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The Thunder Rolls.....Chapter 3

posted 2/29/2008 10:25:16 AM |
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Jack was taken aback by the passion of Sierra's deep passionate kiss. As he expected her to be receptive to his advance, he didn't count on that raw passion that she was putting forth. He hoped she didn't detect his little action of surprise when she probed his lips with her tongue. It was all so discrete but to him it seemed like he pulled back to the point she would notice. It passed and he settled into her desires and passion. Her lips were so soft and willing. Her tongue felt like velvet against his. He was now hearing her light moans over the traffic going by and over his own swelling passion. He was getting lost into the passion. Drinking in her body aroma. It was flowing into his nostrils like the smell of sweet warm rain. She smelled so delicate. Sierra was trying to melt her body into his. He could feel her breast pushing into his chest. The warmth even through her blouse. Jack was carressing her hair. So soft. His hand carressed her face. Amazed at the smooth texture. He had gone into the depths of the passion, obliterating out the rest of the world. Right now it was he and Sierra.

Reality came back for an instant when Jack realized that they were in a parking lot where people were coming and going. What brought that back into focus was the sounds of 2 Harleys that had just pulled in and parked right next to them. The riders had taken note of what was going on in Jacks truck and gave their approval in only a way Harley bikers can. With the thunder of their engines. Both Jack and Sierra looked their way to see them giving us the big thumbs up and smiles. They shut down their bikes and went into Ruby Tuesdays.

Jack and Sierra looked at each other and smiled. The moment was broken but not the passion. That was still there and building. Jack finally realized that she was wearing a skirt. When she got in the truck he was mesmorized by her face and smile. He hadn't taken note she was in a skirt until this moment. He glanced down toward her legs. He could see they were freshly shaven and looked smooth and inviting. He knew she had put a lot of time into getting ready for meeting him. He knew she wanted everything perfect for their first meeting. She caught him looking toward her legs and noticed that, during their moment of passion, her skirt had slid up revealing her to him leaving little to his imagination. Jack could see her light blue panties. They looked brand new. Sheer and skimpy but not to the point of revealing anything. He expected her to right her skirt. She didn't. Rather she looked him straight in the eyes and smiled. He smiled back indicating his genuine approval.

It was now sort of an awkward moment. They had agreed to meet, have lunch and talk for a while. Jack was hunrgy but not for food. His hunger was for the beautiful, passionate women right in front of him. His hunger could only be fullfilled with her as the main course. He desired her. He wanted her. He know the pasion would subside if they went into that restaurant. He didn't want to go in and didn't want to even make the suggestion. Those simple words couldn't come out. This was too great a moment to end for even the shortest of time. Sierra must of been reading his mind. She put her hand on his leg. Her eyes and the light stroking of his upper leg were telling him the same thing he was thinking. No words were needed. Their bodies were talking for them. Screaming....actually. Both needed what only they could give each other. The parking lot of Ruby Tuesdays wasn't that place. They needed privacy.

Jack started the truck. Pulled in gear and headed out. He would bring Sierra back to her car later. There was no way he was going to let her out. She was so close. He wanted to keep her there. He had no idea where he was going but he thought he would find the first motel and check in. He was driving down the street trying hard to keep his attention on the road. Not easy as she was using her hand to distract him with her roaming carressing. His thoughts were that if she roamed her hand to his crotch area he would slam the brakes on right there and traffic would have to wait for them to finish. He was about to explode in his jeans. She finally broke that tension be saying to turn left at the next intersection. Whew...

Sierra guided him to her house. A short drive but seemed like miles. His whole being had calmed. Able to concentrate on getting them both there safe. They had unfinished business to take care of. Didn't need anything to distract that. They finally arrived at her home. He pulled into the driveway, shut off the truck and turned in the seat to look at her. Still no words. I has come to the point where words are no longer needed. Nothing was needed to spoil these moments. Jack took Sierra into his arms again. He just had to put his lips on her skin to feel that softness of her neck. Finding that spot where he knew was the most sensitive area of her neck. Kissing it so softly. She moaned again and he felt her start to melt into him again. His tongue found her earlobe..His tongue touched it. As soon as he did he felt her quiver. A ripple of passion had ripped through her body. Another moan escaped her lips. This was it. They had to move this inside. What would the neighbors think?

Out of the truck they went. To the front entrance where she had her key out, in the lock, turned and open in what must of been record time. Into the house and ino the middle of her living room. She dropped her purse and keys right on the floor and flew into his arms. They were alone at last. Jack's thoughts were to rip the blouse of of her. Sooner they were both standing there naked the better. But he resisted. He wanted this to last. It took all his inner being not to rush this. He needed both their passions to build like a volcano. They were locked into such a passionate kiss and so close together that all Jack could do is caress her back, neck and hair. His hands were going down her back. They didn't stop until they were on her ass. One on each cheek. He squeezed them both at the same time, pulling her into him. He wanted her to feel the buldge in his pants. He wanted her to know that he desired her. He felt her moan on his lips and her tongue went wild inside of his mouth.

They broke the kiss. Stood slightly back staring each other in the eyes. Her eyes were melting his heart. So wanton but so kind and deep with raw passion. He kissed her neck again and flicked her earlobe with his tongue. Giving it a slight pull with his lips before backing up again. He felt her quiver and heard her gasp. It was time. Jack reached down and unbuttoned the top botton of her blouse. So slow and precise. Never taking his eyes off of hers. She stood there allowing this. The button came undone. He glanced down. He had revealed a couple inches of her silky smooth skin

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Feb 29 @ 10:40AM  
You are SUCH a tease!!!!!

Feb 29 @ 10:49AM  
of course I have to say OMG making us wait ......

Feb 29 @ 10:55AM  
nacho......ain't I a shithead for being that.................

Lily...............TAG...........your it................

Feb 29 @ 12:09PM  
And then???????????????????????????? C'mon ....I want MORE!!!!

Feb 29 @ 12:38PM  
Yeah yeah I love playing tag especially like this........... just get ready

Feb 29 @ 1:00PM  
*licks thumb, turns page for next chapter*

Feb 29 @ 1:43PM  
Wow this is getting better all the time and I like the back and forth format, very cool.
The story however is very HOT!

Feb 29 @ 1:51PM  

*leaves a shiny green thing*

Feb 29 @ 2:31PM  
well I'm waiting LBS gimme the next chapter and hurry up!!! LILY have you done it yet??? Well post it i'm going nuts here!!!

Feb 29 @ 2:49PM  
more baby more

Feb 29 @ 10:42PM  

First thank you everyone for your comments. And the kudos......

Lily reports that she will post chapter 4 Sat. morning as she had to work today.

Then at 12 midnight I go on weekend shift for EMS. If it doesn't get too hectic I will finish up the story before the end of the weekend.

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The Thunder Rolls.....Chapter 3