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Naughty Girl Payback

posted 2/14/2008 3:23:07 PM |
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tagged: erotic story

When I wrote Naughty Boy Payback I really did not intend to write a part 2 but for those who asked how he was going to pay her back here it is.

With the restraints removed he raised himself off the floor; his legs weak and still slightly trembling. He felt frustrated for while the organism had been intense he still felt unfulfilled, still wanting and needing sex, a damn good fucking. He tried to control his voice to keep it from quivering as he looked at her and said, “You think I deserved that don’t you”. She still had the impish grin on her face as she remembered what he had done to her earlier that day. How he had called the office and started telling her what he had planed for her that evening all the little details of how he was going to make love to her. She remembered telling him to stop, that he was getting her turned on and people were entering and leaving the area where her desk sat. But that had only encouraged him to go into even more graphic detail. She remembered how her supervisor had come by her desk to pick up some papers. How she looked up and saw him staring at her nipples, hard and extended showing thru her blouse and the embarrassed looks on both their faces as he shuffled the papers and walked away murmuring something about all the papers seemed in order. Yes, she thought, he did deserve it as she said, “I told you today that payback was a mother fucker”.

He looked her in the face and sheepishly said, “Yeah, maybe I did deserve it at that” but as he saw the impish smirk once more cross her lips he thought “No, I think you took it a little far and you’re right, payback is a mother fucker”. He took her chin in his hand and kissed her softly and gently asking, “You ready to go to bed”? She nodded and he told her, “You go ahead, I need to shower and I’ll join you in a bit”. The warm water calmed his emotions and exhilarated his body; the steam cleared his mind as he planned his revenge. After drying his body he entered the bedroom and admired her naked body stretched across the bed already asleep. His body still unsatisfied he felt his cock start to harden as he noticed the silk scarves hanging inside her closet. Smiling he picked up four of them and slowly and gently tied one to each wrist and ankle. Only then did he slowly extend and tie first the right arm and then the left to the bedposts before repeating the procedure at her ankles.

Her body now restrained he knelt between her legs and slowly took his index and middle finger and spread her pussy lips. As he slowly inserted his middle finger he discovered it warm but dry. He smelt her fragrance on his fingers before placing them into his mouth, wetting them. Then once more slowly lowering his hand and inserting the two fingers into her pussy. Now moistened by his mouth he slowly began to work them in and out, fucking her pussy with the two fingers. He bent and positioned his face over her slit and started to flick her clit with the tip of his tongue. She gave a little “ummmm” and tried to move her hand to her crotch but the silk scarf both prevented and awakened her. As she suddenly roused from slumber she instantly realized even thru the fog of sleep what was happening, that she was tied to the bed; that he was having his way with her body.

Anger brought her fully awake as she pulled first against one restraint then another. “What the fuck,” she exclaimed as she struggled to free herself. She started bucking her hips against his face forcing him to remove it from her crotch but his fingers were still inside her, still stroking. As she continued to bounce her ass up and down she only assisted in his finger fucking her. He smirked at her saying, “You’re right baby, payback is a mother fucker”. He turned facing her feet and straddled her body, his cock between her breasts, his tongue once more licking her clit as he reinserted his two fingers into her pussy; rapidly moving them in and out. She arched and floundered her body trying to dislodge him but his weight distributed parallel on top of hers limited her ability to move.

He continued to lick her clit as his hips started to move, his cock sliding back and forth between her large breasts. At first her breasts started to feel warm from the friction, then discomforting, but as the pre-cum oozing from his cock lubed her breasts and his cock she started to feel a tingling, a pleasing sensation. “Damn, damn, damn him”, she thought he may have his way with me but there is no way she was going to enjoy it. She tried to repress what she was beginning to feel when she felt him remove his fingers from her now moist pussy and she realized that it was from her own juices that had begun to lubricate her inside its lips.

(continued below)

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Feb 14 @ 3:24PM  
He stopped licking and started sucking and nibbling her clit as he took his hands and spread her ass cheeks; moving the middle finger of his right hand, now wet with her own pussy juice over the tight anus hole. She gasped as she realized what he was about to do; “NO, she silently screamed in her mind”. They had discussed anal and he knew it was not something that she did not like nor wanted to do. He slowly pushed the tip of his finger against the opening; at first it resisted then slowly began to enter. She tried to wiggle her hips, to stop his finger from going any deeper but his finger continued to slide in until his middle knuckle reached the tight ring encircling her hole. He increased the pressure against her hole until she felt it “pop” and the finger was fully inserted. The sensation was uncomfortable as he began crooking his finger inside her while rotating it left and right. Then he would slowly pull it out until the knuckle would exit then push it back in; each time it becoming a little easier for him to stroke it in and out until he was steadily finger fucking her ass twisting his hand in a corkscrew motion. Just as she realized that she was starting to enjoy what he was doing to her ass he stopped and began fingering her pussy again. And all the time he had been fingering her ass he was sucking her clit and fucking her tits.

Slowly she felt a warm tingling begin in her crotch and start to spread up her stomach and past her breasts. Her head felt light, her body warm and tingling. She realized she had started to work her hips against the mouth sucking her clit. “Fuck, fuck, fuck”, she thought; damn her body was betraying her mind she did not want to enjoy this, to give him the pleasure of seeing he had gotten her aroused but it was too late; he had already felt her movement. His cock continued stroking her breasts as he nibbled on her clit; sucking, biting and nibbling at it while finger fucking her pussy. When she gave an involuntary moan he knew he had her, that she was becoming more and more aroused. He continued fucking her tits, sucking her clit and fingering her pussy till her whole body was in rhythmic motion to all that he was doing.

