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Something Different (re-posted)

posted 2/23/2008 10:26:20 AM |
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**I wrote this awhile back...and was asked (by guess who?) to repost it in honor of Sexy Saturday...**

I'm, scared. Why am I scared? I've been waiting for this night for weeks...ever since I told Tony about my fantasy to be eaten out by another woman. Tony used to be a lover, years he was my best friend who I occasionally hooked up with if we both happened to be single. We were at that point a few weeks ago, and started talking about stuff, erotic shit that we'd never done but would like to do. He mentioned that he'd never watched to women get it on...I told him I'd never had a woman go down on me...we got further into detail and ...well that's another story...
So, over breakfast and after more hot and nasty...we talked some more about this mutual fantasy...he knew a chick who might be interested....should he call her? My heart contracted...did I really want to do this? Have sex with a girl...Tony assured me that he only wanted to watch...this girl was strictly lez...she didn't do men at all, but he was friends with her and he was pretty sure she wouldn't mind him there. I was also her type...tall, slim, long legs...
I answered him quickly...not wanting to think about it too much...'sure, why not?'
He said he'd call me later that day...set something up.
What he set up was dinner that nite with Rose...a tall brunette with tits just a little bigger than mine. She was close to my age too, no silly little girl but a woman with experience. When Tony introduced us, I felt a wave heat go thru me from my stomach to my cunt as she took my hand and squeezed it. She told us she was leaving for the coast the next day, but would be back in two weeks and we could get together and set something up then.
After dinner, as we were walking to our cars, she put her hand on my arm to stop me. 'Do you want to do this' she asked, 'or are you just fulfilling his fantasy?' Her hand on my arm tightened a little an I caught my breath...she leaned in closer to me, her breath in my ear, "ok...til I get back then..." She put her hand on my face and turned my head toward her...grazing my lips with hers...the turning back to her car, I was left standing there. Tony came back, "are you ok?' "yea", I answered, "this could be fun".
Now...tonight she was coming here. Tony said she would be here sometime after nine, and he would come by at eight. He's late, which only makes me more nervous. I hear someone at the door, it's him...finally. We go into the kitchen, and open the bottle of wine he's brought. As we're drinking, neither of us says much, but I'm starting to relax a little. I watch Tony thru eyes that are beginning to glaze a little, when the doorbell rings and startles me out of my reverie.
She's wearing jeans and a t-shirt, sandals, carrying a small handbag. Her long, straight hair is in a ponytail and she looks like she just got back from a beach, tan and glowing. I hold the door open and she walks in and hugs me. Her scent is fresh, like outdoors in the summer...
I offer her wine and she accepts, taking the glass from my hand and watching me over the rim as she drinks. My hands are trembling a little, I pour myself another glass and walk back to the other room where Tony is still sitting in a chair with his feet over the arms. I sit on the large couch, tucking my feet under me, and Rose sits next to me, putting her arm on the back of the couch behind my head. The wine is starting to get to me...I'm can feel my face begin to flush. She reaches with her fingers and takes a lock of my hair..."it's're so lucky to have such curls" I lean my head back into her hand, and she pulls me to her...I close my eyes as she leans over to kiss me, just with her lips...but I couldn't help a low moan anyway. I open my eyes, and see her smiling at me...'relax baby, you'll be fine...' and she kisses me again. I part my lips instinctively, moving my tongue along her lips as she darted hers into my mouth. She still has my head in her hand, and she pulled me closer into her kiss, making me open my lips further. It was like kissing a least the mechanics were the same...but this was so much different...softer and stronger at the same time. She takes my top and pulls it over my head, I'm not wearing a bra and she gazes at my breasts with a small smile. She touches a nipple with a fingertip and it hardens breath catches in my throat as I glance over at Tony in the chair, his glass in one hand and his cock in the other...he's stroking himself slowly, and the thought of him sitting there enjoying this make me moan again. Rose has my nipple in her mouth, slowly circling it with her tongue, and she is running her hands down my sides and around my back to take my ass in her hands. I arch my her more of my tit...and she takes it all in her mouth, sucking it and licking...her knee is between my thighs and I'm grinding heat rising to meet us both. She lets go of my tit and pushes herself back so she's kneeling between my legs, she pulls them up so they're together , then pulls my shorts off so I'm naked in front of her.

