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What city and state were you born in?

posted 2/29/2008 12:28:17 AM |
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tagged: life, straddle

What city and state were you born it? Do you still live there today, and if so, have you always lived there your entire life? Where do you consider your hometown? Why I'm posting this blog is because there are a lot of people on here that seem to be proud from where they come from, and I'm no exception....well, let me put that another way, I'm proud about where I was born , but not actually my hometown. I was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina at a Marine base. Was only there for the first few months in my life till my father was discharged from service to where my parents moved back to Ohio. For the last 36 years of my life I have lived in Portsmouth. I still don't consider it my hometown, I don't want to claim it because in my opinion it's a cancer. Seems like nothing but bad stuff happens to people here, ya know, just like that "Appalation Triangle". I consider New Boston my hometown. Where were you born, and what's your hometown?

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Feb 29 @ 12:34AM  
I was born in Bemidji, Minnesota.........and no I dont consider it my hometown.....just where the hospital was at........... I guess I dont consider any place as my hometown but i still refer to Minnesota as home even tho i have lived in Ohio almost 8 years.

Feb 29 @ 12:37AM  
Yeah, I'm sure we all know what Tammy will say too.

Feb 29 @ 12:37AM  
I was born in Valdosta, Georgia on Moody Airforce Base. We didn't stay long. My father was discharged, and we moved to West Georgia (a city called Carrollton) when I was only a few days old. I stayed in West Georgia until the age of 24 when I moved to Tennessee to be with the man of my dreams (whom I met online). I consider Carrollton, Georgia to be my hometown, and I miss it greatly.

Feb 29 @ 12:40AM  
High Point, North Carolina. My folks now live in Beaufort, about 25 miles from Camp Lejeune.
I lived in New Orleans 1 year and Florida for 9 yrs.
Now I'm back home, and I am very proud to be from NC, it's a great state full of great people.
I'm proud to be Southern, period.

Feb 29 @ 12:42AM  
Born in Glendale, Ca.
Glendale Hospital and Sanitarium.....*Evil Laugh*
Family moved when I was two weeks old, never been back.

Hometown....don't have one...adopted daddy was a trucker so we moved a lot, been all over the 48.

I'm a wanderer...yeah they call me the wanderer.....

The Wanderer-Dion

Feb 29 @ 12:45AM  
I was born in Washington, DC and yes I suppose I will always consider it my home base just because I have family in the area.
But as long as I am in the US I figure I am home.


Feb 29 @ 12:49AM  
Born in Connecticut and moved away in 2nd grade to Orlando, Fl.
Been here 20 years now....I hate it and I love it. I have also lived
for a short time in California and Kansas!!

But, damn proud to be a YANKEE!!!

Feb 29 @ 12:56AM  
I was born in Stockbridge, GA (well, technically in a hospital in Atlanta) and moved around Gwinnett County throughout my childood, with all of my teen years in Lawrenceville, which I consider my home town. Basically, I've lived in the dirty south in the shadow of the ATL for the vast majority of my life.

Feb 29 @ 1:10AM  
Jcarolina, Camp Lejeune is the Marine base I was born at.

Feb 29 @ 2:00AM  
Topeka, Kansas....I know. Scary, huh? I have lived all over the world (okay, 3 different countries so, really, not ALL over). But, I consider California 'home'.

Feb 29 @ 2:16AM  
I was born in Ringwood New Jersey, lived there till I was 19 moved to the jersey shore, every so many years I yo yo from north to south and back again, but North Jersey is my home. I lived in Miami Fla. for a year and a half when I was 3.

Feb 29 @ 2:29AM  
I'm ashamed to say I'm from Florida.Florida is like America's wang.

Feb 29 @ 4:49AM  
I was born In Lynchburg, VA., and have lived within 30 miles of that... my whole Life!

Feb 29 @ 5:29AM  
I was born in Toulouse, France. Now, I live in Paris and Boston. I´ve been in many countries, but those two cities I love the most.
Never had any problems with french bashing, and my friends in the states are amazing, as well as the french friends here. What can a man ask more?

