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For the Blogging Contest...After Dark pt 1

posted 2/29/2008 11:59:14 AM |
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After Dark...

Driving down the highway, she glanced at the map again. 'Next exit, then right off the freeway' she said to herself. The little map light was causing a glare on the windshield, and she saw her own reflection there. 'I look nervous...take a deep breath and relax'. She'd only been driving for about an hour, the club wasn't that far and she could always drive back home if things didn't work out. As she approached the exit, she lit another cigarette and took a swig from her Pepsi.

A stop light at the end of the exit ramp gave her a chance to look at the directions again. 'Right turn here, and 1/2 mile down on the left. Big blue sign in front that says Well's saloon.' As she turns, she can almost see the sign. Her hands start to tremble a little on the steering wheel, her heart beats a little faster.

She's never done anything like this before...driving in the middle of the night for a one night stand with someone who she's only seen a picture of and hasn't even spoken to on the phone. Only chats and emails, but they were enough to get her curious at first. Then to get her juices going. She had observed him for a week before any contact was made, and then he was the one who made it. Just a simple 'Hi, how are ya?'

It took another week before she could tell him anything about herself, but he slowly managed to bring her out of her shell. Then he began telling her what he wanted to do to her. It started out with just a wink on her part...cautious flirting...but he took that and ran with it. As she got over some of her shyness, she began returning the favor, telling him the things she'd like to do, but had never actually done in real life.

He described to her , in great detail, the things he enjoyed, things that made her blush scarlet when she thought about it now. Things that made her hot between her legs, moisture penetrating her cotton panties.

As she pulled up to the bar, these thoughts were swimming inside her head. She pulled into a parking slot, and noticed the lot was about half full. 'It's still early...I'm sure it will get packed later.' Glancing at the clock on the dashboard, 9:56pm glared back at her. She sat there, thinking about why she was here, and how she got to be here. She wasn't even sure she should be here, 'He doesn't know I'm coming...oh shit, what if he has a wife here, or a girlfriend?' Well, that's the chance you take, she thought. He doesn't really know what I look like either.
She knows that at least give her some advantage ...anonymity. She'll have to walk right past him, he told her once that he usually works the front door himself, not trusting that job to his employees who tend to let their underage friends in.

He's owned this place for about 5 years, and turned it into a thriving hotspot for this small community. Local talent booked gigs here, and he was usually asked to get up and jam with whatever band was playing ' a courtesy, I'm sure' he'd insist, '..I'm not all that good, but I do enjoy the attention!" She laughed a little at that thought, remembering the song he'd sent to her on a whim...

Turning off the car, she take one last drag of her cigarette, and another drink of her soda before grabbing her purse and opening the car door.

Standing with her hand on the car for a second to get her bearings and calm her nerves, she sees two more cars pull up. A couple, following each other in separate cars, get out and walk toward to door hand-in-hand. As they walk in, she gets a glimpse of the person sitting on a stool inside the door checking their i.d.'s. Just an impression of dark hair, she's not sure if that's even him. 'Just my luck...he's not even here!'

She stands there for another minute, not sure what to do...then decides. 'I'm here, I've got nothing to lose by going inside and having a drink.' Adjusting her short skirt a little, she walks toward the door and opens it.

The man on the stool is not him...unless he's been lying to her about what he looks like. This is a much older person, then she remembers...his uncle sometimes works the door for him on the weekends when he's playing. He glances up as she approaches, letting his eyes travel appreciatively from her long legs up to her well formed breasts and finally to her face, bright blue eyes and long curly auburn hair. He smiled and winked at her, and held out his hand as she handed him her driver's license. Her confidence rose a little as he handed it back, saying 'Thanks pretty lady!' and held the door open for her.

She has to wait for her eyes to adjust to the darkness before making her way to the bar. She can hear the band playing but doesn't glance over, afraid she may trip if she sees him. She sits down on a stool and sets her purse down on the bar, taking her cigarette case out and opening it. A pretty bartender comes over and asks her 'What can I get ya?' 'A Bud' she answers, thinking '...make it simple'. The girl leans over the beer case and pulls out a bottle, popping the cap off and setting it in front of her with a napkin.

'Would you like a glass?' 'Sure...' she answers quickly before it becomes an ordeal. She pours the beer into the frosted glass, and drinks half in one swallow. 'I could use a shot..' she thinks to herself, but no. She doesn't need to get drunk...not tonight.

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Feb 29 @ 12:14PM  
Ooooh I love stories!

Feb 29 @ 12:18PM  
Ahhhh.....your going to be another one holding us all in suspense

Let me be the first to give you one of those green things....

Feb 29 @ 12:18PM  
This is a long'll take a week to re-post and I'm doing some changes in it too. But I deleted the original in my blogs so it'll be a surprise for those who weren't around when I originally wrote it.

Feb 29 @ 12:31PM  
Oh god yes I like this one too........ damn this is going to be hard trying to figure out which is the best and all you know
damn if I had a green thingy you would get it dammit I need more of those to give out oh well here is an IOU til I get one

Feb 29 @ 12:56PM  
*licks thumb, turns page to next chapter*

Feb 29 @ 12:56PM  
Great Story

Feb 29 @ 1:02PM  
I'm going to post one part per day until next friday...That'll keep ya'll busy!

Feb 29 @ 1:35PM  
Great start to the story and you have an excellent writing style.
I haven’t read the original so I get to be surprised, yippee!

Feb 29 @ 1:46PM  
Damn I have to wait a until tomorrow to read the next chapter!!!

Feb 29 @ 2:03PM  
SHIT I gotta wait to read more

throws kudo in the door as I pout and stomps down the hall

Feb 29 @ 4:45PM  
I like it!

Mar 1 @ 9:41AM  
This is really good!!! On to part two now...

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For the Blogging Contest...After Dark pt 1