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First Presentation for the Story Contest...

posted 2/28/2008 11:51:25 PM |
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This is an older one, which was I believe the only thread ever locked in the story forum here on the site.....*Wicked Smile*

*Disclaimer... Like many good stories are, they might appear to be something at the first few lines, yet turn out to be something completely different at the conclusion. I would urge you to begin your read with an open mind and read it completely through. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the end. And no scrolling down to cheat, either *

"The Predator" By DKW.

The Predator stalks tonight...

The surrounding woods lay silent, as if the creatures within have all gone to ground in fear and avoidance of my deadly presence...although I have no interest in them this evening. I seek far bigger and more delicious game indeed...I seek mortal flesh.

Not to sup sustenance to exist, but rather to draw energy from the most intimate of acts, that of a sexual nature. For I am a vampire... a sexual vampire.

All in black, I move smoothly and silently towards my intended victim's home. She has been chosen long ago, a fair maiden and I have long watched her from afar to know her movements, habits, and her of which is her soon to be grievous error in leaving her balcony doors unlocked and of a nearby ladder unsecured within her garden shed...

It is near midnight as I pause beside a familiar tree and survey the surroundings, my eyes well adjusted to the darkness and checking that all is well and safe. Her bedroom light is on as per her usual habits and I allow myself a wicked smile at thoughts of the evening to come. Carefully I climb, resting myself upon a comfortable limb to see what lies within.

She is there alone as always. Listening to some soft music and swaying to the beat as she prepares herself for bed. I watch hungrily as she undresses from her daily garments slowly, primly folding them neatly. First her blouse white and frilly, exposing a dainty laced bra which strains to hold the creamy softness of her round breasts. She idly strokes round the curves of them as she disrobes, heightening my desires. Slowly bending over to slide down her slacks with her back to the balcony, she unknowingly gives me a full view of her pert ass caressed by matching panties. My breath catches in my throat at the sight as my cock jerks and begins to swell with need. Rising, she takes up a small nightshirt, one barely even covering her lovely ass and easily slips it on.

My personal show over, I climb down again and my senses on full, once more scan everything, making sure all is well. Then I move silently across the yard to her shed, carefully removing the ladder. Back to the balcony I go and carefully and silently place it beside the railing. Quickly and quietly I climb and ease myself over the edge, sliding carefully to the side of the doors to peer in. As to her usual habits she enjoys the music with closed eyes, swaying, turning, completely lost within the notes. A habit soon to be her downfall I think to myself and smile hungrily at the thought. I watch a few minutes more, denying myself a little longer and making my now swollen manhood swell even more painfully with desire.

Unable to wait a moment longer, soon as she sways around with her back to me I quickly creep across the carpet and take a handful of hair in my left hand, my right quickly moving to cover her mouth. I shift her weight backwards so she is off balance, and her eyes pop open with complete surprise as she tries to let out a scream. Quickly turning her head to the side, I lock eyes with her for a long moment and she goes limp in my arms, totally mesmerized by my unearthly gaze. Now she is mine and I smile wickedly, the predator has claimed another prey.

With my deep voice I tell her to stand. Which she does, completely under my power now, her eyes glossy, hands folded in front. I release her and savor the sight of my victim to be. But only for a few moments, as I my need is great and my animal urges prod me on to begin the pleasures to come...

Moving once more behind her, my mouth descends to softly blow heated air into her ear before fastening gently to suck upon the soft lobe. My senses thrill at the long awaited first taste of her, clean and oh so sweet and my animal within roars with the thoughts of far more tastes to come. My tongue slides forth and lays a long line down the side of her neck...touching, tasting...I ignore my deepest urges, for I want this to last as long as I can possibly stand it before giving in.

Gently turning her head to me, I look again into her eyes and tell her she can now see and feel what is about to happen, but she cannot resist or speak, only moan. I watch with delight as her eyes now move about half in fear, yet half in wonder at her predicament. My fingers once again entwine in her hair, pulling her head to the side as my heated lips and tongue again taste her soft neck. My tongue traces hot wet lines and circles about her warm skin, then my mouth gently sucks it into my mouth, chewing and savoring her flesh. Ever so slowly I move down onto the sensitive muscle which runs down her shoulder still licking sucking and chewing my way down. She cannot help but let out a small moan, borne of fear yet of pleasure and need as well, which is music to my ears.

