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Rude or not?

posted 2/15/2008 5:41:16 PM |
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tagged: love, dinner, valentines day, straddle

Okay, last night I took Kim out for a very special Valentine dinner. The place we went to was so packed full of people. I thought this might happen since it was Valentines Day, but we were not going to turn back, we're still going on it and have a nice dinner. We managed to make it on inside and the place looked like a zoo. We saw a nice table over in the corner, and when we were close and right up on it some guy with two or three of his daughter got it instead. We looked for a table that suited us for the next couple of minutes. We found one finally that was okay and that we both would be satisfied with. A minute or two later there is a group of elderly people of 4, two couples that sit down close to us. After roughly around 10 minutes into our dinner, one of those people turned slightly around and set his dirty plate with what was left of chicken bones on our table. Now, granted, we had like another table that was suppose to be part of our table, so the setting could have been up to 4 people at out table. They had a small table where all 4 of them were eating, but nonetheless, both Kim and I found this to be very rude. When the waitress came by and asked us if everything was okay we asked her to please from the gentleman's (I use that term very loosely) plate from our table. She did that, and I said to Kim that if that happens again I will say something to the guy about it. Well, low and behold the same guy sticks another dirty plate over on "our table", and yeah, I said excuse me sir, could you remove your plate from our table? He got up and said "not at all sir, you have a nice evening, hope you're doing well"...blah blah blah....okay, so now he was being a smartass. I didn't say anything and just let it ride. As he was coming back to his table he wanted to know why Kim and I needed both tables. I told him that the tables were were set up that way and it was connected to our table to accomodate us if we had more people. I don't feel bad about the small table they had, I mean, they did pick that table afterall. Besides, who in the hell wants to try to have dinner and have someone elses dirty plates very close to you. They had an empty chair at their table, couldn't they have put that plate there instead at our table anyway? The waitress a few times sat down in that same chair and just yacked it up with them for a period of time. Talk about the service. Unfortunately, we did leave a tip.

How would you have handled this situation if the same thing happened to you and your sweetie?

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Feb 15 @ 5:47PM  
I would have complained to the manager and had my meal comped. To let another customer do that to you was completely rude.

Feb 15 @ 5:51PM  
Well, after I said something to the idiot he picked his plate up and took it to whereever he took it to.

Feb 15 @ 5:56PM  
Goes without saying Strad, that was extremely rude! Can't imagine what kind of man would even stoop to doing something so childish!!

Feb 15 @ 6:00PM  
Customer was a dick but management was negligent in letting him get away with it.

Feb 15 @ 6:00PM  
Charity begins at home and is spread abroad.If people practiced manners in their own settings,maybe the people who do have respect wouldn't have to "clean up behind them." I don't get folks sometimes.

Feb 15 @ 6:01PM  
i would of walked over to his table with your plates :)

Feb 15 @ 6:14PM  
When I first read that he had set a used plate on your table the thought that came to my head was to knock it off the table in his direction. I get funny when I feel my "space" is being intruded. If I could restrain and not knock the plate off it would have been in his seat after he got up. For him to be so rude after you talked to him. The manager would have heard about it back in his office. Normally though I am very shy just ask me.

Feb 15 @ 6:21PM  
I get a little confrontational if I get a little pissed off even. I thought I really did well not to say anything about it when he first did it. As for laying to plate in his seat, I don't think I could have done that considering he had three other people with him setting there at the table while he was gone for a short time. Now, Kim stated that the culture here was pretty bad, but I told her it really isn't that bad, ya have a few bad apples everywhere you go no matter what.

Feb 15 @ 6:24PM  
Ok first and foremost.. the wait staff should have been policing the tables better, yes I know it was busy being VD and all.. but it's their JOB to take care of the customers needs. If there were empty plates they should have been removed from the tables by the wait staff. Not left to the customers to put on anyone else' table.

Secondly, the man who put his plate on YOUR table was way out of line. That's not only rude, it's disgusting and seriously wrong. You don't know this person or what he might be carrying and he puts his trash on the table you are sitting at? I don't think so.

Finally, call the management of said restaurant tonight and lodge a formal complaint about the wait staff, the customer service etc. It may or may not do you any good but damnit it needs to be pointed out to the owners or managers. If it happened to you, it will happen to others.

Should have gone to the Golden Corral bud...

Feb 15 @ 6:28PM  
At the 1st go around I would have asked him WTH was he doing???
Hello... this isnt a nasty dish drop off!! lol
Though I would have been an Gentleman.. 100% of the time!!!
My 2 cents!

Feb 15 @ 6:30PM  
Sam, it was at Golden Corral!

Okay, let it rip people. I didn't want to mention anything about it in the blog, but hey, I enjoy the place there, well, until last night. Never had that ever to happen to me anywhere before.

Feb 15 @ 6:30PM  
I agree with should call the manager.......and if you can remember your waitresses name that would be a big help..........the one good thing about it is will probably never have to see that jerk again.......and he will have to look at himself in the mirror every morning.

Feb 15 @ 6:31PM  
Now thats just screwy!

Feb 15 @ 6:56PM  
After seeing your old blogs I bet he was from Michigan

Feb 15 @ 7:22PM  
Well, let me tell ya.. if your waitress had enough time to sit and chit chat with the customers at that table, she had more than enough time to bus the tables as well. So I really put most of the responsibility on her.

And Shawn.. don't just let it go.. you, being a customer, should have the right to expect good service and a positive experience.

