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She's/He's a beauty, or is she/he?

posted 2/27/2008 9:57:48 PM |
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tagged: sex, dating, straddle

I did a blog something like this last September asking would you date a person who was very immature. But this blog is about not only immaturity, but someone who may look good in their pics or in person, but has an ugly ass inside to them that turns people off. Have any of you run across anyone on here or out in public that fits that, and would you still date them and/or have sex with them?

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Feb 27 @ 10:05PM  
Nope. People that are ugly from the inside out...can't find a use for them...

Feb 27 @ 10:06PM  
Yes....and absolutely NOT. Nope, never again.....
And I'm one of these people that believes in the saying of never say never....and can still say Never to that one.

Feb 27 @ 10:07PM  
Yep, I've met men here in my area that are gorgeous to look at....but have an ugly, hateful personality. Would I date/have sex with someone like that? Nope!

Feb 27 @ 10:08PM  
Naturally I’ve met people that are just melt in your mouth gorgeous, but have a hideous personality. Would I have sex with them, NO, no way!
The mind, heart, personality, wit, imagination and all those intangible things count so much more to me than anything as superficial as looks.

Feb 27 @ 10:09PM  
yup...I've met people that look promising on the outside but turn out to be vivcious bastards on the inside...look at that Borty guy ...nice smile ...but all he thinks about are panties and jerry springer...i rest my case.

Feb 27 @ 10:12PM  
but all he thinks about are panties and jerry springer...i rest my case.

A direct quote from PrincessKissy..."I love that Borty. He is a truly warped individual." Yup. that's what she said.

Feb 27 @ 10:14PM  
One of the 1st men I ever loved, everyone thought was UGLY! I thought he was gorgeous...he was kind, attentive, funny, a great friend and a Great Lover...I could careless what others thought of his "looks"
On the flip side, I have dated men so freaking HOT, but didn't have anything going on inside the heart or head. No second dates happened.

Feb 27 @ 10:15PM  

You can put a bag over an ugly face (believe me they do it to me all the time), but you can't hide an ugly personality. I'd give a grudge fuck on her way out.

Feb 27 @ 10:17PM  
@ PurpleP.'s comment

Feb 27 @ 10:22PM  
My apologies, I did read it wrong. I would not consider having a relationship with somebody like that, but have been known to get sleazy with them for a short period of time.

Feb 27 @ 10:31PM  
Yeah Strad, met a LOT of pretty ugly people.. and no I would not.. I'd rather do someone who is not conventionally good looking but is fabulous in character.

Feb 27 @ 10:35PM  
Strad.. your email question is gonna have to wait til morning hon.. I'm grounded.

Feb 27 @ 10:37PM  
No problem, Sam! Let me know about what I want to know tomorrow sometime.

Feb 27 @ 10:50PM  
I've dated a few extremely hot looking women. Most of them were bitches. I wouldn't even have sex with these selfish bitches even now if they asked me to. Looks aren't everything. A hot woman with a terrible personality becomes ugly right away.

Feb 27 @ 11:03PM  
I have a couple of male friends who are very attractive.

One is very smart, but COMPLETELY in love with himself. He can't hold a meaningful conversation, and has nearly NO sense of humor...He's also a complete prick to the woman he's dated, and considers himself to be some sort of man-god.
Although he is good-looking at a glance, his personality makes him absolutely revolting. Wouldn't touch him with a ten-foot barge pole.

The other one is a complete knockout. He's Polish, and has a strong Polish accent. He also is completely dim-witted, nasty, racially intolerant, and a complete homophobe.
Another guy who may be phsyically attractive but without the internal goods, he's pretty much a complete right-off in my books...


Feb 27 @ 11:23PM  
It would turn me right off. I wouldn' want to even be with someone who had a bad attitude. If she is good while having sex .......nah! It wouldn't even get that far.

Feb 28 @ 2:54AM  
I'm ugly inside too..... whats yer point

Feb 28 @ 5:49AM  
I'd fuck em if they're hot but would never date em or spend any time with them after that

Feb 28 @ 8:50AM  
Yeah Ive Met ladies from other sites that were Doll babies... outwardly.. but fugly on the Inside... that just dont cut it for me!!!
But what I really hate/dont like.. is some can Hide the Inside for a month or 2..till they get ya hooked! Then they let the Bitch out of the Bag!!
Now that Just Pisses me off!!!

Feb 28 @ 10:03AM  
i can tune most anything out when i got a boner going.........

Feb 28 @ 12:25PM  
Ugly people are everywhere....why does it seems that the prettier they are, the more likely they are to be ugly on the inside. I'm not saying all beautiful women are ugly on the inside, but a good majority are.

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She's/He's a beauty, or is she/he?