Feb 29 @ 5:51AM  
i was born in anaheim california
and lived all over california
until i was 17
then i moved to indiana

Feb 29 @ 5:54AM  
I was born in the Bronx, NY. Lived there for 5 yrs and then moved to Brentwood, Long Island. Lived in a few other places on the Island but Brentwood will always be my "hometown". Now I live in Florida which will never, ever, ever be my hometown.

Feb 29 @ 6:57AM  

This will always be home to me......

Feb 29 @ 7:07AM  
and lived all over california
until i was 17
then i moved to indiana

It's like a freakin' different planet here, huh, lildevilgirl? But, I do like the green in the summertime! But, I am sick and tired of the snow already!

Feb 29 @ 7:30AM  
I was born in Detroit, MI...lived there til I was 21 when I moved to Tampa, Fla then lived in Okinawa Japan for four years...back to Tampa for six years and back to MI for just over ten years. Now I call East Bend NC my home...forever!

Feb 29 @ 7:30AM  
I was born in Albany, Georgia at the Navy base. We moved when I was about 2 months old. I hadn't been back there til I took a trip to southern Ga. to visit my step-son a few years ago. The base where I was born isn't there any longer. I don't really have a "home" town. We moved a lot when I was a kid, Illinois is where i've been the longest.

Feb 29 @ 8:34AM  
I was born in Kansas City, Missouri. I grew up in a small town about 60 miles from KC and I'm living there today, although I've lived many places in between.... several cities in Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Lawton, Norman; Florida: Crescent City Beach, Missouri: Odessa, Blue Springs, Independence and what I think of as my hometown... Lexington, MO. I am proud of my historical town. I'm currently living within the cirlce of area where a Civil War battle took place.. The Battle of the Hemp Bales, which you could read about here if you were interested:

Good blog

Feb 29 @ 9:14AM  
I have lived in the same town for almost 37 years.....small town 20 miles south of Boston......I'm not going heart is here and always will be

Feb 29 @ 9:16AM  
Fun question... I was born in Naples, Italy. Came here when I was very young, and grew up in upstate New York. I've been a naturalized citizen for 45 years, and proud to be an American!

Feb 29 @ 9:23AM  
born in Marion, Ohio and moved to Marysville, Ohio when I was 4 I think. So I am a pure blooded Buckeye Would love to move somewhere else just for a change but no matter where I go Ohio will be home and I will always be a Buckeye fan!!

Feb 29 @ 9:42AM  
I was born in Bluffton Indiana where my folks lived just outside the city limits. By the time I was ready for first grade, we'd moved further into the country about 10 miles from Bluffton. When I was 9 we moved to a small town called Liberty Center and most of my school years was there. All these places was within a 10 mile range of Bluffton.

My dad worked for the electric company and when I was 16, he was transferred to Decatur....20 miles from Bluffton. I HATED if for quite awhile...and for many years considered Liberty Center my hometown. Sixteen is a hard age to move away from all your friends and an area that was all you'd ever known.

Although I've taken "jaunts" to temporairly live somewhere else, I've been in Decatur for the last 48 yrs. This is my hometown and I love it here and have no desire to leave it.

This was an excellent blog straddle...I enjoyed so much reading the comments. For you..TWO Kudos....

Feb 29 @ 9:51AM  
I was born in Troy, NY raised in Mechanicville, NY (about 20 miles from Troy). Moved to Brooksville, FL after graduating high school. I lived in Loudon, TN for 9 yrs before finally ending up here....

Feb 29 @ 10:33AM  
Yeah, I'm sure we all know what Tammy will say too

Someone call my name..

I was born in Albert Lea, MN...Moved to Minnespolis when I was 4(I think)...Moved to Duluth Mn when I was almost 16...Lived there until I graduated from high school..Moved out to Portland Oregon for about 7 months...Went back to Duluth,..I have been in Ohio for almost 8 years now...


Feb 29 @ 11:42AM  
I've been gone for some time now, but it will always be "Home" ..........

Feb 29 @ 11:44AM  
Oops! Guess I should have said Dallas, Texas!!! But on the bright side you get an extra comment this way!!!

