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Her Dance Was Postponed :-(

posted 2/29/2008 7:04:12 PM |
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Her dress was laid perfectly across her bed. She was even giong to wear pantyhose with it. Her door closed cause He wasn't allowed to see it til she was all ready.Her hair appointment at her Aunts salon was set for right after school. Her and her Mom had a fight last night over which shoes to get for this dress that would still be practical later. She argued that she would buy her own shoes out of her Christmas money she still had left.

Her flowers were to be picked up by 4. He took part of the day off work and had went and gotten a haircut. He even bought new clothes and shoes for this special night. After all this was one of the most important dates of his life. And he had to make it perfect for her.

Then the phone call came.... Due to bad weather, the Father/Daughter dance had been cancelled. He was disappointed and even a little angry. He was so upset that he wouldn't get to take his oldest Princes to something she was so looking forward to. That he was looking forward to.
He hung up from talking with his wife and headed straight for the school to pick her up as soon as the bell rang. He had to tell her himself, hoping she hadn't already heard.

But as soon as he saw her face he knew the news had already been broken. And a piece of her heart had also.He knew worse things would happen in her life, but this tugged at his heart. Most of the little girls coming out the door looked like they had just been grounded for a month. As she got in she told him that she had some bad news, but to remember it could be a lot worse and it would be alright. The dance was cancelled tonight, but is rescheduled for next Friday.....If he didn't have any other plans, would he still take her then?

He told her he wouldn't miss that for the world. As they drove home she said "But you still aren't allowed to see my dress so don't even think of peaking."
He told his wife it's a good thing she took it so well cause he didn't know that she woudn't have seen a few tears from him if she hadn't. And when did she get so grown up.........

She went home, changed clothes and called her Grandma to tell her.
He went to pick up her flowers anyways..

Is it any wonder I adore my son in law so much? And what most of you don't know is that he is her step dad.. But only by blood.

She is worried that since her best friends Dad flew home from work in Georgia for this, that he won't be able to be here next week.
I sure hope so.

Just thought I'd let all know who posted or emailed me today.

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Feb 29 @ 7:10PM  

Feb 29 @ 7:12PM  
Great i get to cry over this earlier when you told me on the phone and now again reading it............looks like i am not the only one who needs tissue disclaimers on her blogs.

Feb 29 @ 7:15PM  
CL, i know what it is like to get this kind of news. I am glad it is still going on, as it is/was an important night. There are few daughter/dad nights when it comes to functions. I am glad her "dad" can still be there for her.

Feb 29 @ 7:42PM  
At least it was postponed and not canceled. She seems to have taken better than the adults....we are a sentimental bunch when it comes to our babies!! I'm glad she has someone to call Dad, as my daughter does not. I worry that the day will come and she brings home info on a Father/Daughter dance and she has no one to take her............

Feb 29 @ 7:53PM  
I need to find me a ,man like that...

Feb 29 @ 7:55PM  
OMFG I'm emo today..

Feb 29 @ 8:12PM  
I've had kids that weren't mine by birth...6 altogether. I care for them as much as if they were my own and the ones I no longer see I miss with all my heart.
There is still some reticence between myself and the two boys that have come into my life recently...the younger more so than the older who lives with us. I hope that will change but I give them their space and let them come to me in their own time. I love the fact that the older one comes to me with his joys and sorrows, he trusts me enough to confide in me and at least likes me enough to laugh at my jokes and tell me some of his own. We've managed to mesh into a family this last year despite the troubles we've had. I believe a parent is a parent no matter if the child is by birth or by marriage.

Feb 29 @ 8:19PM  
a parent is a parent no matter if the child is by birth or by marriage.
I agree with this.........unfortunately some parents aren't parents regardless. And some times when there is a yours, mine and ours family, the yours tends to be treated just a little differently. No one would ever guess that there is any difference between the three kids with him. Or with my daughter.


Feb 29 @ 8:31PM  
This is a good story, Treas!

Feb 29 @ 8:41PM  
*reaches for kleenex* That was so......gosh..can't even think of the proper word for it...

here's a kudo...a little wet from tears.

Feb 29 @ 8:49PM  
And some times when there is a yours, mine and ours family, the yours tends to be treated just a little differently
Yep...been there and done that. And with our family it's a little different just because the boys...mine and his...are all older, mine being 18 now. We try to be fair with all of them. As long as we don't take sides with the kids against each other...we're ok.

Feb 29 @ 9:11PM  
Yup ...tears welled up ....

Feb 29 @ 9:38PM  
i went to a father/daughter dance when my youngest was in college..........glad nobody stuck me with a pin.......i would of popped like a balloon.........i was so swelled up with pride.........

Mar 1 @ 6:20AM  
Bless her and his heart!!! Sometimes... Us Grown ups take things harder than the Children do!!!!
Good Luck for next week! BTW.... Its warming up here..! TG!!

Mar 1 @ 11:06AM  
yeah that is the kind of man i want in my life! the kind who cares

Mar 3 @ 1:26PM  
That's so sad! That guy gets Kudos for being a great Dad! and so do you!

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Her Dance Was Postponed :-(