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Well since everyone was reposting blogs I figured what the hell why not. lol

posted 2/24/2008 12:21:59 AM |
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we are at a beach somewhere and it was private. My kids were there too. well the kids were building sand castles and I was reading a book laying on my tummy. well the next thing I know Philip dumped bucket of water on me. I got up on my knees and turned around and said he was going to get it when I got up to go after him you grabbed my ankle. and then I feel to the ground. the next thing I know is you crawling up me and between my legs. you grab my hands and hold them and tell the kids to tickle me..... I was laugh and squirming and bucking against them at first til I felt you between my legs. you slide up on top of me holding my hands above my head and as they tickled me and laughed. the next thing I know is that they are running in the house to play the ps3 and you were still on top of me and me grinding my hips into yours looking into your eyes I lick my lipss. then I moaned. mmmmmm feeling you between my legs mmmm I raised my knees and spread them futher apart. bitting my lip and arching into you. mmmm baby feeling you press your cock against my pussy. then you run one hand down to my pussy and rubbed my clit softly me tellling you mmmmm yes baby omg yes bucking into your cock and hand telling you fuck me baby omg fuck me here right here and now.... then you get up and pulling me with you. We walk to the water. when we are chest deep to you. you grab me and pull me into you and you start to finger fuck me. I wrap my legs around you and moan kissing you and whispering yes baby fuck me . then you squat down and put one of my legs over one shoulder then the other leg over the other shoulder you tell me to relax and float. As I begin to float you take and pulling my bottoms to the side, you take and spread my lips apart and shove 2 fingers up inside me saying damn you are so wet hot and tight baby. Then you run your tongue across my outer lips and moan mmmmm yes I want to taste you here and now baby.
As you pull my bottoms to the side you lean in a little closer slowly taking your fingers out me moaning and begging you not to stop. You lick my clit and rub a finger up and down the inner lips. Ohhhhhh ohhhhhh godddd babyyy yesssssssss. you watching me and me trying to press harder into your mouth. Then every so slowly you take two fingers and slide them just inside of my wet hot throbbing pussy and spread it open just a little and slide your tongue in just a little then back out and across my clit then sliding more of it into me. You take two fingers and rub my clit. Ohhhhh bitting lower lip and breathing hard telling you baby omggggggggg yes baby omgggggg Im going to cum baby. when I say that you shove your tongue all the way up inside of me and lick the inside. moaning you say mmmmmmmm damn mmmmmm yessss cum for me baby omgggg cum for me. MMMMM ohhhhhhhhh shaking and squeesing my pussy muscles around your tongue ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh omgggggggg babyyyyyyyyyyyy Im cuminggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. As I cum I have wrapped my legs around your head pulled you as close to me as I can. You moan and suck mmmmmmmm yesssss baby give it to me mmmmmmmmmm damn you taste so good. Sucking all my cum out of me you stand up and grab me and wrap your arms around me and kiss me deeply taking my tongue and sucking on it and playing with it. I wrap my arms around your neck and hold on. Kissing you back and moaning into your mouth. looking into your eyes a telling you take me inside and make long slow passionate love to me. You taking and pulling me up you look into my eyes and tell me to wrap my legs around you. Kissing you I wrap my legs around you and then you slowly slide into me. Moaning and scratcing your back softly as you walk just a little closer in then you sit down in the water and it just at our chest. You looking into my eyes and tell me ride me baby then you kisss my neck and I start to go up slowly squeezing my pussy muscles as I do then slowly back down and opening up for you. Then slowly up and squeezing my muscles again arching as you take a nipple into your mouth and suck on it then back down slowly. Up and down then going faster up and down then sliding up till you are almost all the way out and slamming back down hard and fast taking all of you into me and staying there.
The water is slapping into us as I take and slide up and down on your cock. Moaning and whispering in your ear mmmmm baby omg you feel so good. Kissing your neck and scratching your back softly. As I ride you I’m moaning and telling you that I love the way you feel inside me and that I love your hands on me. You start to moan and whisper in my ear my god you feel so damn good. Then you place your hands on my hips and start to help me ride you faster harder in and out up and down. Then you start sucking on my nipples and nibbling on them. I shake and moan ohhhhhh ohhhhhh god baby yessss that feels so good. Moaning and whispering your name at the same time I ride you harder faster and up and down then the up and then slam down on you and stay there.
Taking your face into my hands and looking into your eyes I whisper to you " baby make me yours and only yours baby" then I start to grind back and forth wrapping my legs tightly around you. You take and pull my hips into you closer every time I grind them back an forth. I start to shake and moan ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh baby yesssss make me yours. Then I cum and as I do I wrap my arms around you and kiss you deeply passionatly and moan into your mouth. Still cumming you scoot back and turn us over. You take my face into your hands and you tell me "baby omg dont ever let go" then you start to slide in and out of me slowly. taking and bending my legs and spreading them wider and arching my body to get my hips closer to you I scream your name omg omggggg ohhhhhhhhh holding onto your arms and begging you to cum with me this time. OHhhhhhhh godddd baby please. I’m close shaking and needing to cum so bad I don’t I wait on you.
Then I start to feel you pumping faster and harder and you start to moan ohhh god yess yesss you lean down and tell me to look into your eyes and when I do you tell me now baby cum now looking into my eyes cum with me. shaking and moaning looking into each others eyes we cum together.

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Well since everyone was reposting blogs I figured what the hell why not. lol
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Feb 24 @ 12:27AM  
WOOT that's the spirit.. give em something to think about on a cold and lonely night!

Feb 24 @ 12:32AM  
Making love on the beach is still on my list of things to do.

Feb 24 @ 7:46AM  

Awesome in your own awesomeness!

Feb 24 @ 8:12AM  
I loved making love in the ocean it was wonderful

Feb 24 @ 12:21PM  
well Purple I to be honest it is on my list to do too. lol

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Well since everyone was reposting blogs I figured what the hell why not. lol