I'd have fired her sorry ass then and there. I don't care how busy it is.. if your customers aren't taken care of .. I don't need you.

Feb 15 @ 7:28PM  
After seeing your old blogs I bet he was from Michigan


Personally...if it were my table and another customer was putting his/her dirty plates on my table...I would first ask them to remove it....matter resolved. If it happened a 2nd time...I would have my waitress/waiter ask them to stop doing that....and if it happened yet again after more being nice..and that's all I'll say.

Feb 15 @ 7:28PM  
i woulda had to place the plate back on his table..........gently of course.......

Feb 15 @ 7:40PM  
Given my current thoughts on things I likely would have got up and set the damn plate back on his table and dared him to say something.

I am in such a mood to to really clean someones clock.


Feb 15 @ 8:01PM  
How would you have handled this situation if the same thing happened to you and your sweetie?

ok...first i gotta know Jeanie with me??

she just said she'd better be if it's valentines day...ok ok THAT does change how i'd do it a little bit BUT can be damn sure that plate would be moving off the table...and i do mean FAST

Feb 15 @ 8:26PM  
Yeah, Iwould have farted or sneezed his way without my mouth covered and damn sure would have gotten up and put my plate og his table too.....What an asshole!!!

Feb 15 @ 8:50PM  
Take a bug with you, put it in his plate. Then point it out to him.. make sure its a BIG one to...

OK so i'm evil!!!

Feb 15 @ 9:01PM  
See what happens when you take your lady love to your favorite dive? Strad, you really have to up your standards. The lady really deserves something better than GC on VD. I hope you at least take her to Outback or Lone Star for her birthday.

Feb 15 @ 9:06PM  
Now wait a sec, it was Kim's idea of wanting to go to Golden Corral. Other than what happened last night, never had a problem with the place. I still love their food.

Feb 15 @ 9:14PM  
I would have said...excuse me sir ..your dirty plates do not belong on our table ..please remove them or I will be forced to call the manager.

Feb 15 @ 9:27PM  
Unacceptable from two points no one should put their junk on your table and the waitress as was mentioned if she had time to sit around and BS with the people at the table should have been taking care of their needs also which would have avoided the whole thing.

Feb 15 @ 9:31PM  
Well, I'm a pretty easy going soft spoken person when need be. However, I also donr take shit from really nobody without somekind of voice being heard from me. As soon as he put that plate there, I would have told him nicely to remove it. More than most things, I hate a smartass. After all, thats my job. lol After doing it again the second time, I probably would have gotten up as if to go to the rest room, and picked up a few empty plates from another table, maybe 4 or 5 and would have placed them on his table, and said, sorry sir I thought that was the game we are playin. I can just picture him now, in his mustard yellow leisure suit, baby blue shirt so tight that the button stitchs where stretching, as he licks his fat nubby fingers off from the BBQ sause from his chicken. Th more I hear shit like this happening to people, makes me like my dog more every day. I hope in the end you and Kim had a nice night though bro.

Feb 15 @ 11:04PM  
Your idea of a very special dinner is Golden Corral. Dude you only get what you pay for. Next time don't go so cheap.

Feb 15 @ 11:44PM  
Just me, but...after he was a smartass...

I'd have picked it up, stepped a loud voice "Scuz me sir, but this DIRTY plate belongs to you and on YOUR table, keep your FUCKIN trash to yourself." The let it settle gently on his table....from about a foot up.

Feb 16 @ 12:34AM  
I think I would have very calmly walked over to his table and said "excuse me sir but I think this is yours" and dumped the chicken bones on his head and said "have a nice evening sir." But I'm not sure if that would have had the desired result as the guy sounds as if he might have not had enough brains to understand the humor in it. I had a great Valintines day with my wife. We went to see the movie "Fools Gold" and then had a nice dinner, where I gave her a nice pair of ear rings and a rose.

Feb 16 @ 12:40AM  
Damn, I can't even spell valentines day right. And I am critsizing someone else's intelligence. Sheeesh. You know what I mean man?

Feb 16 @ 2:52AM  
I cant believe someone would even think about doing something like that. Where I come from it wouldn't even cross someones mind. Just shows how back woods hicks have no manners. I probaly would have been more of a bitch but I was in shock at the idea someone would do that and it was supposed to be a nice evening for us. People around here still shock me all the time at just how ignorant they can be.

Feb 16 @ 2:58AM  
Kittycat1982, don't go there with me. I'm not a cheap person by any means, and I do know how to treat a lady. Like I stated, it was one of our favorite places to dine out, and Kim thought of going there last night, and I didn't have a problem with it.

Feb 16 @ 9:54AM  
okay that was stupid!! Now I cant' really blame the waitress (you all know I am one)
but when customers do that to me I ask them if they are done with the plate? One man says well yeah I put it over there I looked at him and so OHH I thought you were saving it for later since its not your table...Yeah his company laughed hey they tipped me okay but good grief! I don't care what kind of business your in YOUR table is YOUR table not the ones around you Sorry kim but people are stupid and backwards everywhere!

Feb 16 @ 9:55PM  
I would have smashed his plate into his face and told him to eat it.

Feb 18 @ 3:24PM  
Totally unacceptable....

You should have demanded to see the manager and explained to him that you chose HIS eating establishment to have your dinner and would have expected better service from the waitstaff. The manager should be aware of what his customers think about the service.

I would have also refused to leave a tip. It was a special day for you two, and these geezers acted inappropriately. I would have let them know that. Hey, but that's just me....and I can't stand rude people.

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