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Feb 28 @ 11:51PM  
Slowly my right hand encircles her to the front of her small nightshirt, creeps up towards the neckline, and every so slowly begins to tear it down to the bottom, baring her breasts still encased in that lacy bra. My mouth still working hotly upon her skin, I release her hair and with both hands slowly peel the fabric away from her soft shoulders and drop the garment upon the floor. My lips and mouth find their way all along her now exposed flesh as my hands easily undo her bra clasp from behind, dropping that as well. My eyes drink in the sight of her round full breasts now free of restraint, nipples hardening slightly from the chill night air. Sucking harder now at her shoulder, my hands slide up and cup her breasts, kneading and reveling in the feel of her, my fingers greedily reaching to softly pinch and stroke her hardening nipples. Another moan comes from her lips, far deeper and huskier than the first, and I chuckle wickedly at the sound.

I take my time, enjoying every second of her taste and the feel of her warm skin and her now rock hard nipples. Every few minutes, I teasing slide my hands down along her soft belly towards her womanhood, watching her eyes from the corners of mine while I revel in the taste of her as she shows fear and still..something else as well. I can delay no longer as I slowly slide my hands down to place my thumb on either side of her waist under her panties and slowly slide them down and off, watching her eyes grow wide. I lightly scratch along the back of her thighs as I come back up, watching her unable to suppress a shiver. Her wholeness now exposed to me, I pause from my tasting and take a small walk around her, drinking in the sight of her nakedness and enjoying the view. Her cheeks color slightly reddish under my gaze, only heightening my desires.

Moving once more behind her, I transfer my mouth to the opposite side of her tender neck, giving it the same attentions while my hands now begin to move all along her warm skin, touching, squeezing, caressing, totally losing myself in the feel of her flesh. She moans again and I note with little fear this time, more deeper and more...animal. My hands move of their own accord as my mouth now moves to the back of her neck and my tongue traces a long slow wet line down her spine to her tailbone. They constantly stroke and lightly scratch along her ribs, kneading the soft skin under them. Teasingly again, they caress in soft circles towards her feminine softness in front, but always pull back just short of touching her growing hotness therein.

Moving now to firmly grip her hips, my mouth begins to suck her tailbone, gently biting as I do. A gasp erupts unbidden from her lips as I do, and she gasps again as my tongue slowly slides down the crack of her beautiful ass to taste the sweetness within. I make small circles with it, feeling her warm asshole pucker then begin to flex as if trying to draw my tongue inside. Her body begins to quiver as I bring my hot tongue closer and closer to her hot little hole, begin to probe lightly at first, then slowly slide it in to its deepest point, twisting and licking, savoring the flavor. She is now shaking all over, nearly to the point of breaking my control over her and moans come quickly to her lips, louder and louder. I continue my probing, pushing still deeper into her until she cries out and her body quakes as she cums...but only for the first time, I remind myself with an evil grin. I continue to lick her deeply until her body finally ceases quivering and her breathing slows, all the while sucking in the power released from her release. Sweeter than the nectar of the Gods, it is.

Feb 28 @ 11:52PM  
Rising behind her again, I take her by the hair with my left hand, bending her forward and am rewarded by the sight of her breasts swinging loose and free and of making her lovely ass jut out perfectly, so wonderful and inviting. My right hand scratches lightly and teasingly down her back to rub and squeeze her warm ass, then down both the backs of her thighs, which I note with delight are beginning to become wet along the insides with her soon to be tasted juices. I spank her ass upon both cheeks, looking on with desire as I watch them bounce from the impact and turn slightly reddish. Then I watch her eyes grow wide as I reach down and slide my hand from the back of her knee up, UP the inside of her thigh straight towards her now wet womanhood. Stopping just short for a last little tease, I whisper into her ear, “and now you are to be mine completely, my prey.”