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Feb 23 @ 10:26AM  
She then pulls my knees apart and leans over me to kiss my tits, one at a time, putting her hand on my cunt and cupping the heat coming off of it while her mouth made a trail down my stomach, only to make a turn to my inner thighs and licking the hollow spot there. She smiles at my trimmed pussy, then takes those lips in her mouth and sucks them gently. Her tongue explores my folds, I can hear Tony beginning to breath faster but I can't look at him or I'll cum. She puts her hands under my ass again and lifts me up, licking my clit once and going back into my cunt. I'm hers now...theres nothing I can do but wait for whatever she's goin to do next. She moves her body so she's laying with her head between my legs and her legs stretched out behind her, then takes my clit in her mouth and sucks on it gently, her tongue pressing on it and making it swell. I raise my hips and put my hand on her head, not pressing but holding her there, my juices are running down to my ass and she wets her thumb in it and presses on my hole there, rubbing hard but not pushing. Her mouth is taking my whole cunt and eating it, licking and sucking, my juices pouring out of me and running down her chin. I can feel the edge, like a rollercoaster ride when your hanging at the top...I open my eyes and look over at Tony, his groans tell me he's going to come as his eyes roll up and his back arches off the chair, Rose is holding me still as I try to pull back, my orgasm beginning and building until it's becomes too intense, but she holds me there, pulling herself back and bringing me down herself. She holds me like that, her hands on my ass and her mouth still on my cunt, tongue pressing gently but firmly on my clit, until my screams die down and I'm just whimpering, trying to breath normally. She raises her head and smiles at me, I take her arms and pull her to me so I can kiss her again...this time taking my own taste and scent with it. She responds with passion, then pulls back, turning her head to look at Tony for the first time. His head is back, but he turns to look at us, "I think I need to shower" he announces, smiling with his dick in his hand, covered with his creamy jizz. Rose sits up, "I can't stay" she says, "you too have fun, but call me if you want to get together again" I get up, pulling my shorts knees are weak, and I stagger a bit, she takes my arm and kisses me again, then gently pushes me back to the couch. "No, I can find my way out...I didn't intend to stay and I have someplace else to be tonight" She straightens up and looks down at me, taking my chin in her hand..."this was fun...I'm glad I got to be your first".

Feb 23 @ 10:47AM  
Gee thanks a lot Sundance. Now I have to go take a cold shower.......

Is the video version coming out soon?????

Feb 23 @ 10:48AM  
Oh damn - I'd forgotten how well you write naughty stuff!

Feb 23 @ 11:06AM  
Ohhh I remember this one SunnyD... and the reaction is still the same.. Damn I better get some batteries.

Feb 23 @ 11:39AM  
Do not worry about Sunny... I can attest that any stirrings within her caused by her wn writing will be handled by yours truly!

Feb 23 @ 12:05PM  

Feb 23 @ 12:05PM  

Feb 23 @ 12:05PM  

Feb 23 @ 12:05PM  

Feb 23 @ 12:06PM  


Among other things!

Feb 23 @ 1:23PM  
Very nice a great story!

Feb 23 @ 1:52PM  
I think I'l save this one so I can use it later.

Feb 23 @ 1:56PM  
great story, Hope I can write like that, that is if the muse ever returns with the 2X4 to hit me over the head again.

One Kudo for you

Feb 23 @ 4:41PM  
I think I'l save this one so I can use it later

I'll have to write another one...since ya'll seem to like same sex sex...

Oh wait...but none of the guys liked Canu's story...what's up with that???

Feb 23 @ 11:16PM  
just so you know........that was fucking hot........

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Something Different (re-posted)