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Call me Crazy.........

posted 2/28/2008 3:14:12 PM |
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Yeah I know most of you do, but I just felt compelled to share these crazy little thoughts of mine. Now I've been a member here for, well let's see, I guess this would be year 8 now? 2008-2000, carry the 0, yep, 8 years now. In that 8 years I've seen a lot of people come and go, alot of couples hook up some to live the happily ever after, some to dump each other and try again. I've seen trolls come and trolls go down in flames, some just give up and leave, others AMD have cancelled over and over again. I know, I know I'm getting to the damn point, don't rush me I work cheap! My point to all this is, I have never in all these years felt compelled to write to someone out of the blue, just see that they are online and decide to write to them to tell them how stupid, fat, ugly or unsociable they are. Guess I'm just not pyschic enough to know ALL that stuff about them just from seeing that they are online. I usually have to get to know someone a little first before I decide they are such an outright loser! But now IF I did ever grow the balls to do this, or translated that means get that stupid to do it, and I did write such a letter to someone and they wrote back more or less telling me to take my dick and shove it up my ass (or other such insulting replies as I'm a woman) I think I would let it drop at that. I would have told them how I felt, they told me how to feel back and that would be the end of it. I don't think I would feel the utmost need to continue writing them back, over and over again until they finally said fuck it and blocked my stupid ass! Now maybe it's just that I'm from the south and I was raised with a little more manners and respect than some but damn folks it's just plain common sense. You write to a complete and total stranger that is just sitting there minding their own business to tell them what a loser you perceive them to be and then get down right indignant when they tell you to fuck off and die?? What's wrong with this picture......??? Or yet another who writes to say I don't like big boobs but I want you to watch me jack off on my cam, now I have nothing against people that like to do that, I just don't care to participate. When I nicely explain this to them and wish them luck in their search I get told to quit advertising my boobs on here if I'm not gonna cam??? WTF is that??? If a woman posts pictures of body parts that signs the contract you have to cam with every Hairy, Dick or Sam that comes along? So call me crazy I guess manners and treating others as you care to be treated are just a southern thing.
(This blog reflects the views of the poster only and is in no way meant as a derogatory statement toward all members living in the Northern states)

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Feb 28 @ 3:24PM  
B...bu...but...but I don't want to call you crazy. Besides that the loser that don't like your boobs is the crazy one but I will pray form the loser Sister Stormy.

Feb 28 @ 3:24PM  
You're CRAZY!!

You said to call you crazy...

Feb 28 @ 3:26PM  
I’m from the mid west and I’m polite also (ok most of the time).
Sometimes people are just plain silly and sometimes they are down right rude.
Be yourself (I know you are) crazy is a good thing and don’t let the bastards get you down!


Feb 28 @ 3:27PM  
Well if it helps Scooter ...I think you got a nice pic and rockn boobs and the person contected to them is cool too...

Feb 28 @ 3:27PM  
Hey Crazy!!!!
Fuck him.... Pass me those lovely Bewbies Plz!!!!

Feb 28 @ 3:28PM  
I hate the Cam invites....but the other day while I was still running a fever I thought what the heck...he wrote he didn't care whether I had one or I wrote back....BRING IT ON!!! Guess what he couldn't get it up or make it cum!!! Finally I told him I was bored and had to go take a nap! He hasn't emailed again! Today I received and email titled "I want to cum all over your face" I answered saying Not on my face, I don't know you or your cum! He didn't reply back either......was it something I said??

Feb 28 @ 3:31PM  
Thanks ya'll I've always known I was crazy but it's kept me from going insane all these years!!!!

Feb 28 @ 3:36PM  
wow...i almost blogged this last night after some guy posted two picture comments about my ass being "kinda big and average looking" and my boobs being "kinda saggy"...I mean really now....first off...I don't know him...never talked to him... what gives? I wrote back that he evidentally had nothing better to do with his life and blocked him. i mean wtf? Senseless...

Feb 28 @ 3:41PM  
Crazy!! Crazy!!! Crazy!!!!

Will you let go of my nuts, now???

