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Stroke my main sex organ...

posted 10/29/2006 3:10:10 AM |
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... and no, I'm not talking about the two lovely mounds that God gave me in order to nurture my children after birth or the very essence of womanhood that lies just north of my thighs and south of my navel. (Don't get me wrong. Like many others of the human race, I also enjoy being touched.)

But... that which I'm speaking about often goes untouched, and it, in MY opinion, is the most important sex organ we possess. **Watching closely as many scratch their heads and a few scratch their asses**... Give up?? Allow me to explain. I am talking about the BRAIN... No, I'm not talking about prying apart my skull and stroking my cerebrum, cerebellum, and brain stem; instead, I'm referring to an individual's ability to relate to me on an intellectual level. I'm not asking to conversate about sociological theories and the differences between Comte and Spencer's world views, but I would like to know that the person I'm with can carry on a semi-intelligent conversation. I mean, hellfire, at least have the ability to put together coherent sentences. Is that too much to ask?

Many people fail to realize the importance of a connection that exists outside the realm of pure sexual interaction. What happens when a mind blowing sexual encounter is over? Do you simply sit in the midst of an awkward silence? Or do you walk away from that person, leaving them with questions of what you think and how you feel dancing around in their pretty little minds? Conversation fills the space in time that exists between the hours spent making love (or having sex), so why is it that so many people suck at it?

I see my fair share of emails on this site, and I'm always amazed at the lines that people use as an attempt to lure a potential mate (or fuck buddy). Hey, whatever floats your boat. Who am I to judge? All I'm saying is that not everyone responds to "Damn you're sexy, wanna fuck?" or "Here's my number. Call me so we can hook up." Some people like to know that their presence (thoughts, feelings, desires, etc.) means more to the surrounding world than just a simple use for purely selfish sexual gratification, and others could care less. I personally fall into the first category.

A little hint to the clueless individuals. An amazing mental connection often leads to an even more amazing sexual connection. Take the time to explore the other individual and let a little anticipation build. By the time you get around to bumping uglies, the intimate connection that already exists will intensify the passion shared between the two participants. Don't get me wrong, hardcore animalistic fucking includes its own share of passion, but for those in search of something a little more meaningful in the long run, they really should fully consider how they approach someone of the opposite sex (or the same sex, for that matter). After all, first impressions can often be dealbreakers.

For those of you who are here simply to get laid, more power to you. For those of you who are looking for something a little more on the serious side of the relationship scale, best of luck in your search. Personally, I'm in search of something that encompasses a fine balance between the two.. Who knows? Maybe my brain stroking session is just around the corner............


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Oct 29 @ 6:49AM  
hmmmmmm, a woman with inteligence///////// they are rare!

Oct 29 @ 6:55AM  
When you talk like that on this site, it's lost on a bunch, but you do preach to a small band of faithful. That was well put, you do speak well.

Oct 29 @ 8:24AM  
I am going to put in my blog post from months back is support of her point.

I saw Forrest Gump online here and sent him an email as I had to know why he disgusts everyone that sits down pee with his lewd and sleazy propositions.

His reply reflected the philosophy of many online males. "Women are just like a box of chocolates. It doesn't matter which one you choose, as long as you get a piece."

I have heard the axiom attributed to both Mark Twain and Albert Einstein: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Having read several male blog posts out of curiosity, may I respectfully suggest that you try doing something different, like writing something intelligent and communicative that exceeds one or two sentences.
The most sensual part of a woman is her mind. If you don't stimulate it, you will stimulate nothing.

Oct 29 @ 8:24AM  
All I have to say is "Damn you're sexy, wanna fuck?" Heh-heh...just kidding! I agree with you whole-heartedly, darlin'! Hard to find that balance between physical and mental stimulation...Best of luck to you (and me!)

Oct 29 @ 9:41AM  
Brain stroking is the best

Oct 29 @ 7:46PM  
Yes, the intelligent women gain yet another beautiful voic to our little club, Angel welcome and well come you are! Keep the faith girl, I gotcha back!

Oct 29 @ 7:54PM  
hmmmmmm, a woman with inteligence///////// they are rare!

They are a lot less rare than you'd think.

But one thing that can be said is that they are never common.

Oct 30 @ 12:50AM  
Well said Angel. I can't stand when a guy has nothing intelligent to say. Good luck with your search.

Oct 30 @ 12:53AM  
Well said Angel. I can't stand when a guy has nothing intelligent to say. Good luck with your search.

May 22 @ 5:29PM  
you hit the nail right on the head. Sex is nice but you cannot have it all the time. But a long chat over a good cup of coffee can last for hours.

May 25 @ 1:26AM  
Well as a really awesome lady told me theres a difference between making love and fucking. I find that she was sooo right. I think you have the right idea Angel. Great post.

May 28 @ 8:11AM  
I am confused. This sight is for sexual adventures. There are hundreds of Dating sights for those who are seeking a LTR.

All I want is a good woman that loves to feel good and the same.

Before its to late I ma going for it, time goes so fast and I don't want to be sitting on the porch saying, I should of, I could of.

May 28 @ 2:09PM  
i luv a woman...with a big set of........BRAINS

Jun 11 @ 3:49PM  
There has to be feelings between 2 people. If not, than it's just prostitution. It's not making love.

