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Fucking Appalachian Triangle!

posted 2/18/2008 7:26:09 PM |
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tagged: humor, rant, law, straddle

Okay, Kim and I went out of town again to take care of some business, and yes, that business was in the "Appalachian Triangle". On our way to South Point we were stopped by the Ohio Highway Patrol in Ironton. A female cop pulled us over and stated that I was speeding and was clocked going 68mph in a 55mhp zone. Also for a seatbelt violation. She dropped the speeding citation , but kept the seatbelt violation. The last time I was ever pulled over for and cited was 17 years ago back in April 1991 by the Ohio Highway Patrol on my way to the Police Academy I was attending. So I stuck my seatbelt on and put the car in cruise control to and from South Point. I'm going to have to call and see what my cost is on the stupid ass citation tomorrow.

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Appalachian Triangle


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Feb 18 @ 7:31PM  
You should have asked her if she was giving you a ticket to the Ohio State Troopers Ball.....

*hint* read my blog about Ohio.

Feb 18 @ 7:31PM  
Straddle see if they will take Kudos. they are going to screw you on the ticket anyway.

Feb 18 @ 7:32PM  
That sucks ass! I hate cops! Can't you fight it and hope the pig doesn't show up? In Michigan, you used to be able to fight a ticket and not get the points or not have to pay the fine if you won. But they changed the rules. Now if you win in court you still have to pay the fucking fine, but you don't get the points.

Feb 18 @ 7:34PM  
My no seatbelt violation was 70 dollars a year ago last memorial a state trooper...........he let me off the speeding ticket too..........which i was doing 87 miles per hour (speed limit was 65) i was grateful as hell and paid the 70 dollars with a smile.............

Feb 18 @ 7:35PM  
feel lucky she dropped the speeding ticket ya will save on that at least , speeding tickets are higher then seat belts

Feb 18 @ 7:36PM  
well now here that seatbelt would be 10.00 unless it was a child between the ages of 4-16 then it's 49.50, under 4, I think it's like 78.50. However in TX under 4 years ago would cost ya $250.00!! Buckle em up!

Feb 18 @ 7:37PM  
Sorry to hear you got a ticket, Strad! Hopefully the seatbelt violation won't be as expensive as the speeding ticket would have been!

I got pulled over once in downtown Cincinnati....doing 70 in a 55. Cop on a trike pulled me over! I was respectful to him, said, "Yes sir, no sir, I understand completely sir!" but he was still hateful mean to me. Once he'd written up my ticket and started to hand it over, I said, very politely, "Is your badge number on the ticket, officer?" He said, "Yes, why?" and I said very demurely, crying, "Because you've been really, really mean to me when I was nothing but respectful and nice to you, and I want to report you!"
With that he took the ticket back, tore it up and apologized for being a meanie!
BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Feb 18 @ 7:38PM  
Hornytoad, I asked her if she did take kudos, and she got this strange look on her face... j/k

Lookingforsomefun, nah, not going to fight it. I don't think I was really speeding like she claimed, but I did try to get my seatbelt on before she pulled us over. She saw me without it already when she was traveling west bound on U.S. 52 as I was going east bound. I wasn't going to stand there and argue with her since she wasn't citing me for the so called speeding.

Feb 18 @ 7:49PM  
Also, they were pulling over almost everyone there in that county. I know the area there is a speedtrap from what I heard about it over the past 15 years, and I know I was being cautious with the speed limit because of that knowledge.

Feb 18 @ 8:18PM  
I can't believe that you didn't buckle up when you saw the flashing lights. In may states you can take an online saftey course and the ticket won't go on your record. You have to pay an administrative fee but at least your insurance won't go up.

Feb 18 @ 8:27PM  
straddle .... im sorry i have to use your blog for this but i just cant resist it

i do not understand seatbelt laws for adults and especially kids .... an adult has a choice to drink him/herself to death but cant get in a car and drive it without securing themselves to the vehicle

as for kids .... if you strap them to a chair and stick them in a walk in closet or pantry its considered that you are torturing your children .... but .... its ok to strap them in a padded seat which is belted to the car which has much less room and travel (in some states) 75 miles an hour down a road with others going faster slower and the same speed as yourself ... "and" on roads which some have passed their legal limits of alcohol and some drivers who carry firearms ..... does it not seam safer to leave your children in a home that could catch fire than to take them with you .... at least in the home you have a chance that the fire department will save them


Feb 18 @ 8:28PM  
Hell, I did buckle up right after the female cop got right behind me, Bruce. After that she continued following me for roughly a minute or two before turning on the lights and pulling me over.

Feb 18 @ 8:50PM  
A seatbelt literally saved my life on two separte occasions. I wouldn't be here to blog with you fine folks if it were not for seatbelts.

Feb 18 @ 8:51PM  
I am glad he just got the seatbelt ticket.

Neither one of us had a belt on but I got mine on when we got pulled over so she let me slide and Shawn would have got away with it if she hadn't seen him first driving west bound while we were going east.

Feb 18 @ 10:00PM  
OK, I say be glad she dropped the speeding ticket because speeding would put points on your license. A seatbelt ticket is nothing but a fine....I'd be happy to pay that any day than take a speeding ticket....In which case, if I get one more, I'm screwed!!!!

Feb 18 @ 11:29PM  
Doth mine eyes deceive me?! Could it be...? Straddle is NOT posting some kind of super kinky sex blog?

Feb 19 @ 12:17AM  
damn thing is Shawn is that you may not have been speeding at all. Some cops use that as an excuse to pull people over then drop the citation in favor of an insurance ticket or in your case a seatbelt ticket. The reason she didnt cite you on the speeding may well be that you werent. Some states can arrest you if you are driving 10 mph over the speed limit without writing a citation. (at least for CDL drivers). Also you can request to see the clocked speed on the radar gun. Maybe think about one of those traffic lawyers?

Feb 19 @ 2:41PM  
I just found out that I have to pay a fucking $120 for the seatbelt violation. What a way to rip everyone off.

Feb 19 @ 5:19PM  
Never speed with out of state tags... for gods sake, do not whip your dick out ond piss in WV... their jails suck

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Fucking Appalachian Triangle!