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Sensitivity test

posted 2/23/2008 5:02:24 PM |
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It was the two year anniversary of the re-attachment of my spinal cord. I was in a terrible car accident that nearly left me paralyzed. Thankfully this should be my last doctors visit. After handing back the paperwork to the receptionist she congratulates me on this being my final visit. She then tell me that I don't even need to see the doctor today and the nurses will be doing a final nerve sensitivity test on me. Within moments I'm being escorted down the hallway to the last room on the left. I noticed this room was larger than the other rooms I've occupied since coming to see this doctor. The nurse puts a fresh sheet on a table that looks like it was designed for massages. She tells me to take off all my clothes and to lie face down and the nurses that will be working with me will be in in a moment. Just has I lay my face in the hole of the table I hear the door open. I raise my head to see two fairly decent but rather young nurses enter the room. The first in her mid 20s tells me her name is Missy and her assistant is Amber. Amber didn't look no more than 20. Missy tells me that this is Ambers first time doing a sesnitivity test but she is very qualified. They both give me a smile of reassurance. For the time I notice the glistening of their lips and how cute they both are. Missy then explains how the two girls will be doing the test. She then shows a couple of the items she will using. She tells me she is planning on poking my back and my neck with needles. Also the backs of my legs and my bottocks. There is also a little electric device that trasmits tiny electrical charges. It took about ten minutes of being poked and shocked before the nervousness left me. Another ten miutes later the girls told me they done with the first part of the testing and that I could sit. Well low and behold I had a hard-on. I don't know if was the aroma of Missy and Ambers perfume or when they were shocking my butt. But nevertheless my dick was standing straight up. Missy made feel better by telling me that's normal. I still felt uncomfortable as the two girls kept looking at it and smiling.

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Feb 23 @ 5:04PM  
Missy led me over to chair and had me sit down in it. It was those chairs that look like they are designed for gynocologist patients. Well I sit down in the chair and place my arms in these little arm rest thingys. Just as I get situated they start strapping my arms and legs with velcro straps. Suspicious about the straps I realize I'm still sporting wood. Amber also notices and gives me a medicine cup full of a clear syrup. She tells me this will help with my problem. She holds the cup as I drink it down. She then ask me to count backwards from ten to zero. Fear sets in as I'm thinking these girls just strapped me into a chair and now they've given me something that gonna knock me out. As I get to one I'm relieved to see that I'm still awake but also I noticed that my voice grew softer. Amber told me that it is for numbing the vocal cords so if I were to scream it wouldn't alarm the other patients. At least my dick went down. Missy adds handcuffs to the velcro for extra restraints just in case. Missy then tells me not to worry that they are not going to hurt me. She then ask Amber to bring over the tray of instruments. As I see what's on the tray I panic. Scapels, needles, sciccors and other items for cutting into a person. Missy says no no the other tray. I was temporarily relieved. Except the other tray had nipple clamps, various vibrators, and dildos. There was also an ice bucket and some anal beads. Missy could see the look in my eyes that I was not having fun. She the tells me she wants to make sure that everything is working properly. I tried to scream but only a whisper came out. Struggling was useless. Missy looked over at Amber and said let's get this over with before he tears an arm off.

Missy moved up and began to touch my nipples and was looking at my expression for a response. She wrote the results in my folder. Maybe this is all part of the test. Watching Missy drop the anal balls into the ice bucket didn't help though. As Missy walks in between my legs Amber begins to fondle my nipples again. Amber reaches into the ice bucket and pulls out a single cube and begins to roll it around and over my rock hard nipples. Just as notice something else is rock hard an electric shock runs through me causing my body to shake mementarily. Missy touch that shocker thing to my gonads and I thought I was going to swallow my tongue. Amber began licking and nibbling on my neck and ear. I'm thinking to myself that these girls have yet to find a spot on my body that is not responding to their actions.


Feb 23 @ 5:04PM  
Missy begins to apply KY warming gel on my gonads and dick. She then puts some around and in my anus. Some of the other things the girls were doing to me I could handle but things in my butt just doesn't seem natural. I could feel the gel getting warmer and warmer. And then Amber ask me stick out my tongue. With her face only inches from mine she touches my tongue with hers. Feel that she asked. I give a nod of affirmation. She begins sucking on my tongue and I taste the strawberry from her gloss. Amber pulls back quickly and puts a blindfold over my eyes. I yell as loud as I can whisper in objection. The whole time this is going on Missy is playing with my anus and my gonads. Keeping the gel at a nice warm temperature. I suddenly feel the weight of someone on top of me. Amber removes the blindfold and has mounted me. She has reapplied her lipgloss and her lips are as shinny as ever. She smiles at me and tells me I am her first. Her first what I wonder. The sudden coldness from the anal ball was indeed a shock to the system. Still smiling Amber tells me that they want to be thorough and make sure everything is working. Like I have a choice. I have no idea how balls were on that strand of anal beads but it felt like everything was full. They were so cold from sitting in the ice bucket. And my balls were so hot from the KY gel. My cock felt like it was 20" big and about to explode. The throbbing was tremendous.

Amber began with soft kisses at first. She slid down on my dick at the same time she slid her tongue in my mouth. The warmth from her lip gloss caused a feeling like I was melting into her kisses. She began to rock her hips and our tongues intertwined. I've always managed well from the bottom but this time it was different. I had been hard and teased for a long time. I could feel Missy sucking on my balls. On the fear and apprehesion I had previously had turn to pleasure. Amber sat straight as her body convulsed in pleasure. At the same time I was releasing my own juices into her body. The anal bead being pulled from my anus added an amout of pleasure I have never felt before. Amber layed her head on my chest. After a couple of moments she dismounted.
As looked down at my dick I realized I was her first.

After cleaing me up Missy said that the next time it would be her turn. I reminded her that this was my last visit. She said she was going to recommend a 6 month follow up. That's great I said. I didn't know that anal stuff could be so fun. As I walk out the door I looked back around and flashed the two girls a wink.

Feb 23 @ 5:34PM  
you naughty boy I love it

Feb 23 @ 5:55PM  
Oh my! My, my, my...lookey who's got some sexy talent! Loved it - I hope you'll keep posting!

Feb 23 @ 6:45PM  
I love happy endings.
When is your next visit?

Feb 23 @ 10:46PM  

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Sensitivity test