Jul 3 @ 8:05PM  
little one,i was in love one time many moons ago,what i remember most of all,we wre kick back on the beach,she touched me and she jumped i said what baby she laughed and said you shocked me,it was so cool we touched each other back and forth with our lil sparks

Jul 15 @ 7:20PM  
Ok, Angel, you know I have been a scientest for over 30 years with a MS degree from Washington University. Now what year do you want to get married and discuss the 11 dimensional M (superstring) theory replacing the classical atomic model theory? Lets forget quantum mechanics since God doesn't play with dice, and I dont have dice either, so we can think of something else to play?

Jul 17 @ 10:40PM  
Very well put and I agree with you 100 percent that being said I think one would be expecting a very base response due to the nature of this site...Cheers

Jul 26 @ 12:09PM  
You got that right. Most men only think about one thing.

Jul 26 @ 2:33PM  
ugh, another one who thinks her main sex organ is her mind.
If you aren't already mentally turned on when sleeping with a partner, maybe you should get out of the bed, get dressed and try again.

Jul 28 @ 7:38PM  
Very good blog. Am looking for a lady that can stroke me as well as I stroke her, that would a beautiful thing.

Aug 7 @ 9:43PM  
sex education 1967 in health class. about eggs and fertiztilization, a little
psychology of both sexes, discussions of pygmy complex, inferiority complexes,
etc. and an emphasis on the facts of life and sexual reproduction. pregnancy
most evidently a result of intercourse. sex education today. johnny and
angela please come forward and show the class how its done. class, how
do you grade their performance. do you feel they are compatible, should
they get married, have the baby, or just get an abortion? bareback riding
encouraged. so as to keep diseases going. and pregnancy continuing.
why? a sadistic evil educational system. but of course, morality is not
generally considered. but of course, abstinece discouraged as it causes
major frustration. self control discouraged, the people are encouraged
to feel free, and let it all just 'be hip'. to indulge themselves. all that
matters is 'getting off', so that you feel relieved. the means to getting
off are not generally important. is this evolution? or deevolution.
they have gone back to the stone age. like the cute song back
in the 1950's, i want a cave man, an ape man. by patti smith.
and also at that time came out, itsy weeny teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.
proliferation of porn. and weaponry. of all kinds. never stopping to make
a value judgement or a consideration of sexual ethics. or military ethics.
or the overall value of this whole situation. just a pell mell rush with no thought
as to why. we had hopes for generation y, that they would stop, look and listen
and wonder why. look before they leapt. generation z is coming along.
back to a soon. do re mi fa so la ti do, and back to do. a to z and back to a.
the y in the road, which way to go. do all roads have an equal destination.

Aug 11 @ 7:20PM  
"Seduce my mind so you can have my body,
find my soul and I'm yours forever."


Aug 18 @ 6:57PM  
I can sit right here and truthfully say "I know what you're talking about." I have been divorced for six years and have not had a drop of sex since then. I have, however, had my brain stroked by a lot of people on this site and others. Finally, my survival is not all about sex, but ideas. Try to explain that to me six or more years ago. I've got it down to a science. I can interpret signs from women and know if they want a relationship with someone or no one. Since I really have no vested interest in their B.S., it's easier to read. Tell me what you think, Ernie8888

Aug 31 @ 12:35PM  
thank-you Angel for writing such beautiful prose and reminding me that i do want more out of a relationship.
you are right, i do need to connect more on brain signals and to commit to a more meaningful relationship.
May I take you to dinner tonight ?

Sep 19 @ 6:45PM  
go to oprah go tp oprah

Sep 24 @ 12:38AM  
I also agree a great deal with what you said. A friend of mine works in the mall and hears all sorts of retarded pick up lines. My main question is, "Do these ever work?!" I mean seriously. I was standing there and a guy walked up to one of her coworkers, asked how old she was and after she responded said, "Mmm, sexy." Has he had a god return rate with this kinda shit? But I repeat myself, I occasionaly want to ask people who say these things that question.

Oct 10 @ 10:43AM  
nice little blog. i've actually been on both ends, believe it or not, so i can actually understand being dumbfounded & not having anything intelligent to say, & i most definitely understand needing something in the brain, lol. have a great week.

Oct 10 @ 10:45AM  
also, i wanted to add that you are right, no matter what a woman has to be turned on mentally & emotionally or it just doesn't work (uhhh, men, you should pay attention)!

Nov 21 @ 8:57PM  
I am on your wave length ! You put forth everything superbly. You hit it on the head of the nail. The largest sex organ is you mind. Use it, talk and communicate with it, get your parner into a connection with your mind, speak about fantasies, and behold, your erotic energies turn wild and before you know it, you play them out together, and enjoy it immensely!

A guy who knows better..buzzguy1

Nov 29 @ 12:39AM  
The imagination is very powerful. I'm all for sharing erotic fantasies around here.

Dec 1 @ 3:39PM  
your right the hotest sex organ you have is the brain most men ferget about that part its very important for play you can turn some one very quickly if you pay attention to how they feel thats one reason i like erotic chat with women we both enjoy it and also can learn from it Stimulate the mind and the rest of the body will follow!!!

Dec 13 @ 8:00PM  
im pretty smart round the edges but i live in fredericksburg, va

Dec 21 @ 6:50PM  
Actually, I find intelligent converstion can be stimulating on many levels. It can be a form of foreplay. And foreplay can be sooo much fun.

Dec 31 @ 1:17AM  
one of the most intelligent blogs on this site!

Jan 2 @ 10:53AM  
me agree
brain feel good

Jan 25 @ 6:41AM  
Way to go! A beautiful point that hopefully will be taken seriously by the majority of guys. Keep it up!

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Stroke my main sex organ...