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Big Brother: Cupid

posted 2/13/2008 8:36:17 PM |
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tagged: humor, tv, entertainment, straddle

Who started watch Big Brother: Cupid last night? It's current on right now, and I thought that I would try to squeeze this blog in while watching it. It's really getting good, with Jacob starting some shit concerning Parker, about someone calling Parker a snake. Jacob wouldn't tell, and now Parker thinks it's Ryan who called him it. Ryan and Jenn are in the house together, and have been seeing each other for a year now, but yet they were paired up with two other people which is causing some jealousy issues with one another. Adam is 29, but acts like a foolish teenager who doesn't have a clue, and calls a woman who he is teamed up with "ma" because she's 46 years old. She lets it be known to him she doesn't like him at all. Adam works with kids with disabilities, but yet called the same kids "retards". The guy is very immature for his age and I wouldn't mind seeing him go. But then if that happened, Shelia (ma) would be voted out too because all the couple have to vote together, be nominated together, and yes, sleep together. Who else is watching the winter edition of Big Brother?

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Feb 13 @ 8:42PM  
I seen this last night for the first time ever and found it very amusing..........

Feb 13 @ 8:42PM  
Borty, I know you like watching Big Brother. Do you realize it started last night?

Feb 13 @ 8:43PM  
A&S need to go, they will never work, she doesnt like that he smokes and he hates that she is old!

Feb 13 @ 8:48PM  
Sheila may be the oldest in the house, but 46 years old isn't really that old. Adam is just an ugly asshole who is a dork in my opinion!

Feb 13 @ 8:52PM  
Oh I so agree, he is an a** and not very handsome at that and his immaturity makes it 10x's worse. And I didnt say that she was old, I said HE thinks she is....

If they dont go it will make for an interesting few weeks until they do go.....

Feb 13 @ 8:55PM  
Yeah, true. Jacob and Sharon were the ones to go. Too bad Sharon had to be paired up to her ex in the house, he seems to not have it together in the head either. That and his big mouth with causing some drama in the house with Parker....

Feb 13 @ 9:05PM  
That sucks............hmmmm

Well isnt that what REALITY TV is all about...........and the more DRAMA the better so I guess watching A&S will make for some good stuff.......

Feb 13 @ 9:11PM

Feb 13 @ 9:17PM  
I missed who actually called Parker a snake. So, who called Parker a snake, or did Jacob just make that up?

Feb 13 @ 9:32PM  
BG....I SOOOOOOOOOOOO need to get LAID....OMG, he was niceeee, real nice! however, that was toooo quick for my likin and helloooooooo GF totally did all the work and did she even get off?............IDK

Feb 13 @ 9:36PM  
Beets me, I don't watch big brother....

Is it just me or is european television alot more interesting...


Feb 13 @ 9:42PM  
I think the whole culture is more open, right?

I would fit right in, whos ready to get nekked as a PAST friend would once say....

Feb 13 @ 9:45PM  
After watching that, ME.

Anyone else up for a romp? In the n.j. area...


Feb 13 @ 9:52PM  
Aye go do some Ice fishin, that will calm ya down....
Sides, that wasnt all that and she gave in way to easily.........she must be young

Feb 13 @ 9:56PM  
Gave in? She started the whole thing.

Is she supposed to put up a fight? What would the point of that be?

The way I see it, in order to be sexualy liberated one must be willing to do what they realy want to do. That means "giving in" easily as opposed to playing hard to get.

Mindgames are for the weak of mind.


Feb 13 @ 10:02PM  
Didnt mean it like that, it was all about 5 mins, he could have gone for some more action elsewhere and she could have insisted on it, instead she did all the work and didnt look like to me (MY OP) that she was enjoying it so much, she was more concerned about his enjoyment...

Me, Un hu......there would have been some downstairs action before any penetration and after, how ya like me now!!....I am def a WOMAN and ONE that knows how she likes it........mark my words......that is why I said she must be young and maybe doesnt know yet that she can enjoy it as well, thats all

Feb 13 @ 10:13PM  
Sorry Shawn, don't watch reality tv if I can help it.

Feb 13 @ 11:17PM  
I think that Jacob just made it up!

Feb 14 @ 12:31AM  
I was just mad becouse you told me to go stick it in ice...

Feb 14 @ 4:03AM  
Okay, I went back and watched a little of what I missed with Kim tonight with Big Brother. What I found out is that Jacob loves stirring shit up, and that's what he wanted to do with getting something started as far as drama in the house. People said that it was a shame that Sharon had to be thrown out with him, but she's actually no better than he is considering that she was willing to do anything to stay in the house if it meant to throw out an innocent name, which she did to Parker. That person who she was willing to thrown under the bus was Ryan. Glad to see the two idiots thrown out of the house by Parker and Jenn.

Feb 14 @ 9:09AM  
I'm on the day shift so I will have to figure out how to record it on the vcr cus its my favorite program of all time. It's like watching human behavior under a microscope in a labratory. Last year that abrasive guy won...which really surprized me ..cus he was mean to everybody ...except he took a lot of shit from his daughter whom he brought along to win with him...she won fifty grand and he won five hundred thousand...I'll bet they shared the money. I hope he is back. Sounds like from your discription Shawn ...this could be a very interesting season....

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Big Brother: Cupid