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Should I stay or should I go?

posted 2/20/2008 6:04:36 PM |
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Let's see...I've been viewed 404 times. I think about half were mercy views becuase someone wanted to boost my ego. 5 Photos. I really need to update them. 23 blogs prior to this one. For those of you that have read them... or overall. 222 posts on the forums. 1 video of my sons interception. 0 shout-outs. And three friends. So fellow AMDers. Am I a keeper? Are you bored with me yet? Wanna...I can't say it. I did shave this morning so how ya like me now?

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Feb 20 @ 6:11PM  
you are not going anywhere I will have my guards at the gate prevent you from leaving

Feb 20 @ 6:11PM  
Now you got one more friend and a shout-out! Keep this up and they might even hi-jack your blog!

Feb 20 @ 6:14PM  
Purple, man you are just as perverted as the rest of us. You fit right in we couldn't do without your humor. HEY WE LOVE YOU MAN

Feb 20 @ 6:14PM  
I've had my blog hi-jacked before. They actually become more interesting.

Feb 20 @ 6:18PM  
Am I on your friends list? I mean.. I know I've had your nuts.. but am I on your list? if not.. why the hell ain't i? I mean.. I thought you liked me.. *sniff*

you can check out any time you like.. but you will never leave!!! Ain't that right brat of brit and brat?

Feb 20 @ 6:19PM  
Sorry Purple Prophet, I really don't think you can leave... Gwenefar's too hot to just blow her comment off!

Besides, your aid has not been without benefit to yours truly.

Feb 20 @ 6:21PM  
Oh no you are not going anywhere.............and take a pic of your hand please and send it to me...............

Feb 20 @ 6:26PM  
Sorry, you can't leave. You're stuck with us. You can take the perv out of pervia, but you can't take pervia out of the perv......literally, its impossible!!

Feb 20 @ 6:26PM  
Purp, say it isn't so
You can't be thinking of leaving

I mean, you throw great parties and are endorsed by all the women

How can you leave us?????

And I had questions about the Kama Sutra I thought you were going to answer for me

And How come I'm not on your friends list

Feb 20 @ 6:28PM  
I havent gotten a chance to bust your cops on anything, cause I dont know you. But you seem to hve enough friends here, and thats good enough for me.

Oh no you are not going anywhere.............and take a pic of your hand please and send it to me...............

EWE now its hands? OMG and you where not even gonna let me in? GEEZ now I'm leavin

Feb 20 @ 6:30PM  
Nah,'re cool.Things like this take time,yanno

Feb 20 @ 6:31PM  
and that was chops not cops lmao

Feb 20 @ 6:35PM  
WOW. I think I may tear up. Thanks for all the love. Maybe I was just looking for some afirmation or attention. I'ts final...I'm staying. I could have snuck through the guards but all the caring I've recieved means a lot.

Feb 20 @ 6:47PM  
I only have one shout out... from a girl I cammed for. My friends list is pretty shotty too... I think both of us need to work this harder... either that or go to a bar... you can be my wingman.... maybe gwen would like to come with us

Feb 20 @ 6:52PM  
Sure Beefy, but do you really need somebody to eat the wings for you?

Feb 20 @ 6:52PM  
You are thinking in terms of quantity.. picture quality..

After the day of nothing but sex blogs you can go.... if you still want too.... not until... so when the hell is that anyways?

Feb 20 @ 6:56PM  
As a vegatarian, I insist... well not realy a vegatarian.. I love fish... still eat chicken sometimes.... but those wings be too rich for me. You can have all my honey glazed goodies. Just let me have your beer... and some pot if you got any.


Feb 20 @ 6:58PM  
Besides Big Sis said you gotta stay....

Feb 20 @ 6:59PM  
I just have this pot belly. And I've never been good at sharing beer.

Feb 20 @ 7:02PM  
You better NOT leave!!!!!!


Feb 20 @ 7:07PM  
Well I am glad to see that you have come to your senses If you have any doubts that you belong here,,,drift over to that other side, where the prudes will grap your cock and run back over need to be with your own kind.