Hey, if they do not like your bewbies...just show 'em to me....I volunteer for the full-time postion!!!
BTW, if the jerk cannon handle some rejection from a stranger online...jut SCREAMS what kind of a LOSER he is in reality!!! Hang in there, baby!!! Oh, and have a kudo.....while you are it!!

Feb 28 @ 3:42PM  
Cannot even....was blinded by the BoobS !!!!

Feb 28 @ 3:50PM  
you're crazy..........see i can follow instructions.........

Feb 28 @ 3:53PM  
Personally, I really like your new boob pic. Not that there was anything wrong with the boots...........
Anyway.......... I'd never felt the need to comment on either one..... BUT....... since I'm from
the Northern states

I'm suddenly posessed by the urge to say something..................

Wanna Fuck?

Feb 28 @ 4:09PM  
Well I do have to admit.....
The Only thing I see wrong with LBS Boobs..and Gwenafars... Butt is....
They are not here for me to enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Must be a let down guy.. or a Jealous woman!!!
Cause Ladies.... Yall Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 28 @ 4:21PM  
my trunk monkey wants to know what is your indian year birth sign?. thought this was a leap year ..
stick and stones won't break my bones and names will never harm me.
but words do hurt so be nice to the awsome ladyboot !!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 28 @ 4:24PM  
I knew that there was a good reason that I never opened that email from you!

Did you ever notice that if a blog post is over 20 lines long and one paragraph, it is probably a rant.

Feb 28 @ 4:24PM  
I get those "do you want to watch me jerk of on cam" all the time. I just block them figuring it's probably some kid giving a false birth date to get in here. I didn't want to watch a man jerk off when I was 20 years old. I sure as hell don't want to watch one now that i'm 44, If your crazy then I and many others are to

Feb 28 @ 4:27PM  
I live in hippy ville. . and manners are verbotten.. however but.. I was raised southern and by damn they better have some if they wanna talk to me for long.

You ain't crazy.. a lil disturbed maybe.. but not full out crazy.. and ya is sexy so there..

for the losers who wanna write crap like that.. there goes your odds.. cuz girls talk to each other.. yup yup... piss off one.. the rest will find out.. and you might as well invest in real doll and just forget about a human lady woman girl thing.

Feb 28 @ 4:27PM  
Well Bless his heart (you know back home in Texas you can say anything about someone if you preface it with that little phrase) he pointed out to me that I'm most likely middle aged (duh no shit sherlock I just hit 45, but thanks for reminding me I'm so feeble minded these days) I'm probably this was a shocker, I've only listed myself as a Curvy BBW for years now, so fat had NEVER crossed my mind or my mirror in the mornings!! Stupid........well now that one I'm not sure how he came to that conclusion, I know I do have days where I'm not so bright but I can usually point those out to myself as well I need no help!! And I probably was no fun to talk to in the first place......then why the hell are you writing to me if it's not gonna be any fun??????

Feb 28 @ 4:28PM  
W T F - Who really cares ! Lets have Sex

Feb 28 @ 4:34PM  
some guy posted two picture comments about my ass being "kinda big and average looking"
I consider myself an expert on women's bottoms. It is, of course, my favorite body part on a lady. Gwen you are at the very top of my list for perfect bottom! Truly eatable!

BootScoot, I have to agree with you. I have been given some crappy emails also. I feel ya! In AMD as in each of our own towns and work places, there is always someone that enjoys pushing our buttons. Just to get a rise out of us so they can feed on the angry emotion that comes back to them. I feel you and I agree with you. You of all people do not deserve that. I tell ya what ... remind me to send you a free neck rub later.


... here's a green face thing too

Feb 28 @ 4:36PM  
You're crazy. I can't wait until you come back online so I can write you.

Being Southern is a privilege.Like I tell people, being a redneck is a choice a person can make. I'm Southern by the grace of God.

Feb 28 @ 4:43PM  
i know theres alot of odd guys out there
yesterday a guy wrote me about beastiality and incest

Feb 28 @ 4:47PM  
being a redneck is a choice a person can make
Redneck born...
Redneck bred...
And when I die I'll be Redneck dead...
Can I get an AMEN!!!!

Feb 28 @ 4:50PM  
There no shortage of ignorant people in the world.