Feb 29 @ 1:54PM  
Born and raised in Middletown Ohio Home of Armco Steel well now its called AK steel. Moved to Indianapolis in '86 went to florida for 3 1/2 yrs came back to Indy and here I am Oh I forgot spent 6 months in Houston Texas back in "82 went back to Ohio lol Yeah I go back to Ohio cause of family will I ever move back?? NO but I will move elsewhere if there is a special man to get me

Feb 29 @ 2:13PM  
I was born in Denver, Colorado. My dad was in the military *air force brat here*, so we lived all over, Colorado, Nebraska, Texas, Mississippi, California, North Dakota...etc. You get the idea. We moved back to Colorado when I was about 13. There we stayed!

I now live in Kansas, yea big city girl in the country, I Love it here really. No hussle, Bussle, no traffic or smog...

Denver will always be my hometown. But I do love where I live now!

Feb 29 @ 6:32PM  

Its neither

Feb 29 @ 7:25PM  
Yes all of you I am a cheesehead - born in Ashland WI - during a snowstorm. I wonder if that's why I like snow Family farm is in WI, but I call Chaska, just outside of Minneapolis MN, home.

Feb 29 @ 8:12PM  
This is fun..

I was born and raised in Saginaw Michigan, hell, there was even a song done about it! (Lefty sumthinorother ) And yes, I consider it my's not has its good along with bad...just like any other city/county. For about 2 years I lived north in a little town called Tawas....could sit in the living room in the mornings and watch the sun come up over Lake Huron in the was quiet and peaceful there...but, as lovely as it just didn't feel like "home" to me.

Feb 29 @ 8:42PM  
Born in Newark, NJ..
Raised in Parsippany.

All my life in a state that is becoming more fascist by the day..
Someday.... out of here!

Feb 29 @ 8:53PM  
Born and raised in St. Louis and I suppose it will always be home as long as I have family there. 5 of my 6 siblings still live there.

Lived in Seattle for a few years...then Cleveland..then back to St. Louis and finally on to Califfornia where I have been since 75'.


Feb 29 @ 11:09PM  
Born in East Liverpool, OH, lived there until Sept of 2007 when I left to move south for a job.

It' will always be my home town, I don't know If I'll eve go back though.


Mar 1 @ 4:03AM  
Oh I was born in D.C. and reared in several burgs that make up the greater Buffalo area... upon realizing it isn't cold everywhere I left for the beautiful NC hill country... I have renounced my Yanky-ness and am a hill billy!

Mar 1 @ 3:35PM  
Hey Canu, I saw a car with North Carolina plates on it today as I was driving back home.

Mar 1 @ 7:56PM  
Noone had to tell me that was Dallas lol Been there most of my life. And while I call it home, it was where i was born. So where am I from. Isnt it obvious? I am a man so I must be from Mars........

I was born in Fresno California.

Mar 1 @ 7:58PM  
Correction, My previous post should say I wasnt born in Dallas. But Shawn dont care. He likes the comments......

Mar 1 @ 11:30PM  
I almost forgot that damn green thing. Here ya go Shawn You very own brand new Kudo.

Mar 2 @ 7:48PM  
Born in Scotland , Raised in Wisconsin .... Traveled and lived all over the United States . I am a citizen of United States and Damn proud of it !!

Mar 2 @ 7:53PM  
That's something that would be cool to do, travel all around and see the U.S. I would love to do that before I get any older!

Mar 2 @ 11:04PM  
I loved traveling all over .... I trained horses for a living . It was a lot of fun .

Mar 4 @ 5:57AM  
I was born in Tasmania,Australia ,at a place called Burnie,about 50 miles from where I currently live.
it came as such a shock at the time that I was speechless for the first coupla years
I have lived in my current town for the last 10 yrs or so.
have i lived here all my life ? ...not yet

I'm proud to call myself a Tasmanian

Mar 4 @ 7:53AM  
I was born in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, but I was raised in Ga most my life....... funny most dont know that about me

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What city and state were you born in?