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wtf are people thinking by sending a message like this one

posted 2/27/2008 12:32:11 AM |
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Ok people come on i like to receive messages as much as the next person but when you receive a message like the one i have received you have to wonder why some one would send u something like this .

have you ever been milked before? I love breast milk, and would love to try yours!

Yes i am into bondage and i do draw the line to certain things this being one of em . Come on i know im not the most pretty tool in the shed but hell once in a while id like to receive wanna fuck mail to . Not some one asking me if they can milk me like a fucken cow!!! I know I might be big and not skinny but i dont have 4 nipples. Where in my pictures do you see a picture of my breasts. Wtf why would some one ask u something like this stuff like this boggles my mind im a person not a fucken animal people !!! i know some people like getting milked but i aint one of em Sorry if im sounding rude i was just a little taken away by this message and a little weirded out!!!!

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wtf are people thinking by sending a message like this one
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Feb 27 @ 12:45AM  
A friend of mine told me that some clown wrote to her here and asked if he could suck on her nose..... I guess this means your going ot delete him!!!

Feb 27 @ 12:46AM  
hes already delted and blocked

Feb 27 @ 12:47AM  
Breast milk? I tried it when my son was born, it was gross...... was this dudes name Focker? lmao and does he milk cats? What the hell is wrong with people?

Feb 27 @ 12:48AM  
nooooooo not focker Maybe hes a motherfucker but his names not focker oh well to each is own just was a little weirded out

Feb 27 @ 12:53AM  
A friend of mine told me that some clown wrote to her here and asked if he could suck on her nose.....

What the hell do you get outta that? I mean other than snot, and a bad taste in your mouth?

Feb 27 @ 12:54AM  
i dont know i guess dude likes to suck on black heads and green stuff god only nose ermmm i mean knows but seriously laim you should ask if she remembers the nick name

Feb 27 @ 1:38AM  
I LOVE sucking on titties and nips.... But not for milk.

Feb 27 @ 2:43AM  
wtf are people thinking by sending a message like this one

I fear you give too much credit.. I would venture to question his cognitive skills! --- Meaning I doubt he was thinking...

I didn't know a woman could lactate on command?

Feb 27 @ 2:53AM  
On the border fringes of BDSM, there is a certain type of play, called being a "Milkmaid." Usually involves a milk fetish itself, lactation or even dressing the part of one. Googling it is sketchy because it is little known, or I would provide links.

However, also being it is a minor group, it is in my opinion pretty forward and crass to be opening lines with it, not to mention plain rude.

And as to Canu's query, some even go as far as once they have had birth and the baby goes to formula, if the breasts are still stimulated daily, they will continue to produce milk.

Not my cup of tea, but you asked

Feb 27 @ 3:08AM  
The operative word was Birth...

I know lactating nanny's were a sought commodity in olden times...

I know from experience the birth process stimulates mammary glands into milk production... I know there is a fetish for it and it can be prolonged after the baby is weened...

I though maybe there was some way to skip the whole have a baby thing... unless the mailer was offering to give her a child

I agree it is a rude way to start a conversation... but hey.. he's a busy guy, who has time for chit chat when your that busy right?

LOL... that was being facetious

Feb 27 @ 3:22AM  
actually i have heard of woman taking some type of pills to lactate and yes it is possible to lactate even if your not pregnant its called something sudopregnancy i might have the term wrong but its when a female really thinks shes pregnant she can demonstrate the same signs and sypmtoms as a pregnant woman would .....its a little crazy but it has happened.....I am into bondage but like i said i draw the line at some point lol Like i once said to each is own not my cup of tea either

Feb 27 @ 3:26AM  
Stil not a task accomplished by a freak, unless he dopes her with hormones then... ah well... AMD is like a box of nuts... they come in all different varieties!

Feb 27 @ 5:52AM  
I looked a little more into it. Yes, hormones are available. Seems it can also be done by using a breast pump 5 or mor times a day for several WEEKS....until they will produce milk. Dunno about anyone else, but several weeks of sore bewbies isn't a turn on for me personally, either giving or receiving.....

Feb 27 @ 7:19AM  
nah man..but i do agree, sure to each its own, but thats just plain gross...the milk is for the babies..NOT the point..lmao

Feb 27 @ 8:36AM  
My husband tried it when I was pregnant with our first daughter. After trying it all he said was " god that tastes bad . I hope I wasn't breast fed as a baby"

Feb 27 @ 10:08AM  
uggggggggg sis Doll.....that is just so wrong. Gross and rude too!!!

As long as he's blocked....

Feb 27 @ 11:11AM  
This isn't an e-mail, but.......................................................................................wanna fuck?

( I already have milk in the fridge).

Feb 27 @ 2:52PM  
Cuz im pregnant did i forget to tell you thats why im lactating i got pregnant by " BOB" 3 weeks ago who knew a battery operated bf could get your pregnant

Feb 27 @ 3:00PM  
tell the man to buy a goat and suck on its titty,,

Feb 27 @ 3:02PM  
Lol, reminds me of one I got a ways back....

I`d love to get you pregnant and put those lovely breasts to proper use ... our baby on one and me on the other ... and a girl ... just imagine breastfeeding a girl and our baby! ... when we aren`t having sex and all cuddled up together! ... you can also have all the women you/we can find ... show me something on cam please ...


Feb 27 @ 3:12PM  
hmmmmmm even better ill tell him to buy a pregnant female pig if he likes to suck on tities we all know they have more then one ok now i threw up on my mouth just mentioning that im starting to wonder if its the same man who messaged you cute sounds awfully femiliar

Feb 27 @ 10:58PM  
Some idiots just do that just to see your reaction.

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wtf are people thinking by sending a message like this one