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Question that has been on my mind for a long time...

posted 3/2/2008 9:11:01 AM |
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I am very involved in my church now..I make sure I go every Sunday..That is my choice..But that is not my question.

When people say "I will pray for you" Do they? I personally don't say that. Usually I will say you are in my thoughts..I asked this question to someone I was talking to at church last sunday..And this person told me yes they do pray...We have prayer requests and I am to shy to ask for one..

I keep my view's on God and church to myself most of the time. That is my choice..I don't preach to other's...It is up to each person how they want to live their lives..Not for me to tell them what to believe in or how to live it..

My friend's find it hard to see the new change in me..I am no longer drinking..I was never much of one anyway..They can't understand why I want to be involved in church..That is my choice again..I tell them that it is my life and this is they way I choose to live it.

Have a wonderful day my friend's at AMD...


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Mar 2 @ 9:21AM  
Tammy, I don't go to church but I am very spiritual and when I say I am going to pray for someone that is exactly what I do. I never ask God to give anyone what they want, I pray that their needs are met. I also pray for people I don't care for, because I know that as long as I am praying they have a better life, I don't build up resentments towards them.

As for you Tammy girl, you are in my prayers constantly. I have hopes that life will get better for you and that's what I ask that you get what you need to find that happiness.

As for asking people to pray for you and are embarrassed or afraid to ask for that.....find one of the older ladies of the church and explain to her that you are scared to ask for prayers but that you need them...........i can almost say with certainty that she will do that.

Mar 2 @ 9:21AM  
I happen to be good friends with someone who is a Pastor even tho I never attend church. When he says you are in my prayers I believe (know) that he does in fact pray for that person. Your beliefs are your own and unless you choose to make them known to others that is the way they should stay.

Mar 2 @ 9:27AM  
I believe most people mean it literally when they say it..other people mean well, but it's just a sentiment. But a prayer doesn't have to be a "ritual" thing; it could just be the fact they said "I will pray for you" in and of itself, along with the thought of the reasoning behind it. God knows our desires and our fears without us having to pray...I mean, nothing wrong with praying, of course, but I don't think it's necessary to pray to obtain results anymore than I think praying will obtain the desired result.

One thing I do believe is that for everything God provides an answer. It may not be the answer we seek, but there's an answer nonetheless, and that answer always is for the best, though it may not seem like that at the time.

Mar 2 @ 9:27AM  
Well................what prayer is to one isnt the same to another. There are many different ways to pray and "they will pray for you, vs in there thoughts, ", well its all the idea of them thinking about you and your well being.

Mar 2 @ 9:28AM  
I am Atheist.....but I do pray....not to anything or anyone....but I do pray. At different points in my life I have prayed...maybe I should call it 'wishing"...I think that is what I do. When I am concerned about my kids ...I "wish" for things to get better. I don't know how to explain it any better.

Mar 2 @ 9:29AM  
Tammy, sometimes friends see or don't see only what they chose to see...and it doesn't matter who sees what. You are doing it for you, not them.
What you do with your life is your choice. If that choice consists of going to church, by all means..GO.

When I say I am going to pray for someone, I do. Somehow I'm thinking that lying about a prayer just isn't right. But I imagine people do it. There are days that I continue to pray for that person to that point that I'm sure God (MyChoice) gets tired of hearing me again. But I stick to my word and I believe strongly in prayer.
My choice and I don't shove it down others throats, regardless of their beliefs.

Take care of you, Tammy. And if you want, need or could use a prayer request, ask for it.


Mar 2 @ 9:41AM  
You just gave me an idea for another blog!


Mar 2 @ 9:48AM  
Hi am lilke you..... I go, but I do not preach to others, and I do not push it onto others. Sometimes I don't go myself...... and that is because I believe that I can worship right here at home.... again... just my opinion....

I am very private, and I will not ask for prayer request, as I figure that the Lord already knows what that request is....

I do know there are some people who sit in church and write down every prayer request, and truly do pray for those people, and situations.... I am more like you, and I keep those people in my thoughts..... my prayers are more generic....

