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After Dark pt 2

posted 3/1/2008 9:25:54 AM |
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She continues to sip her beer, calmer now with a little alcohol in her, and she pulls out a cigarette. Suddenly a lighter is in front of her, and she leans toward it without looking up at the owner of it. 'Thanks' she glances up as she blows out the smoke. 'No problem babe...' She raises her eyes and finally sees his's him! Does he recognize her?? His eyes are vivid green in the dim light...she's amazingly calm but can't speak. He stands there, looking at her, a smile washes over his face and she knows...he knows who she is. 'It is you!...I wasn't sure when you walked in, but it really is you!' She smiles, released from her immobility by his words..'He's glad to see me!' she thinks to herself, saying 'Yes, it's me.' much more calmly then she felt.
His smile widens a little, taking in her hair, her face, the outfit she'd picked out because she knew just what he'd like...
''re really beautiful!' as if surprised to see this. She raises an eyebrow at this, takes another drag from her cigarette and asks him, 'What did you expect?' He then puts a hand on the side of her neck and leans over to whisper in her ear, 'I knew you would be beautiful, but right now you're making my dick hard!'

She draws in a sharp breath at this...grateful for the darkness so he can't see her flushed face.
'I have to get back to work...will you stay here?' he asks. 'Of course' , like I'm going anywhere after that!

He catches the barmaid's eye, 'Take care of her...anything she wants!' The barmaid nods and smiles, memorizing her face for later when the crowds show up.
She smiles up at him in thanks...she's always been a pretty cheap date, not much of a drinker and then only one or two to get a decent buzz. But I will leave the girl a good tip, she reminds herself, before ordering another beer.
The band starts to play again behind her, she turns around to watch but doesn't see him on stage. Trying to be unobtrusive, she glances around to room, then sees him behind the bar, at the opposite end from her.

As if he feels her glance, he looks up at her and winks. Her stomach tightens a little, and she smiles back. Turning back toward the stage, she listens to the music, tapping her feet on the rail of the stool in time with the beat. It's a good song, one she knows well.

She take another sip of her beer when a man comes up and asks her to dance. She's feeling much more relaxed now, so she accepts, following him out to the dance floor. She can feel those eyes on her from behind the bar, watching her move, so she begins to make herself a little more alluring.

The song is a suggestive one, and she catches his eye while turning herself around and moving her hips to the beat. When the music ends, her dance partner asks if she'd like another beer, but she politely declines, saying she isn't quite ready for one yet. He smiles and walks off, looking for another likely woman.

From behind the bar, he continues to watch her out of his peripheral vision. He can't quite believe she's here! It's one thing to flirt and trade sexual innuendoes online, and they'd even gone further than that.

He'd felt an intense attraction for this woman since getting to know her. It wasn't easy, she was extremely shy and had lived a pretty sheltered life up until a few years ago when she finally divorced the man she'd married out of high school.

She was even prettier in person than her pictures indicated! He wasn't sure why she was here, but he had a pretty good idea. She had jokingly threatened to surprise him a few weeks back, after a pretty hot succession of emails had been traded back and forth.

So, thinking he was calling her bluff, he gave her the name of the bar he owned, along with directions on how to get there. When she didn't show up that following weekend, he figured she had just been joking and didn't mention it again.

Then, she started asking him about what he did, what kind of place he had here, and what kind of hours he worked. He didn't really put it all together, she'd asked him things like this before, just as he asked her things about her life.

He knew she worked as an office manager for a large real estate broker, she loved animals and she lived alone since her divorce two years before. Her ex-husband had been her one and only lover, as she had been his until he met a cute little waitress who he ended up getting pregnant.

So she had almost no sexual experience. It took some time, but she started opening up to him. He hoped she was here to make those things they'd talked about online real. He hoped...he suddenly realized the barmaid was watching him standing next to the cash register, his hard-on making a bulge in his slacks. She gave him an arched eyebrow and a half-smile, then nodded toward her...sitting there smoking and watching the band.

She started to turn her head towards him and he turned around quickly, not wanting her to see his erection. He takes a sip of water from his glass under the bar, and turns back to her as his cock calms down a little. She smiles at him, takes a drink of her beer, and raises her empty glass. As he walks toward her, grabbing another bottle on the way and popping the top off, he thinks...'I've gotta get her out of here!' Stopping in front of her, he pulls a fresh glass out of the freezer below him, glad of the blast of cold air that causes his hard-on to shrink further.

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Mar 1 @ 9:43AM  
I love how you're writing from both perspectives! This is really good stuff, hon!

Mar 1 @ 9:43AM  
I'm lovin' this story!!!

Mar 1 @ 9:49AM  
Ditto! Keep it coming, sunny!

Mar 1 @ 9:50AM  
It's and Canu are both writing about things that sound eerily like things I've experienced! WHO has a the hidden camera WHERE???

Mar 1 @ 9:51AM  
I want the rest of it. god I didnt realize what these chapter blogs do to you til you start to read and end up with a unfinished story omg..... lol well guess you could say I have learned my lesson on it..... oh here is your green thingy hon

Mar 1 @ 11:23AM  
Wow.. I want more!!

Mar 1 @ 11:38AM  
this is sooooooo great!

Mar 1 @ 1:22PM  
Ok now you’ve got us all waiting for more!
It's getting very good!

Mar 1 @ 4:10PM  
You just have to wait til tomorrow for the next chapter...oh but wait, tomorrow's sunday! Maybe it'll have to wait til monday?

Mar 1 @ 11:00PM  

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After Dark pt 2