I drink in the mixture of terror and curiosity with relish that flows from within her eyes before I begin to lightly stroke her soft pussy lips, so wet and hot, then to gently pinch and pull upon them, making her wetter still. I run my thumb along her slit, soaking it in lubrication before I slide it slowly and deeply to the hilt. Her moans and gasps begin anew as I enter her then begin to move it and knead her flesh within, so burning hot inside. My left hand pulls a little harder upon her hair, arching her back more, making her tits stand forth and placing more pressure upon my probing thumb. Her eyes nearly roll back in her head from the increased sensations and she gasps and moans anew.I probe downwards still deeper, seeking her g spot, and upon finding it she nearly collapses to her knees, were she not held by me just so by her hair and impaled upon my caressing thumb. It does not take long before she once more shakes from deep within and cries out anew as she cums violently, trembling and her tight pussy clenching my probing hand, drenching it with her hot juices. I drink it all in, nearly drunk with the feelings emanating from her, till she once again quiets. then I slowly withdraw my right hand, turn her face to me and slowly lick off all of her juices, savoring my first taste of her pussy and the look in her eyes as she is forced to watch.

Then I pull her head so she is back upright and command her to walk to the bed, watching with wicked delight as she does so on very shaky legs. I have her turn towards me, then sit upon it. I watch her eyes again with delight as she sees me pull out a section of soft rope from a back pouch I wear. I bind her hands together, then command her to lie back upon the bed, securing them to the bed frame over her head. Producing another two lengths, I tie her legs spread eagle, one to each lower post. placing a pillow comfortably beneath her head, and so that she will definitely see everything that is to follow, I secretly note with a wicked grin. I once more gaze into her eyes saying, “ I will now release your mind...but note it will do you no good to scream, there is no one to hear you. You will only succeed in my gagging you securely. For I wish you to be fully aware of things to come, make your choice.....“

I release her mind and she gasps from the suddenness of it,then whispers, “oh, no, no, no, please, I beg you, no more.” I laugh wickedly at her and reply, “I am sure you will be begging me soon, but not to stop my pretty, wait and see.“ Her eyes are wide as I slip a CD into her stereo I have brought along for the occasion. The music begins slowly, then starts to grow into a driving beat as I sensually move along with it beside the bed. Forward and back I move from her, teasing as I slowly remove my cape and swirl it along her body tickling her naked body and momentarily blocking her vision, making her gasp. Then follows my open neck shirt, one button at a time, dropping it sensually off my shoulders as I look over them at her till it falls upon the floor, swiftly followed by my boots. Naked to the waist now I dance up to the bed and slide the bare hot flesh of my chest along her side from bottom to top before straddling her tied form across her waist. She still has some fear in her eyes but cant tear her gaze away as I slowly undulate my hips across hers as I slowly undo the buttons of my pants one by one. Then I bend forward, teasingly sliding my tongue across her lips as I taste them for the first time, then roll easily off the bed, facing away from her as I gyrate to the music, gradually bending over to inch my tight pants off that she will see my ass just a little at a time. After it is fully exposed, I slide my pants on down and off to the floor, careful to only let her see the back of me for the moment and continue to move with the beat, flexing and rippling my body. My ears are careful to catch her every sound, and I smile wickedly as I hear her scared breaths giving way to small animalistic moans.

As the song nears its end, I at last slowly turn to give her a full view of me. Her eyes once again go wide and she suppresses a gasp as she beholds my swollen cock, jutting out from me a full 9 inches, thick and nearly swollen to burst from need and denial by my agonizingly slow manipulations of her. And more yet I mentally reminded it, making it jump and throb still more painfully as she looked on, unable to look away as if in a trance.

Feb 28 @ 11:52PM  
I whisper just loud enough for her to hear, “like what you see, little one?” She takes a moment to reply, lost as she was in looking and said, barely audible, “” She flushes with embarrassment as I laugh at her wickedly for making such a slip. I make a show of walking carefully towards her, stalking her, about to pounce. She lets out a small squeal and tries to hide her face. I quickly remind her not to resist lest she face the consequences, so she bravely turns her head back towards me.

