporting, Hillary or Obama, and why? Who should be their running mates? Me being a Republican, I'm not too thrilled with McCain, but I will support McCain this November. Who should be McCain's running mate, and why? I have heard names thrown up recently such as Portman (my former U.S. congressman from Cincinnati). I would like to see Romney, but both McCain and Romney hate each other it seems.

Normally I try to stay out of politics and religion on here, and to not blog about either one, but felt that I would address some issues. For my liberal friends, I still love you guys and please don't take it personally with what I said in my blog. This is from what I see and my experience in life.

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Mar 2 @ 5:52PM  
Damn Shawn, I am a liberal and you just killed me.....but that's ok, I really don't mind. You have your ideas and I have mine. As a Female Liberal Democrat I feel torn in wanting a Woman who has more experience in Office or a man that doesn't have the experience. So I'm going with Hillary not because she's white, but because she is a Woman with Experience and it's time for a Woman to try her ways with the World for a change. Men have been going it FOREVER and look where we are, so why not give the maternal side a chance.........I'm not voting on Race, but I am voting by Gender.......this time

Mar 2 @ 6:15PM  
Sandy, I was very surprise to see The Cincinnati Enquirer endorsing Obama over Hillary in today's newspaper. Seems like most Ohioian democrats like Hillary.

Mar 2 @ 6:17PM  
Btw, why didn't The Columbus Dispatch make any endorsements with the two?

Mar 2 @ 6:21PM  
i dont think there will be a lady president in my life time, :) just my opionion

Mar 2 @ 6:27PM  
I don't pay attention to race or gender. I'm a libertarian. At first I wanted Mike Gravel or Ron Paul. That's not going to happen. I used to like Hillary better. But the more I learn about Obama, the more I like him. I also don't like the way the Clinton's are campaigning. Also, I think we need change. Plus Obama doesn't take money from the special interest groups. I saw a biography on him and he's accomplished quite a bit. I believe he has enough experience. So I'm voting for Obama.

Mar 2 @ 6:47PM  
why didn't The Columbus Dispatch make any endorsements with the two

I'm glad they didn't.....let people decide for themselves.

Mar 2 @ 7:18PM  
I am a shallow SOB. I read a bit of the blog but it was too long for me, sorry, honest guy here.

I consider myself a moderate democrat though I don't like labels. But to the Rush Limbaugh types I am a considered a liberal. So I guess I fit as I am no right winger.

But when Bush was inaugurated, there was little unemployment or inflation, the budget was balanced and there was no national debt, we were respected in the world for thought leadership and not hated for foreign policy by everyone not in Poland, India, or Equatorial Africa (I have survey studies to validate this), and we had not invaded another country for no damned reason.

I guess this reasoning makes me a liberal. That being said, I focus upon running far right republicans out of office in the next election. For me, the good old days were the 1990's.

Mar 2 @ 7:33PM  
Okay, Bruce. You don't like far right Republicans, and that's your right to feel that way....but you still didn't answer who you would support between Hillary and Obama. Since you like the 90's so well I take it that you're a Hillary supporter? lol

Mar 3 @ 3:35AM  
No we don't focus on race, true Obama got the black vote, Latino vote was swayed on immigration policy. So that makes race moot if Barrack had a record of favorable immigration yeah...

Clintons tried to play the race card and it back fired with democrats, we don't like it when dems act like republicans...

Your points were valid years ago with programs like affirmative action, not so much so today. Welfare was reformed in such a way as to get people working or cut off their benefits, so your point is again moot...

People payed too much attention to Bill Clinton's sex life not enough to what he actually did, welfare reform, shrinking the government... he cut taxes after the budget got balanced and e ran a surplus... had to raise em once but.... we have to be responsible....

Research Obama's web site, read his books, he does have specific agenda items, he isn't just screaming change without an outline for it. Hilary on the other hand is just screaming "I can beat them I have experience".. Its not about beating people now, its about fixing problems.... The conservative mantra is "market solutions" yet without some legislation to bring market solutions about, there will be none, the dirty little secret... republicans know this... they favor big business however who want to continue raping Americans...

My .02... No offense you opened the door, I just had to walk in....


Mar 3 @ 3:35AM  
but you got my last kudo.....

Mar 3 @ 12:44PM  
Well Canu, I still disagree with you on what you mostly posted in your comment. But hey, you're entitled to your opinion like everyone else my friend.

As for the kudo, thank you!

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Do liberals focus more on race and gender?