As he felt the steady movement from her body he smiled, he knew he now had the upper hand, she was fully aroused. Suddenly he stopped everything that he was doing and lifted himself off her. Her body tensed, “Damn him, damn him to hell”, she thought. “Damn him” for leaving her like this. Then she felt him untie the scarves before positioning himself between her legs. He began rubbing the head of his cock up and down thru her pussy lips; up and down occasionally stopping in the middle to insert about 1-2 inches before pulling away and again just running the head up and down thru her pussy’s lips. Then she heard him say, “Tell me what you want you naughty girl, tell me what you want, what you really want”. She tried to remain silent but heard herself say, “I want you, I want all of you, I want your dick in me, FUCK ME”. “Uh huh naughty girl, uh huh” she heard him say. She hooked her heels behind his thighs and tried to pull him forward, pull his shaft into her throbbing pussy but he was to strong.

He continued to rub the head of his cock up and down thru her pussy lips; but when he stopped in the middle and inserted a few inches she tightened the muscles inside her pussy around the head of his cock before he could pull it out. He moaned, his body frozen in place. She dug her heels in harder against the back of his thighs, contracting and releasing her pussy muscles. She said, “I want your cock, all of it in me, fuck me, FUCK ME NOW YOU BASTARD”. He slammed against her, ramming the full length inside her. They both moaned as she wrapped her legs around him, her arms around his neck. She began to work her hips, still contracting and releasing the muscles inside pussy against around cock. He began to stroke in and out, at first slow and gentle but with each stroke he slammed into her little faster and little harder. He continued pounding into her harder and harder, faster and faster; his balls were slapping against her ass. Suddenly she dug her nails into his shoulders as she arched her back. She could feel the eruption building, building then it exploded; the organism washed out from her loins and engulfed her whole body. Her whole body was tense and trembling as she clutched him tighter with her legs and arms then she felt him quiver and then begin to spurt his load inside her. He pressed his pelvic tight against hers as his cum shot deep inside her pussy; as the flow of cum subsided he gave a few short hard strokes then his body collapsed on hers.

He felt spent, exhausted, totally satisfied; he turned his face to kiss her lips and when he saw the familiar impish grin on her face and thought, “Damn, she got the best of me again”.

Feb 14 @ 3:34PM  
oh my god! now i have to go to work and its hawt in here oh my oh wow! great job!!!

As I leave a green thingie on the scarf I go to work with a smile on my face

Feb 14 @ 3:40PM  
Good continuation of the last story.
Nice payback, but remember whatever you do comes back to you tenfold!

Feb 14 @ 3:43PM  
Holy Chit, Batman......


Feb 14 @ 4:05PM  
er.. pardon me... I uh... uh yes.. yes.. actually I found this... well shit.. now I need a shower!!!!!

Feb 14 @ 4:20PM  
oh.. and.. btw.. in case you hadn't figured this out yet? We always win!!!

Feb 14 @ 4:21PM  
Lisa ~ don't be smiling too big today or they may think you brought BOB to work with you.

DarkDesires99 ~ Ahh me lassie, I need to rememeber that and the next time I try and get naughty with a wench I'll tell her that I am going to fuck her every day.

DarkKnightWalking ~ You da man - I shoulda talked to you before posting because I liked the ending you suggested to me better

NachoBaby ~ I need to shower too, wanna save water


Feb 14 @ 5:08PM  
swyeter, you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for part two!

Is it just me or is it HOT in here?????????????????

Feb 14 @ 5:39PM  
Very Nice.

Feb 14 @ 6:31PM  
OK, time to turn on the AC if got kind of warm in here. I don't know what the other ending was going to be the DK suggested, But I don't think it could have gotten any hotter

And BTW, Sometime l Like it when the guys wins too, because then they feel guilty and start all over again

Just a thought.

Happy Valentines day
and one green thing for you.
Lady Blue

Feb 14 @ 8:55PM  
WOW!!! After reading this I gotta go sit through my daughters basketball game!!!

This sounds like payback I could definately live with!!

Great job...heres your Kudos!!


Feb 14 @ 9:12PM  
Holey crap!! Yeah, its hot tonight!!!

Feb 14 @ 9:34PM  
Sunshinegal3528 ~ It's sexy ladies as yourself that inspire we men. If you get too hot I may be able to come fan you.

Ewe_Wish ~ Coming from you I take that as the ultimate compliment

BlueEyes708 ~ I could come visit you also and fan you but by the time I got there you'd probably already be cooled off. Then again I could whisper it in your ear and get you hot agin or better yet we could role play it. And we guys may be dumb but not so that we don't know you ladies let us win ever so often so we don't stop trying.

31sunshine ~ Don't molest anyone at the game. And if you've been a naughty girl I volunteer to visit and provide you with some payback.

loveableone ~ My oh my, another one to fan, I think I need to buy a bigger fan.

Feb 14 @ 10:55PM  
Oh Baby! I just happen to have a few silk scarves in my closet as well...

Feb 14 @ 11:01PM  
curious4242 ~ Do you have 4 or do I need to pick some up on my way to your place?

Feb 14 @ 11:01PM  
umm.....yeah....well, uh.......DAYUUMMM, Swyeter!!

Nice payback.......

Feb 14 @ 11:06PM  
casuallylooking ~ Could I interest you in a little role play

Feb 15 @ 1:49AM  
I love it !! Swyeter , I`ll play naughty w/ you anytime

Feb 15 @ 2:02AM  
rescueremedy ~ HAWT DAYUM, I got me a naughty girl volunteer if I'd known that I'd have started writing a long time ago.

Feb 15 @ 3:06AM  
whow ... with the sun out it suddenly feels like summer in here

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Naughty Girl Payback