Mar 2 @ 9:50AM  
sweetie I think its great that you are back into the church! I grew up in the Nazerene and have been thinking of going back. I jsut have this problem of them telling me I HAVE TO PAY A TYTHE which is why God and I have our talks every night when I go to bed. When I say your in my prayers yes I do pray for that person during my nightly prayers. I'll talk to you this afternoon after my nap

Mar 2 @ 10:31AM  
People do mean it, but it's such a common thing to hear that it's easy to question their sincerity.
I'm a firm believer in prayer, I've seen too much stuff to attribute things to coincidence.I'm a Christian, but I have a problem with organized religion. There's only one God, but too many different sects that worship different ways.

I have faith, understanding, and a Bible, so I'm good.

Mar 2 @ 10:45AM  
I pray sometimes. But I don't go to church. My mother is convinced her grandson will not grow up right because I don't take him to church. I find the principles of religion to be good- and they make sense. It's how people "interpret" those principles that gets on my nerves.
In the church I grew up in, the rich ruled the roost. We had a wonderful minister when I was in 7th grade, and the powers that be threw him out for not being "charismatic" enough. The next guy they brought in was a money-hungry butthead. He only catered to the rich. view of "church" became stilted the moment they threw the good minister out.
My next experience was with a missionary I worked with in Japan. He's an ordained minister, and while we were working together his wife fell ill. She was in the hospital for months. During that time, the missionary had an affair with a Japanese woman. He eventually broke it off. I was friends with the Japanese lady, and when he ended their affair he told me I was not to talk to her or see her because she was "crazy". I told him he couldn't dictate who my friends are, and we had a HUGE falling out over that. It became so dificult to work with that guy.
So after that I vowed I was never going back to church. You can never take the "human" factor out of it, and I find that I am different from most people when it comes to things "church".
So I just don't go. But just because I don't attend doesn't mean I can't believe.
Dammit if people don't ruin everything sometimes!

Mar 2 @ 10:53AM  
If i tell you I will pray for you.. it's already happening.

Mar 2 @ 11:20AM  
Tammy, hun you do whatever brings you peace and makes you happy. Cos in the end you're only responsible for yourself! Don't worry what others will think about you for it, it's your business and no one elses. When I tell someone that I will pray for them yes I do say at least a quick word whether I know them personally or someone I know or care about has asked for that positive thought. If I say they are on the list, that's because I've passed on the word to others to add them to their prayer lists. I truly believe in the power of all this positive thought!

Mar 2 @ 2:35PM  
I offer the term thoughts and prayers to people... I don't actually pray... I do think about em.... If I just said keep you in my thoughts... it would sound as positive....

Mar 2 @ 3:39PM  
Welcome back, I agree with lolthisistoofunny's definition of how people use the phrase, 'I will pray for you'. Just remember that what people intend imperfectly, God will always take up the slack, and make right.... And one last thing, don't let well meaning religion get in the way of your growing faith.

Mar 2 @ 5:51PM  
Thanks for all the great comments on my blog...

I will say this about the church I am going to it is the first time I walked in I felt at home finally...The people made me feel like I was welcome..they never pushed me into coming every week and neither did my friend who asked me to join her..She and the rest of the members of this church let me take my time deciding what to do...The other thing I like about this church is it is very laid back..I don't have to dress up..I can go in jeans..

I had a few people come up to me after church this morning asking me how I was doing? They knew I was having a hard time lately..One of the ladies gave my friend something to give to me..It was a check for $50.00...She told her to give it to me after she had left..And told her to tell me to buy myself something with it..Little does she know when I go back tonight she is getting it back..I know she can't afford it..The pastor talked to me after church and said anytime I needed to talk just to let him or his wife know..They would be there for me..

The best part of this morning is my daughter went with me..And is going to be in the church Easter play..I cried when she asked me if she could...

Now I am off to church for the night service..

Thanks again.

Mar 2 @ 6:20PM  
You asked me this in a personal emaila few nights ago, and you already know my answer.

Mar 2 @ 8:24PM  
well i guess i know why you didn't answer the phone! oops hope I didn't interupt the service.

Mar 2 @ 11:10PM  
Ask if you can see thier prayer list.
If they ar truly a prayer warrior then they have a prayer list.
(I keep it in my head does not count)
My prayer list is over 200 people long and still grows.
Most of those people I can not remember but I keep them on my list
because I said I would.


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Question that has been on my mind for a long time...