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posted 2/16/2008 9:00:34 PM |
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ello folks! time for another drunk blog!!!! and proceeding this, im going to college. cause its bettah then stayin home! yeah!!!! already i can feel the champagne flowing through my already hyperactive system making typing this up that much more fun! yesh.... now... because im going to write what ever the fuck i want. im going to write something mean, nasty, totaly untrue and just plain horrible about heena.... lol.

due to the level of html knowlege i have (i am a master!!!!) im going to change the color of the next paragraph to black!!!!!! yeeee ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! he he he eeee!! and you know its going to be a rip fest... alll you have to do is just hight the whole blog and youll see how mean and nasty i can be!!! ready? (evil smiles all around!) go!!!!

this is it:

and just for good measure!

that is what i think of her! actualy to tell you all the truth you pretty much thought i was going to bully the little darling. but no. i love the little bugger too much to do that to her. besides, i only write in anger whenever someone does something to me that irks the living crap out of me. so all i did was just press tab a whole bunch of times. in order to make you think that you thought i wrote something incredibly mean nasty and untrue about her. so thus, by not being mean and nasty or untrue, i would have pretty much kept my word about not writing something mean nasty or untrue...

i got a jar of dirt! i got a jar of dirt! i got a jar of dirt! (trips) ha!

you know what i like about blogging while your plastered? that one ismple fact that brian (not you dad, some jerk at the college, whome i think of as a friend...who needs to get neutered with a rusty chainsaw.) ((ha! thought i would say something you wouldve expected me to say didnt ya david! i fool you!)) hat was i going to say? hmm... i dont know... dont care...darryl! buddy ol pal! bill! uswin!!! wait i tic, i mean to say that you three i respect more then any of the other guys or gals in the group... this owuld also include robert, david vamp, mike and (grumble...) someother people.

i dont care what you try to say you little monkey, im straight, there no doubt in my mind that im straight. boy... this is covering a lot of ground isnt it? on the upside of things, im nearly cloned... that is to say ive perfected the art of photocopying my ass to the point where its indistinguishable from the reall one. why? there both flat as paper. im a flat i made a funny.

ok, last night ive officialy started moving all my stuff over to face book. i need a new start on things and a new page to start it on. so ive begun the process of gradualy moving over to face book. wow, you can tell im wasted when i repeat my self twice and then repeat my self twice. yep. im more bubbly then sarah michelle gellers hairdresser trying to tango with a broken kneecap and fighting darth vader with a limp noodle. wha?

with that pretty much out of the way id like to say the following things. im sorry heena for being such a prat to you. i was only writing out of anger. deal with it. instead ill start directing my anger towards thsoe that are more deserving of it. and the fun thng is, i know exactly who to direct it towards and what there secrets are. though i wont touch on sensitive spots like the fact there easily confused by what i say or the otehr fact that there completly swept up in my ability to spar. or inability. which ever way you look at it its not really that big a deal. champagne! or as captain swimmy pants the noodemeister chowmounger says it. "fuck yo couch!" i hope his 360 gets a fuckin virus. and he cant blame me cause im not a hacker, i dont own a 360, and my htmal knowlege only goes so far.

darryl ol buddy of mine! lets get onto him for a second... he he he he ha! ha! ha!!!! lol. kidding. my main man hasnt done a thing to tick me off and plus we on pretty good terms with each other... or so i am thinking. yeah we are. the story of how we met is actualy pretty interesting in itself... if not for the slight fact i cant remember it at the moment. fucking aye.

im not really into d and d anymore. sure its got a fan base thats pretty much around 29% of the worlds population. but youd think people would get tired of pretending to be something there not. i did and now im pretty much the real me. i think. or am i the real me when ever i write these drunken blogs? ill never tell! of course, being slightly innebriated is theo nly way i can write this much and still try to be a p

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Apr 6 @ 8:49PM  
Interesting drunken blogs from 5 years ago. Haha

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