As for profile views,,,,damn, my profile has been view thousands of times...and prolbaby half of mine were mercy views too, but I aint leaving,,,Kisses, and I hope you and your gang enjoy Mammoth Cave

Feb 20 @ 7:11PM  
LMAO @ Comet.... homygods!

I can hear them over there now...

"You better grab your cock and run you peeeerrrrrverrrt"

Sorry had to be there... moment is gone...

Feb 20 @ 7:17PM  
Hey Canu, glad I could amuse...

and Purple, if I had known you would enjoy's more KISSES

Feb 20 @ 7:22PM  
My new pic is approved! it is nekked (no I got clothes on in it) but it ain't got comments!

Feb 20 @ 7:29PM  
you know how much we love you

Feb 20 @ 7:34PM  
I'm staying right here Laurie. Now read your emails. Please.

Feb 20 @ 7:41PM  
You know Purple if I still lived on Ohio, I was in Columbus at least once a month. Even if it was 3 hours each direction. I'd have taken you out for coffee or something just to put a voice to your humor.

Sorry I moved south last Sept. but we need you hear. I don't think you're going to be allowed to go free. We'll hunt you down and drag you back

Lady Blue

Feb 20 @ 7:43PM  
Can't get much more South than Lousianna Florida don't count.... they AIN'T SOUTHERN there ummm old!

Feb 20 @ 7:54PM  
Hey now, you could very well go down in AMD history ( pun intended!) as The Man Who Invented Sexy Saturdays on AMD! You have to stay now!

Feb 20 @ 8:16PM  
Stick around and be perverted like the rest of us!

Feb 20 @ 8:27PM  
Florida don't count


Feb 20 @ 8:43PM  
Purple I'm not hijacking you blog but check out Whisperingcomets new pic.

Feb 20 @ 9:03PM  
cant think of anything to add except that if someone dont like you here, then fuck em......... Enjoy yourself, who cares what anyone else thinks.

Feb 20 @ 9:31PM  
I know you were traumatized by the burns from the butt plug ...but come on Purple...snap out of it....these things take time to heal. Now go put on your big boy panties and face the world...

Feb 20 @ 9:45PM  
I'm over that, Borty. The money I recieved from the settlement help pay for a major virtual party I had here. It was a super bowl party and I was sportin your new line. I don't recall seeing you there.

Feb 20 @ 9:51PM  
I don't know you... but you seem pretty cool. I think you should stay.

Feb 20 @ 11:21PM  
Hey Purple, just getting to know you, but I think you're pretty cool too. I think you should stay. Besides we can put you in rehab for your AMD addiction.

Feb 21 @ 6:15AM  
Trying not to hijack....but thank you hornytoad, you flatter me...

Feb 21 @ 8:10AM  
[QUOTE]I just have this pot belly. And I've never been good at sharing beer.

Well come on and join the dicky do club purple. For all you skinny guys that don't know what that is. It means:

Your belly sticks out more then your dicky do.....

I'm one of the head decons of that club......!!!!!!!!!!

I don't share my beer well either. Stay and give guys like ourselves support.

Feb 21 @ 9:19AM  
If you want something to do besides watch TV with some form of social interaction, cool. If you are an average looking middle aged guy wanting to get laid...well...

You must decide if the glass is half full or empty. In reality, the answer is yes. We're Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Try Craigslist if you want to really meet somebody, but beware in doing so. You think that there are weird people on here? You ain't nothing until take a foray to CL.

Feb 21 @ 9:24AM  
This place would not be the same without you..all the nice ones leaving...what does that leave? A whole lot of not so much fun. So...whew!!!! Thank you for staying ..... I'm gonna go read my emails now..

Feb 21 @ 10:43AM  

Be sure to have a supply of Alpo and be willing to "pay4sex" on that one. It is entertaining tho. The ones you contact there send you all kinds of sex links to join up with. Keep your credit card handy................

Feb 21 @ 10:46AM  
Awwwwwwwwww....Gwen. I'm here now. I can be fun. Whats your defination of fun??

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Should I stay or should I go?