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Do You Really Want Some People To See Your Beautiful Children?

posted 2/24/2008 10:38:29 AM |
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I read Zena'z blog and was going to respond, but this got too long to be a response. She brought up a good point and I completely agree with her, especially about the profiles with children.

I had a guy write to me a while back and when I looked at his profile it had a couple pics of him with his kids....One at his daughters sporting event. Which had names on uniforms. They were adorable children, any parent would have been proud to show off these pics .

Personally, I was quite surprised that AMD approved them.

I know how protective I am of my grandchildren and other children in my life. Maybe some days even over protective, but that's not something I'm willing to chance.
One of my first thoughts when I saw his pics was that he was an idiot for doing such a thing. So I asked him why he had subjected his children and even some of their friends to such a thing as their pics on an adult site. He said he wanted to prove that his pics were real and how involved in his childrens lives he is.. He wanted any woman that might have an interest in contacting him to realize he spends a considerable amount of time with them and if that was not something she was interested in, then he wasn't for her.

His intentions seemed innocent enough... he is just a proud Dad.

He said he never thought of all the sickos and perverts that could possibly be looking at his daughers pics or figuring out where they lived or went to school just by a few pics....
Well DUH!!! You put your location in your profile,and their school colors out there and it sure wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out... You even just gave them your childs name, along with some of their friends names.

He did take those pics off and said he never realized that he , of all people, could be showing his daughters to a world of sick people. He said keeping his daughters safe is more important than any woman could ever be in his life.

Exactly WHO was he proving to that his pics were real. Someone interested in him or his children?
I know that's a very sickening thought, but as Zena said in her blog....there are more perverts and crazy people out there every day. And even one is too many when it comes to a childs safety.

I know we are all proud of our children and want to show them off and brag about them,,,,Hell, I'm at the very top of that list.....But always remember this is the internet. Anything and Everything you post on here is seen by millions of people.....Some of which you would NEVER want to see your children, or anyone elses.

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Feb 24 @ 10:43AM  
Trease, that was well writen, and so much better then I could have done or said!! Kudos and thanks!!

Feb 24 @ 11:03AM  
yes it is well written and you also put down his thoughts! (he's a man remember they don't think)

Feb 24 @ 11:04AM  
Amen Sistah! Do what you like with your own life.. but keep your babies safe! That's your job as parents.

It always amazes me that kids get predated so easily... I mean..why aren't the parents keeping track of who the kids are talking to online etc? I know.. I'm a bitch.. but I went through my kid's history daily.. and I made sure they were only online when I was there to stupidvise. It's just too easy for a creep to get to your kids.

Feb 24 @ 11:07AM  
This was an excellent blog Treas. I would never consider putting my children or granddaughter's picture on this site or any site like this one, and quite frankly I am surprised that AMD would approve them. I do have my granddaughter's pictures on my own website but I dont live in the same state where she lives nor do I say where she does live. I also have my daughter's permission to put them there. The one thing I did find on that site, was the ability to make copies off pictures that are on my website and went into the settings and fixed that so copies couldnt be made although I imagine someone that was really good with computers could figure out how to do it.

Good Job Treas.........Kudos to you.

Feb 24 @ 11:28AM  
you also put down his thoughts! (he's a man remember they don't think)
Unfortunately, I have seen a few womens profiles that show children also.

In this instance, he was just a very proud Dad. One who wanted everyone to know that his children came before anything else in his life. Personally, I respected him for that...He just didn't allow his mind comprehend that some people are as warped as they are. Or that sometimes the most innocent thing can cause harm or danger.


Feb 24 @ 12:09PM  
Good Points and I’m glad you able to help him.

Feb 24 @ 12:23PM  
Great blog!

At one point, it was thought that my son's mother, or at the very least her boyfriend (or both) were mistreating my son. A friend of mines wife took pictures of a suspicious-looking scrape on my son's back as well as how thin he was at the time.

She then proceeded to post those pictures on MySpace. Without my permission or even my knowing about it until I saw them.

I immediately asked, in a not-so-nice tone of voice, that she remove them and that she NEVER do anything like that again. I realize that she had good intentions (I'd have to go into the whole story, which I won't do, not even on AMD) behind what she did, but it still irks me that she did such a thing.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why people post pictures on here that have their kids in them. That's just asking for trouble.

*tosses a green thingy on the table on his way out*

Feb 24 @ 1:05PM  
I just wanted to pop in and tell you what a great blog you have written... . We agree that we all want to show off our children and our grandchildren... how can we not be proud of them? But, with perverts finding their way into our childrens' lives thru schools, bus drivers, preacher, ect., we shouldn't add to it by posting them out here for all the world to see. Great blog and kudos to ya!

Feb 24 @ 1:15PM  
Awesome blog Treas, and it was awesome that you made him stop and think and take them down! I always wondered about the ones I've seen with obviously someone's elderly parents in them as well.........How would they feel if they knew their son or daughter put their pic up on here???

Feb 24 @ 1:19PM  
Like I said in response to Zena's blog: If a spouse or child is part of the picture maybe the person who has the profile just wants people to see that these things are part of their lives. Maybe these people mean something special to the profiler. Such as your little bear. Me personally, I won't put a picture of my kids on here becuase only one person needs to know what they look like and that's the woman I find just before I close my account. The one video I posted of my son I only did because he is in his football uniform and his face can't be seen. That's just how I feel.

Feb 24 @ 3:26PM  
It's not just the sickos and perverts. If it were, that would be easy.
Did you know that Googlebots scan this site and almost everything on it is posted into cyberspace forever?
Like I said several months ago, think twice before spilling your guts.

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Do You Really Want Some People To See Your Beautiful Children?