I smoothly slide across her legs, turning so that my mouth hovers just above her still soaking pussy, watching her expressions turn and change between right and wrong, morals and wantonness, values and...lust. I drink it in and enjoy every second. Then I slowly begin to lap at her inner thighs with my hot tongue, making her jump and quiver with every wet lick. Moving slowly closer to her hotness, I suck in her wet pussy lips and lick and chew softly till she cant help but moan deeply. Lowering my head down further, I give her a long slow wet lick from the bottom to the top of her now soaking wet pussy, pausing at the top to give her clit a light flicking, making her ass jump up towards my eager mouth involuntarily before I take it gently into my mouth and begin to lick and suck it greedily. I again drink in her essence like water, flowing out of her as she grows hotter for my mouth and of the feelings I am giving her. Her breath grows from small gasps to deep husky breathing as I slowly bring her towards her great need to cum once again. Now her hips begin to buck and squirm from animal passion and the waves of sensations she feels deep within, her head tosses about and her eyes roll back with pure pleasure. I feel her reach the point of no return and work just a little harder and faster to bring her over the brink. Released from my mental control, her body erupts with no restraints as she moans, then screams from the waves that wash over her, quaking and bouncing her hips again to meet my hungry mouth, still sucking away at her hotness. At last she cums, her hot juices flowing into my eager mouth, greedily drinking in every drop and wanting still more as she cries out “OHH..OH..OHOHHHHHMYGODD!!!!! I suck at her hot wet pussy and drink her juices until she finally peaks then begins to quiet again, but still her legs shake and her body quivers.

As she comes to her senses I slowly slide up on her body, flesh on flesh until I am seated straddling her shoulders, my hard cock nearly on her lips. Sensing what's to happen, she tries to turn her head aside. Quickly my left hand is in her hair, pulling her to face my swollen dick again and I rub it across her lips, saying, “ you have had your fun, now tis my turn, my little one...“ I move forward inch by inch, slowly sliding my big cock between those soft lips, savoring the sensation of her wet lips. She resists at first, then sighs and begins to lightly suck as I begin to gently fuck her mouth with long strokes, making her taste every inch of me. I draw her energy again as I watch her face turn from resistance to wonder then finally to lust. She sucks harder now, relishing the act, wishing for my cum, desiring my juices to erupt within her greedy sucking mouth. I pull back at last and wait, watching her face fall out of need for me. I smile wickedly and ask, “you want it, don't you? You want that hot hard cock deep in your mouth bad, don't you?“ She struggles hard mentally for a moment between good and utter animal need, then says in a small voice, “yes.” The smile never leaving my face, I reply, “ I can't hear you.” She struggles from within again, then says in a louder voice, “YES, I want you. I want your cock back in my mouth, damn you.“ I laugh wickedly as I once more slide my dick back into those greedy sucking lips as she takes all of me deeper than before with hunger and need. Her eyes are now locked with mine and are full of animal lust and desire. I fuck her mouth again, reaching back to slide two fingers into her sopping wet pussy and my thumb upon her clit, making her moan around my cock as she sucks even more hungrily. I lose myself in the sensations for awhile, but shortly stop and pull back, as I have still more planned. Her face falls as I withdraw, so very wonderfully filled with lust and need.

I slide away down to where her legs are tied and quickly release them, then suddenly flip her over onto her knees, her lovely ass once more presented to me in a most erotic fashion. I climb up kneeling between them and run my hot dick along her swollen slit, so very wet and warm, making her moan again. “You want this, don't you. You desperately NEED my big hard cock stuffed into your tight little pussy right this second, don't you? I know you do, say it.“ I whisper to her in a deep husky voice. She mumbles something into the pillow, so I spank her ass a few slaps, hard. “Can't hear you, you little bitch.” She quickly raises her head off the pillow and says in a small voice, “yes.” “Not good enough this time, I want to hear what a little slut you have become. You know you liked it all, and you want more. Tell me you need to be fucked and fucked good, and that your my little slut now. Mine. SAY IT!“

Feb 28 @ 11:52PM  
I give her sweet ass a few more hard slaps, and she looks back with a still deeper lust than before, her lips swollen from sucking me and says, “YES, I am your little slut, I loved every minute of it, I need so much more, oh please please FUCK me good, like the little whore I am for you, I am yours, OH god, fuck me, fuck me PLEASE, give me that big dick, stuff it in me good and ram me hard!“ I fuck her wet slit for another minute or two, making her moan and hot juices flow down her thighs, until she cant hold still and begins to swing her hips from side to side and tries to thrust backwards to slide onto me, begging for me to take her, NOW.

