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No, my comment will not wait for approval !!

posted 2/24/2008 6:31:54 PM |
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.just got a pic of him in email from someone who knows him that wants to remain anonymous
Think twice before you send any "private" Emails to anyone else on this site.
Read what Treas had to say yesterday about trust.Don't trust miserable widows and drunks.

NO, my comment will not wait for approval.......not this time

This has really gone tooo damn far for me to stay out of it anymore..When you take a blog that I wrote trying to help people who are afraid to trust or love and of getting their heart broken or screwed over again and twist it for such vial, contemptable, malicious bullshit as trying to use it against my friend, You piss me off to no end!!!

We ALL know exactly who you are talking about and then you block comments. Don't like my comments....Don't fucking use my name and twist my words and try to use them against someone that You KNOW is a VERY good friend of mine....

I don't think twice before I send her private emails....or tell her things on the phone.....I choose my friends very carefully.....always have...always will. I don't have people in my life that I can't trust.

As far as miserable widow...I must have missed that part of her personality. Color me stupid.... We all have bad days, her included. I'm having one right now.
And as far as a drunk.....She is a recovering alcoholic and has never denied that. So get the hell off the soapbox about it already....I highly doubt that you know anyone perfect or without flaws.... I sure as hell don't. And the fact that she is in recovery says a hell of a lot about strength and courage to have a better life.

Do I like that this bullshit has went on for all these months and there still seems to be no end? No, I fucking hate it!! And I have tried extremely hard to stay out of it. You know that anything I have to say, I usually do in private email. And I have tried to stay out of this. But you just brought me into it.

You made a snide remark the other day about needing more than 12 steps...Well, you just messed with my steps, and don't give me the line well so and so did this so I did this. Cause I didn't do a flipping thing to you and you used me in your fight against my friend.

Don't do it again!!

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Feb 24 @ 6:43PM  
That's it -- vent and get it out..

it's your right ... and you did a fine job..

good for you

Feb 24 @ 6:47PM  
Yep! That 'bout says it all! I got a shiny green thingy, it's all yours!

Feb 24 @ 6:51PM  
Go hit something really hard....over and over and over....always works for me.

Feb 24 @ 6:55PM  
Wow, you're on him like stink on a fart.

Feb 24 @ 6:56PM  
Wow I missed the part whereas I was a miserable widow........anyone who knows about my second marriage knows that i took care of my husband the last five years of his life in advanced stages of alzheimers......when he died there wasnt the grief so much as the relief for both of that selfesh if you want but unless you have singlehandedly taken care of an alzheimers patient with only support from a teenage son and an elderly can think what you want....but i also know that he didnt want to live that way. And since i am still legally married although seperated, and my husband is one of my best friends in the world, we just cant make a marriage together, he too is dying but he isnt there yet and as I told his doctor, I wouldnt count him out yet.................and its true what he said I am a who in recovery........and yes somedays I do have bad days........thank god i have friends in and out of recovery that help me thru those bad times and remind me of what I have to be grateful for.

I have pretty much ignored this man for quite sometime, very rarely reacting here at all, i kept turning the other cheek but guess what today the cheek got i posted his picture on a couple blogs.......and i dont regret it at all..........I am all done allowing him to say what he wants in hopes if all of us keep reporting him he will be cancelled.....but you notice he keeps repeating the same things over and over, cause in reality he is making it up and his mind cant come up with anything else.

So asnet......have your day in the light.........and while your at it.........I just polish one side of my fat ass..........KISS IT FUCK HEAD!!!

Hope your migraine goes away treas........give me a call later if you want.

Feb 24 @ 7:01PM  
Ok, with what you said and what Dayna said, yep that about said it all. Hope he's got lots of chapstick on hand, he's gonna be kissin lots of ass round here.........

Feb 24 @ 7:01PM  
I didn't do this blog to vent...I only did it because my words were used to attack my friend. Although I don't like to do this in public....

I can take what someone wants to throw at me... that's fine. And I do not usually get in the middle of a fight. My friends know where my loyalty lies, I don't need to be in the middle of the ring. I will say what I have to say in private most of the time to who ever I have to say it to.If I feel the need. BUT I will not allow someone to use my words to attack my friend with in a public blog.

Feb 24 @ 7:05PM  
He knows what he is doing.........and it's sad that he delights in hurting makes no sense.

Feb 24 @ 7:07PM  
Your absolutely right no one is perfect. But some of us have the character and grace be better people and to better our lives. It takes a lot of courage to see something we don't like of ourselves and charge it.

And some just have a black heart and soul and are worthless.

I think we know the difference.

Feb 24 @ 7:44PM  
I totally agree with your blog...thanks for sticken up for my friend too....

Feb 24 @ 8:00PM  
super big kudo's for you


Feb 24 @ 9:32PM  
Flak jacket on, jumping for a foxhole... kudo on the way!

Feb 24 @ 9:40PM  
SHAZAM!! Treas unloaded the BlastMaster on someone's ass.... musta had it comin' - and musta been deservin' for Treas to interject

Hope you feel better girl... unhappy nasty folks ALWAYS like to bring others down with them.... gives them power ~ so pick ya self up and dust off the knees and keep being the wonderful, pleasant person you are girlfriend!

Feb 24 @ 11:31PM  
well you said that pretty good......... but i am pretty sure it will fall on deaf ears........he is bent on self destruction........

Feb 25 @ 6:15AM  
Givem Hell Girly!!!!!
Looks like his ass is in a to speak! hmmm?
Why Dont we just Not Read his Blogs...Iggy him....maybe eh?
Too try to Hurt someone like he has....Just aint right!

We were having a good time yesterday....Making guesses in Daynas hand game... a lot of fun it was, BTW... TY Dayna!!!
and we got to Do gwenafar's Year book thingy... which was fun, cause it gave me excuses to check out profiles.. Thanks gwenafar!!!
And here he/it comes with a Load of BS.... And guess what.... we ate it all!
We let him put a turd in Our "Fun" Punch to speak!!
Personally.. I'll Never Read another of his BS Blogs....his or his Fake Girl friends!!
I Say let him talk to his Self!!!
My 2 Cents!!!!

Feb 25 @ 10:21AM  
Sadly, when one suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder, they escalate no matter what others do.. until someone else steps in and takes em out. We've seen em before and we'll see em again.

Sorry you got drug into it Treas.. you didn't have that coming.

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