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Medical Insurance Fucks Me Again!!

posted 3/1/2008 12:53:46 PM |
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tagged: rant

Every morning I get up and go to work. Without me going to work and teaching, other jobs would not exist.... (think about that one for a minute)....

and every month for my family to be covered by health insurance it is nearly $500 off the top of my check. No problem.... I love them.... there isn't anything I wouldn't do for them.....

So tell me then, when I go to the freakin' pharmacy to pick up NECESSARY (ex. asthma medicine, blood pressure) medicine........ am I the customer or citizen of this country that has to pay $200.00 before it will be passed over the counter top to me??????

It just frosts my fat white ass..... especially when you have illegal immigrants in line in front of you (and yes, I know they are illegal because their child is my student) that are collecting off OUR freakin' government systems, and walks away with a whole bag of medication for $3.00 ..... yes folks.... $3!!!

... now don't get your panties all in a bunch, and jump to conclusions.... no... I am not freakin' racists..... because the next person in line was American as can be, but again... collects off the system.... and gets scripts for next to fucking nothing........

So.... tell me.... other than pride.... why do I bother to get up and go to work every single day????

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Mar 1 @ 1:01PM  
I've had this discussion with many of my friends, and I wish I had an answer for you. I don't quite understand it either. I will have to say that right now i'm one of those people that gets medical assistance from the state, however I had to be pregnant to get it. I know our governmental system isn't right, just not sure how to change it for the better.

Oh and you go to work everyday to teach our young how to be better people. We need more teachers like you.

Mar 1 @ 1:04PM  
So you can vote for McCain
and continue to put your life
and the lives of your family
into the hands of insurance companies
making a 21 percent profit by screwing you,
then paying the PR people to tell you
anything else is

Mar 1 @ 1:33PM  
Maybe you need to change insurance companies. Also check with Walmart Pharmacies. They have many medications that are only four bucks. See if what your getting can be done using generic drugs.

Mar 1 @ 1:36PM  
As someone who works in a pharmacy.. I see it everyday. I see all kinds that walk in with those medicaid cards. I have no problem with people who need assistance, truly need it. I have issues with the ones that come in, pick up thousands of dollars of meds and give me attitude. They are wearing tons of name brands, driving better vehicles than I could afford, and flashing cash.

If you don't need it, stop screwing us.


Mar 1 @ 1:36PM  


Nothing but a bunch of opportunist sell-out motherfuckers.
Want to know what's really up? Read up on the Illumnati( just google the word)
Read up on chemtrails-ever notice how jet exhaust used to trail a little, then disappear? Watch them now, they continue for miles then meld together and form clouds.
Sorry if I offended any of you politically correct folks out there, but you need to open your eyes.
Check out the hologram on the back of your driver license, look at it closely, from different angles.
Sorry for the rant Hopon, and I'm not trying to hijack your blog, I just get infuriated when I think about the shit our government gets away with.
Y'all may think it's crazy, but it's right in front of you. The best place to hide something is right out in the open.

Mar 1 @ 1:54PM  
This system unfortunately will always be flawed one way or another.

Mar 1 @ 2:07PM  
I know the feeling well!! My daughter doesn't have insurance because to cover her on my work insurance it would cost me an addition $400 a month!!! My insurance doesn't cover prescriptions either!!! Being a single income family I can't afford $400 a month for only 1 read it ONE child to be covered!! Oh Yes, I've tried getting her on other insurance they have for children, but they say I make too much money!! Well I don't make enough to $400 extra a month that's for sure!!!

Mar 1 @ 2:35PM  
Yes i feel we need an overhaul of health coverage in America..every person should have access to healthcare...more importantly each child should have access to what they need. I am very fortunate that my husband has good insurance but we also pay out the ass for it. But its worth that price since I have been having so many health issues these past several years. When I had my stroke 2 years ago I really dont know what would have happened without his insurance. I feel for everyone that doesnt have it. When we were first starting out we didnt and it was rough...How can you put a price on someones health yet our government and insurance companies do it everyday

Mar 1 @ 4:06PM  
I appreciate all comments, and all comments are very valid. I have no other choice of insurances, as I work for the state. I cannot get use other insurance programs for my kids, because as Val stated " I make TOO MUCH money". Unfortunately the scripts that I am on do not come in generic, and plus there is no Walmart around within an hours drive.

Mar 1 @ 4:18PM  
you're screwed with it and you're screwed without it......... insurance that is.........

Mar 1 @ 5:02PM  
Wal~mart is a fucking joke. For evey medication that they offer for $4.00 they jack the price up that much or more on the medication that isn't covered. I have been doing business with Wal~mart for about 10 years or longer and thought I was getting a good deal. I have been spending around $600.00 a month at Wal~mart. Well guess what? I have a hospital pharmacy not far from me so I went and talked to them about my medication. I switched From Wal~mart to them and am saving about $300.00 a month. That's right...I have been paying double at Wal~mart for my medication.

Mar 1 @ 10:54PM  
I know.. everyone hate Walmart. They are a corporate evil entity. Wal-mart does do some help with their $4 generic list. Not all generics are on that list, but there is a long list. They also will match prices. If the competition is within, I believe, 30 miles, they try to match prices. Sometimes it doesn't work. I hate to shock you, but every pharmacy sells some drugs super cheap and raises some so high it is ridiculous. (even those little mom and pop shops.) And sometimes, even the drug companies get in the act with raising their prices double, sometimes triple. Sometimes it just is insane. Sometimes, even insurances will make their clients go to a specific pharmacy, even though it isn't convenient to the client. There are alot of factors.

If you can find out if you can get the drugs cheaper at wal-mart, ask them to mail them too you. They do that for free, at least the ones around here do.

It is always good to shop around for the best price on anything, even prescriptions. Whether it is Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Kroger's, or Consumers.. or the local independent, they are all in it for your business.

Sorry, I about ranting a little.


Mar 2 @ 3:11AM  
No, this doesn't make you a racist. I feel the same way you do about this, and I know I'm not a racist!

Mar 2 @ 8:18AM  
I get one of my drugs at Kroger for the 4 amount the other one is 75 a month that i don't have luckily the manufactorer allows a certain amount to be given to poor people (me) so I get it from there. Other wise I couldn't take it I mean good grief I"m poor!

Mar 2 @ 9:55AM  
Thank you for all of your comments....

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Medical Insurance Fucks Me Again!!