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posted 2/23/2008 5:12:11 PM |
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The other night on the news, I heard a report about an email that has been going around, telling people that if you dont send $10,000.00, and sometimes $20,000.00
a member of your family will be killed. It seems as though a few people has gotten this email, and have reported it to their local police.

The police say this email is believed to be a scam, but do not take it lightly. if you get an email like this, the police say to print it, and report it to the police, and delete it, But DO NOT respond to it.

I think its pretty sick, that in this day and age, we have to worry about stupid shit like this. Spam mail, scams, phishing, ect Gimme a friggin break already. soon, I'm gonna have to start surfin the web with a cyber gun for protection.

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Feb 23 @ 5:16PM  
Maybe we just don't have enough vigilaties. Good looking out.

Feb 23 @ 6:03PM  
Here..borrow mine.....

Feb 23 @ 6:15PM  
Thts great I love it!!! Thanks I may just take you up on that.

Feb 23 @ 6:38PM  
You're all caught up xdc.
It's been happening for awhile.
I know how it's done.
You bet your bipi I wouldn't explain it here in a million years.
Just watch your ass.

Feb 23 @ 6:46PM  
........time to reload

Feb 23 @ 6:55PM  
I was always taught it's better to have a gun and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Feb 23 @ 7:03PM  
Damn,those Nigerians are getting pretty angry and desperate nowadays.

Feb 23 @ 7:51PM  
Having a gun is more likely to get you or a loved one killed... thats why I have a force multiplier that expands into a batton. Use it like a roll of quarters or swing for the head... but for women this may be a better option stinger .

Well that if you put a gun to my head Its as good as mine, better shoot my ass from distance.

Feb 23 @ 8:02PM  
I have stun from a friend who worried about me walking a night. I carry it in the daylight too...neighbor has a mean pitbull...

Feb 23 @ 8:12PM  
Stun gun works. Just gotta make sure it has a charge.

I like my rod better becouse of the way it feels in my hand though.. wait that came out wrong.


Feb 23 @ 8:25PM  
Do I get to pick who they kill? It could be worth it

Feb 23 @ 8:29PM  
Beefy no offense but your baton won't do shit against a bullet, of course I won't be putting it up against your head. If I waited for you to get that close I'd just smack you in the head with the gun....duh! Also my guns are not likely to get myself or family member killed, they are in a locked cabinet and my family has always had loaded (yes loaded, an unloaded gun will get you killed) guns in the home. On the plus side I can hunt for food and sport with my guns, what kind of dinner can you put on the table with your stun gun or baton???

Feb 23 @ 9:27PM  

Feb 23 @ 9:27PM  
One word crossfire.

The sad truth is if a guy has a gun pulled and he sees you and intends on shooting, your ass is going to get shot. Its not like you see in the movies. If on the other hand he attempts to kidnap you, then he's got to get close.

Few if any deaths have ever been prevented by homeowners having guns. Sure it would have been usefull in those rare school shooting,but thats just not the same beast as home invasion kidnapping and rape.

If you break into a building I'm in with a gun and bad intentions, then I'm going to use every hidden spot to my advantage wait and take your piece. This is known as the art of ninjitsu which literaly translates to the art of invisiblity.

Plus most states don't have conceal and carry. Simple fact, your gun won't prevent things outside of your house.


Feb 23 @ 9:31PM  
Oh and lady boot, those stun guns work just like regular guns, point it at an animal or human and pull the trigger. But unlike a shot gun this was designed to stop a human being as opposed to hunting... just like a handgun. Handguns arn't for putting food on your table. Thats simply not what they were designed to do.


Feb 23 @ 9:41PM  
Nope handguns were designed to stop smeone from steeling the food off your table.

Feb 23 @ 9:43PM  

Feb 24 @ 1:30PM  
Beefy Im not going to get into a battle with you over this as it's simply not worth my time. But when it comes to guns AND stun guns I feel confident that I have a hell of alot more experience than you do with either as I'm nearly twice your age and have been certified with weapons since the age of 9. I am also Taser (law enforcement level stun gun) certified as well from my job. Having been in situations where a weapon saved my life several times and yes I can put meat on the table with a handgun just as easily as a rifle, depending on the caliber depends on the game that you hunt with it. So perhaps you should go argue this point with someone else as you are preaching to the choir on this one.

Feb 24 @ 2:46PM  
I believe when it comes to weapons, and or self defence, its all in the training. if you are properly trained in self defence, and or in weapons such as the ladies and gentlemen of the United States Armed forces are, compared to your average run of the mill thug, whos only training was the smash and grab he did last weekend, and the purse he snatched from the little old lady the night before. I would say its safe to say there is a difference in training. however there is also a difference in mentality as well. A thug is more opt to shoot "anyone" armed or not, because they are desperate. so that does not count either way. I have a cousin, who was in the Marine Corp. and I can tell you this. If you have a weapon pointed at him, it had better be from a distance, and pointed at his back because if not, he will get it from you, and if he does, you wont know the outcome. He served in Vietnam.

Feb 24 @ 3:18PM  
Exactly! and I strongly believe that no matter how well you are trained in martial arts of any type, guess what, you can't karate chop a bullet from 30 yards away. Up close and personal you might stand a chance, however considering being a black belt didn't save my friend against a 357 up close and personal I still prefer my gun. Just my opinion.

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