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Some More Pet Peeves

posted 2/18/2008 5:02:30 PM |
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As of my biggest pet peeves here is stupid copy/paste emails. You know the ones...
Hey Babe/Sweetie/Cutie
I read your profile and think you're hot/gorgeous/sexy! I have a 12inch cock and love to eat pussy for hours on end! We should hook up while I'm driving thru for the weekend, I'll be in your area next saturday. Or else we can just cam/chat/cyber or just exchange naked pics. Here's my msgr id/email/phone number.


Ok...lets look at that. First of all...if they had read my profile...they'd know my screen name. USE IT!! Second...what makes a man think a 12" cock is any better than a 8" cock? Or even a 6" cock? Seriously...if that's what I had to look forward to...I wouldn't.
Also...what man eats pussy for hours?? That would just annoy me at the very least. Why hours?? Do ya need a map or something? Does the fact that she's squirming AWAY from you not give a clue? Do men not get that after the big's like throwing water on a live wire??

Some other pet peeves...

I'm willing to look past poor spelling and grammar. But typing in all caps is just plain LAZY! And it's bad manners...just like shouting in real life.

Stupid one sentence blogs that make no sense. Yea yea...freedom of speech and all that shit...just ignore it, right? Whatever. It's annoying.

Stompstompstomping. From people who have never posted a blog...then decide to let everyone know they're leaving cuz the site sucks. Just go! And don't come back!

And then there's the ones who have never posted a blog or anything in the forums...who suddenly pop up and say "I'm back...did anyone miss me??" Who the fuck are you and why should I care you're back?

Oh yea...all those assininees who take shit out of context and turn it around to fit their own agenda. Whaaaa...I wanna be a boytoy, I wanna be in the click, stop picking on attention to me!!! I have free speech I can say whatever I want!!

That's all I'm seeing...whatever.

Those tend to be the same ones who bitch about how much this site sucks, how the people are so mean and how everyone here needs a life. what the fuck does that make you? I'm bored, my ear hurts and I'm taking out on the idiots. Anybody else got a pet peeve they want to rant about?

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Feb 18 @ 5:08PM  
I think my number one pet peeve in life are fucking mothers who bring children into the world and then don't raise them or give a shit about them.....

and I think my number 1 pet peeve here on AMD are just stupid people in general that think that just becuase you exchange one email, that you are going to hop in bed and fuck them.....

Feb 18 @ 5:11PM  
Don't even get me started! I agree with all of your list, all of Hopon's list and could add on a few more, well quite a few more. But I'll not waste any more of my time on stupid people and just say good blog, here's a kudo.

Feb 18 @ 5:12PM  
Good Blog!
I have a few pet peeves but I’ll just stick to one today.
The people that just constantly spew venom all the time.
Really we all have bad days but don’t they ever have a good one?

Feb 18 @ 5:31PM  
and I think my number 1 pet peeve here on AMD are just stupid people in general that think that just becuase you exchange one email, that you are going to hop in bed and fuck them

How many emails does it take? I may have reached that limit.

[/QUOTE]Second...what makes a man think a 12" cock is any better than a 8" cock? Or even a 6" cock?[QUOTE]

Why did you stop at 6"?

All we are saying is give peace a chance.

Feb 18 @ 5:40PM  
*Todays Peeve*

Idiots who spam suck my cock blogs....

Please join me in the reporting process.

/rant off

Feb 18 @ 5:44PM  
OH, I guess yall hadnt heard about my gold fish about a dead pet peeve...

Feb 18 @ 5:51PM  
I agree with all your pet peeves

****note to self.... quit sending sunny copy/paste emails... clearly they are not working****


Feb 18 @ 5:56PM  
Wanna add one more to today's list.......guys that constantly try to IM ya on here! You decline it and decline it and decline it, and if they had taken 30 lousy seconds to read your profile they'd know that you do not wish to chat with them, send them pics, send them stories, or add unknown strangers to your friend list!!!
Whew, I feel better now, thanks!

Feb 18 @ 5:56PM  
OH, I guess yall hadnt heard about my gold fish dying.
So I guess you will be having fish, and don't want the hamburger helper?

This message brought to you by CANU not Sunny

Feb 18 @ 5:58PM  


Feb 18 @ 6:04PM  
My pet peeve is people that blog and post over and over with nothing to say just spewing hate IN CAPS and BOLDS THE ENTIRE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sundance have a great day and a Kudo that I am sure Canu would take for sex.

Feb 18 @ 6:08PM  
That salad will freeze before it gets here!

Feb 18 @ 6:13PM  

But I WANNA talk to some people!!!! Just not this one that keeps bugging me!
*that was said in a whiny voice, did it come through, could ya tell????*

Feb 18 @ 6:59PM  
Baby... If I pet your peeve will it get your motor running?

Feb 18 @ 7:37PM  
I feel poopy.. my ears hurt and my tmj's hurt and .. myhead hurts and my arm hurts.. and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. I wanna fuck.

Feb 18 @ 8:05PM  
well i agree men must think women dont have a freaking brain. hell we know ur dick isnt no 12 inches ans we know ur not a porn star so why try 2 make ur self out 2 b one. GUYS u will get much further if u just b honest and dont give us women lines like " wow ur the hotties women i seen on here" or tell us our pic is sexy and then not even have a pic of ur own 2 offer us 2 see.most women may b blonde but most men lose there brain with their hair.

Feb 18 @ 10:35PM's another pet peeve that pretty much all the oldtimers know about from when DickSlippery first started blogging and that's why he tends to not comment on my blogs anymore:


*and yes...the caps were intentional...I was shouting!*

Feb 19 @ 6:31PM  
at Sunny, I was wondering when you were going to mention that one....

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Some More Pet Peeves