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Are you Serious?!!??

posted 2/22/2008 10:43:49 AM |
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tagged: sex, fun, relationships

We all know that this is a sex site. That you come here to flirt, joke and have fun. Now, most of the time it is all in jest and we will never ever meet those that we communicate with. I am sure that the women on here get overwhelmed with admiring fans. I am I right ladies?

If the lady or man does not immediately contact you or tell you that it is on, why do some insist on trying so much that it gets to the point of harassment? If it is meant to be than it will happen.

I have read some blogs about, "Are you this way in real life?" For some I hope not. Jail, pain and some other outcomes could result. With out naming names , does anyone else agree with this thought?

PLEASE feel free to let me know if you see this like me.

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Feb 22 @ 11:09AM  
Where I come from... No Means NO!
I only Want... If I am Wanted!!!!
That goes for a relationship.. or Just a Fling...(which I dont do anymore. Thus I am a Hornytoad!!! lmfao!)
My 2 Cents!!!

Feb 22 @ 11:19AM  
Nobody appreciate flies at a barbecue.

Feb 22 @ 11:23AM  
This is a good site for horntoads. I have never meet anyone from this site but hope I will tis summer. There is a lot of nice people on here and I think it would be fun to ride my bike from Houston to New York and back and meet people for a drink, talk, and dinner. I have met 3 people from other sites and they are everything I expected and more. I have found whether online or in life generally people are good. Like Soft Touch told me in an email earlier " most people are good it is the few assholes that screw things up."

Feb 22 @ 11:59AM  
I have made some wonderful friends here both male and female! Have I met the love of my life?? not yet but i'm still hoping and when i say no I do mean NO!

Feb 22 @ 12:32PM  
I agree, if someone isn't feeling you, you can't and shouldn't try to make them. I don't need to step in poop to know I'm in a pasture.

Feb 22 @ 12:43PM  
Thanks's always the squeaky wheel that gets all the attention....the bad thing about that is when the wheels on here get oiled they just squeal louder. But the good ones always shine through and we know who they are...the majority!

Yes nightwolfe...I've been harassed too...until I discovered my delete and/or block buttons...marvelous little things they are.

What surprises me the most I guess is the men...the amount of men...that send me a 'wanna fuck' in their first e-mail and expect me to just be overjoyed. Then when I say "no thanks" their next e-mail rips me to shreds...go figure...

Anymore I just don't answer...scurry to my delete/block button and life goes on.

Feb 22 @ 2:01PM  
Most of the people I’ve meet on here both male and female are very nice decent people, sexy but still wonderful people! It doesn’t matter it’s an adult site.
Now there are always those guys that send you a nasty email to start with and I always respond with something like “Gee ever try just saying hello?” Funny thing is I think that nice polite reply scares them they don’t write me again.

Feb 22 @ 2:17PM  
Don't get me wrong I said most of the time we won't meet them. If we are all sincere and genuine things do work out. Sometimes though just by being nice to a few they think that means wedding bells.
It should not have to resort to blocking other members but i do understand why one must.

I myself have met some very wonderful people and wish to continue to meet more. Just because there are some "flys at the BBQ" doesn't mena by any means that I am going to leave the party.

Feb 22 @ 2:33PM  
Feh,I wish someone liked me enough to harass

Feb 22 @ 2:39PM  
Don't know if you noticed wolfy..but since you posted your ass have gotten alot more attention.. wonder why??

Feb 22 @ 4:33PM  
I agree with you wolf. What prompted you to write a blog on this particular subject? I think it's fine, just curious.

Feb 22 @ 5:52PM  
No they are asshats online probably good boys on street.... there is an old jail house term for that... but it slips me at the moment.

I on the other hand as those who have spoken with me via phone and met in real life, am me... attention whoring joker unless someone gets in my face then we ride the freight train to fistacuffs

Feb 22 @ 6:15PM  
Yup, no means no in person or online. At least it does to me.Thats the way it should be. However there are some that believe, I dont know, what because you have not returned an email from them, you must not have recieved it?
I know if I dont return an email from somone, I have my reasons, just like I'm sure thats the way the ladies look at it too. I just try to use that as a learning guide. Flirting, joking with class, and even picture comments are good fun. Its a shame that one insect can ruin an entire crop. All the good things get ruined by ignorant people everywhere. The rule should just be plain and simple. Dont be an asshole!

Feb 22 @ 8:06PM  
Glad to hear all of that.

Canu.... I believe the term(s) ( I say that due to varitations) is
Glass warrior,and/or Cell warrior
This stems from the fact that an inmate would be tough and warrior like when protected in his confines but once he was set free among the rest or against his opponent he would then back down.

Surfin.... although I have beeen a member for years, I have remained quiet. I have been in the chat rooms watching making my opinion when I feel it would be appropriate. Reading some of the blogs lately, I have decided that much like real life this place has its cliques. With the information I have gathered and read among the blogs, the chat room, and real life encounters I decided that a PSA (Public Service Announcement) was needed.

As I stated before NO NAMES. I thank all of you who have so far honored that request. That inpart is what makes this such a great site and I want to be able to keep it that way.

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Are you Serious?!!??