Feb 28 @ 5:00PM  
Stormy.......Sweetie.....I'm not usually very good at doing what I'm told to do... ( well, there are moments ) .. .but , you're crazy. There, I did it just for you.... Don't you feel special? lmao

I wasn't raised in the south, but I still agree with your ways of thinking about his and the logic behind it. Oh, and no offense taken by this Northern state member.
Some people are just inconsiderate jerks, regardless of where they are born, raised or even crawled out from under a rock..
Unfortunately quite a few of them seem to migrate to this site.....and most seem to have cams..Go figure..


Feb 28 @ 5:06PM  
And when I die I'll be Redneck dead...
Can I get an AMEN!!!!

One of my best friends has always picked on me about having a redneck temper.....and she says it like it's a bad thing..

Feb 28 @ 5:53PM  
AMEN Ash....( not a redneck, but I DID live in Bama 9 yrs )

Isn't it truly sad that some people either have to 1. Jack off on cam in an attempt for attention. Meaning the ones that is ALL they are after. Or 2. Make totally rude, crude or crass comments to people in a vain effort of diminishing their own shortcomings that they truly and inawrdly loathe themselves for. Fuckin sad.

Oh, and since we are referring to southerners....

Hey, Y'all...yontu fukk?


Feb 28 @ 6:01PM  
Had a guy email me just this week....when I wrote back to indicate interest, he sent me his cell phone number AND his hotel number phone number. When I wrote back and said I didn't feel comfortable calling right off the bat and preferred to get to know someone a bit via email/chat, he wrote back that he thought email was "too distant and impersonal" and then said, "I'm here to meet real people who are interested in a real connection", implying that I was just here messing with guys' heads.
AND- he called me by the wrong name in the last email. He called me ALICE and my name is AMY (which was right there on the email) HOW IS THAT FOR A TOTAL DUH?
Anyway, I really resented his implications and told him so. Then blocked his sorry ass! LOL

Feb 28 @ 6:02PM  
lol!!!! so damn true...... kudos to you!

Feb 28 @ 6:43PM  
AMEN Sister Ashley!!!

Feb 28 @ 7:25PM  
if your crazy.......................what would that make ME??

*ponders if anyone has a clue what he's written to those douchebags from Mrs Ynots screen name when answering her ''douchebag mail'' from strangers.......................*

you'd be amazed how easy it is to freak em' out and make them just go away without blocking them or anything

Feb 28 @ 7:37PM  
I wanna fit in ...if I rub my neck really hard gets it good enough?

Feb 28 @ 9:36PM  
okay your crazy

hum didn't make me feel any better though and bewbies he don't like them or just yours?? I mean I have a pair just like them WTF would he say about mine time to feed the litter???

If a woman posts pictures of body parts that signs the contract you have to cam with every Hairy, Dick or Sam that comes along?

I DON'T LIKE TO CAM!!! And I don't have to

greenie fer ya crazy lady

Feb 28 @ 11:07PM  
You are crazy.


Forget those assholes and just have fun baby!


P.S. I think you got a hella nice rack

Feb 29 @ 1:26AM  
Yep, I'm crazy too.

Mar 1 @ 3:55AM  
(This blog reflects the views of the poster only and is in no way meant as a derogatory statement toward all members living in the Northern states)
Northern States: Noun pl states where people drive to fast, highways are far to congested and the people have little common sense.


Call me crazy
Hi crazy

Mar 2 @ 1:05AM  

You don't want my love
You want satisfaction
You don't need my love
You gotta find yourself another
Piece of the action
'Cause you're crazy
You're fuckin' crazy
Ya know you're crazy
I said you're crazy

Say boy where ya comin' from
Where'd ya get that point of view
When I was younger
Said I knew someone like you
And they said

You don't want my love
You want satisfaction
You don't need my love
You gotta find yourself another
Piece of the action
'Cause you're crazy
You're fuckin' crazy
Ya know you're crazy
I said you're crazy
Ooh you're crazy
You know you're crazy
Well you're crazy
You know you're crazy

You know you are
Bring it down
You're fuckin' crazy


Mar 2 @ 1:05PM  
CRAZY..?????????????...maybe sum day i cud bring ya up here 2 my level

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