At last, I reach forward and grip her hair with one hand and with the other begin to push myself into her wetness. She is so tight but so wet it slides shudderingly into her inner heat, and she convulses with every shudder, barely able to take a breath. At last deep inside her as far as it will go, I pause to get my control and for her to adjust to the big hard slab of meat filling her to the brim. She nearly screams and shudders uncontrollably at being filled so full.

I am nearly at the edge myself from her being so hot inside it feels like I am in a furnace, but I am dead set on one last tease...I begin to ever so slowly pump my hot dick in and out of her, whispering to her, “Like that,slut? Here's some big hard cock for you, all you want. I am going to fuck you till you can't walk, and you're gonna like it, ohhh, yes....take that dick, all of it, you little bitch.“

She is beyond words now, she can only moan louder and more animalistic in her loss of reality, loss of her senses. She only knows the feeling of my hard meat pumping her deep and hot. Faster and faster I fuck her, pulling back on her hair to arch her back so I can watch her face lost in the deepest ecstacy. Now I am slamming myself within her, rocking her forward with every stroke, pounding her with cockmeat, stretching her swollen pussy to the limit as she pushes backwards for still more.

At last I can control it no longer, the teasing is over. I begin to make animal noises of my own starting with mere grunts and building slowly to a roar. My cock swells in anticipation as I near my peak. She feels it swell within her and finds her voice once more. “Fuck me, yes, fuck me, fill me with your cum. I want it, I want it nowwww.....“ She manages to finish as I at last reach my peak, as does she as well. Our sounds become bestial with the sensations we are feeling and we roar out as one, coupled, losing ourselves in the waves of orgasm that bind together and become one. She soaks my cock with her juices as I shoot my load deep within her, filling her to the rim and spilling out. It seems as if the moment is frozen in time never to end, then suddenly like a rollercoaster, it soars over the edge and picks up speed before finally slowing down, our bodies shaking and trembling from the forces we have generated. She falls forward onto the bed, utterly spent and moaning. I spend a moment more, caressing her ass and pushing deeper within her truly not wishing to withdraw just yet, then slowly pull back. Sliding alongside her upon the bed, I remove her ropes and she immediately cuddles up close to me as she can get as my arms encircle her and stroke her hair. Our mouths meet in soft hot kisses, tongues entwining for a long time...

Finally after catching our breath, she looks up into my eyes and says,
“Oh my god, that was soooo incredible. Best one yet. Did I play it good? You really did scare me at first, but I loved every second. Can we play that one again soon? And, what's the next one you have in mind?” She kisses me again and holds me tighter than before, her legs still trembling.

I smile into her eyes and reply “Is one of my favorite games sweetheart, just cant play it TOO often, it loses its effect. Yes, you were wonderful. You did excellent, even when I know you wanted to just let loose but were under my “control.” I laugh. “And for the next one, hmm, well, The army surplus store is having a sale next week, I think it's time to catch me a P.O.W. and interrogate the shit out of her....“ I give her a wicked smile as her eyes light up and she says “MMMmmmm...I cant wait, baby.”

Feb 29 @ 1:05AM  
Damn, now that's a long ass story!

Feb 29 @ 2:07AM  
I'm saving this for bedtime reading
I'll leave a comment (another) later. But I have to say the parts I've sped read look really good!
Mmmmmmm I can't wait

Feb 29 @ 9:53AM  

We have to get you writing somehow. This was the first thing I read of yours and It still makes my heart zing everytime I feel the Predator behind me.

You paint with words, and it's a wonderful sensation.

Oh and now that I know what they are, you get a kudo


Feb 29 @ 1:42PM  
I thought you said we weren't going to discuss that evening??

Feb 29 @ 1:49PM  
I liked it there and I love it here.
A wonderful story, fantastic writing style and best of all it’s really very HOT!

Feb 29 @ 8:03PM  
Damn I loved it!!
DKW if you put up a few more stories I could cut back on my erotica budget
You most definitely deserve a greenie

Mar 8 @ 7:40PM  

love playing out fantasies...



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First Presentation for the Story Contest...