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After Dark pt 3

posted 3/2/2008 7:53:44 AM |
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'So, what do you think of the place?' he asks her. Her eyes are a little glassy from her buzz as they meet his...'I think I'd like to get out of here.' she states, echoing his thought. He smiles and leans over, 'Give me 10 minutes, we can go back to my place!' He lights another cigarette for her, then pulls one out of her pack for himself.

She inhales the smoke, her hands trembling slightly as she flicks the ash off into an ashtray. She watches him walk away, then starts to put her things together into her purse. She remembers a tip, pulls out a twenty, and sets it on the bar under her ashtray. Thinking about that, she changes her mind and folds it up in her hand, 'I'll give it to her before I leave', she thinks to herself, holding onto the bill so she doesn't forget.

Ten minutes later, he comes up behind her, his hand resting on the small of her back. 'You ready?' She turns and smiles, nodding her assent. The pretty barmaid walks over to take her empty glass, and she hands over the twenty, smiling her thanks.

As they walk toward to door, his hand travels from the small of her back to her shoulders, wrapping his arm around them and smiling at her height, just a few inches shorter then him. 'And legs that go straight up to her ass' he thinks to himself, smiling even more. A chuckle escapes him and she looks up at him. 'What's so funny?' she asks, a little apprehensively. 'Not funny...just happy your here.'

They walk to his SUV, and she hesitates, glancing back toward her car. 'Do you want to follow me?' He asks. Thinking quickly she decides this would be best. He walks her to her car, arm still protectively around her shoulders.

When they reach her car door, she turns to him and boldly puts her arm around his neck, pulling him toward her. He leans into her kiss, just touching her lips with his, until he feels her tongue on his mouth. Parting his lips, he brings her tongue in with his, and grazes her bottom lip with his teeth. He pulls her closer, wrapping his arms around her waist, reaching down and cupping her ass. She presses herself against him, his hard cock against her stomach making her want to change her mind about driving her own car. But, as they pull apart, she reminds herself that she has to have an 'out', and leaving her car here would put herself completely under his control. 'I'll follow you...' she says, smiling a little breathlessly.

Her heart is pounding so hard it almost hurts. He takes her keys from her hand and opens her car door, holding it until she is seated and starts the car. 'I'm only about 5 minutes away, just stay behind me.' He says, silently berating himself for stating the obvious. Of course she's going to stay behind me! She just smiles and nods, closing the door.

She watches him in her mirror walking back toward his SUV. His ass fills out those slacks well, she thinks smiling. She’s starting to lose her nervousness now that she's alone again, sure that he really is glad to see her. That kiss told her everything she needed to know.

He pulls out of his parking slot, checks his side view mirror to make sure she's behind him, and pulls out of the parking lot. His house is just a few miles down the of the reasons he bought this place. No more rush hour commute.

He checks his rearview mirror, she's still behind him as he makes the last turn before his own street. He still can’t quite believe this is happening. Oh sure, he'd met other women for dates from the internet, had even slept with a couple of them. But this was different. First, because he never really expected to meet her. She just seemed way too shy to actually want to meet in person. Second, most of the women he had met hadn't been precisely honest in their physical description as he'd found out when he met them. It wasn't that they were butt ugly, but usually heavier, or older, or in one extreme case, both.

But her...she was everything she said she was. If anything, she was more than he'd expected. For some reason, he'd pictured her...smaller. Less... vibrant. Pretty, but not exactly beautiful.

She kept her hands on the wheel, following his taillights thru the dark. 'God...I should try to remember where I'm at' she says outloud to herself when they finally turn into a driveway of a modest ranch house. A little set apart, it's well lit on the outside; landscape lights surround what looks like a well-manicured lawn, and a motion-sensor light comes on as they pull in.

He gets out and walks quickly to her car as she turns it off. Opening her door for her, he takes her hand and pulls her out. She turns back for her purse, giving him a fine view of her ass thru her mini. He sees the outline of the thong she's wearing, which makes his dick start to harden again.

Looking away quickly, he re-takes her hand as she straightens, leading her onto the porch. He reaches has his keys in his other hand, and jingles them to get the house key out. Sliding it into the lock, he opens the door and lets her precede him inside. He flips on the light at the wall, flooding the living room with a soft glow.

She looks around appreciatively, 'Very nice!' she tells him, 'do you live here alone?'
'Yes, but I have someone who comes in every week and cleans for me' Thank God she comes in on Friday, he thinks with a smirk. At least the bed is made!

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*Sit's waiting for the next chapter*

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You know.. you really ought to do this for a living?

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After Dark pt 3