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interacial sex

posted 2/16/2008 8:56:44 PM |
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ever have one of those really entertaining thoughts that you just cant let go of for the rest of the day? for me, when ever im walking to or from the college my mind is always somehow preoccupied with sex. the act of it, how it must feel, the different types of sex, and just the primary thought of eating a gal out...which is almost always a fun thought. someof you might agree.

others might not.

did you know...yes you did, that the average male thinks about sex ever seven seconds? the average female thinks about it every nine seconds. why is that? is it just the fact that humans are meant to just fuck the crap out of each other? well, we would be doing that if it werent for the rules humans have devoloped over the last ten thousand or even twenty thousand years about this fun little act.

and then theres the actual title of the blog your reading. interacial sex. i predict that within the next five undred years, there wont really be a french or german country, sure, the names of the places will pretty much be the same, but the genetics will be pretty mixed up to the point where the average human will just answer "im a little of everything."

oh dont get me wrong, i do plan on getting me some...sometime in the future, im just not really concerned with getting anyright now. form e, when it happens it happens.... and i will just be tapping that fine ass like no tommorow. but until then, meh... not really important at the moment....this brings up another interesting thought.

its suddenly occured to me that some countries are just plain ol obsessed with the act of screwing like rabid methed out weasles on crack, while others are simply just abstinent from the subject altogether. and i realize that it primarily has to do with where there located, geomatry, weather types and how the genetics of the region figure into things. but whats the deal with it still?

is just the fact the there are sex addicts in the world a justifiable sign of theh umans true nature on the subject? hold on a sec, gotta let the mutt out...still ticked off at thel ittle darling for nearly taking off graces ear... gerg.... all better. anyways, i wouldnt really have a problem with those types of people.

but why do they need groups like a.a to get rid of there addictions? why do people around them tell them its not natural to have those kinds of thoughts? it never really made much sense to me in the first place.

so does that mean that becoming a preist is like signing up for a sex addicts anonamys group? that once you slip n the collar you cant get your holy groove on? insert penis joke here. i got alll night.

interacial sex is something that does interest me on the level of different genetics mixing together. that and there are some hot indian gals out there that i wouldnt mind being my first time with either. im not talking about the midget on stilts. this is just... oh screw it, i wont even lie to you all at this point in time. sure why the hell not,let her think what she wants.

there are also certain situation or fantasies ive always had too... but i wont get into those, since theyll probably bore you to death.... i tease .... but having a black dude sleep with a japanese (the choise for the races were random.) woman might be interesting for the mind to process... and trying to see the woman walk after the event would be an amusing sight as well. but i digress. cause im cool like that.

the point im trying to make is that sex shouldnt be kept a secret or hidden from veiw, hell i think if women are allowed to breast feed in public, then the same goes for sex as well... wait a minute, i just figured something out, if a guy and a gal are in the nude wrestling on a nude beach somewhere... does that mean there having sex?

maybe! well, there are somethings i think about and others i write about.

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interacial sex