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Naughty Boy Payback

posted 2/13/2008 7:07:36 PM |
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tagged: erotic story

This is my first attempt at writing an erotic story, so I guess that makes me a virgin.
So please go easy on me, be gentle and respect me in morning.

They stomped the snow from their boots as they entered the cabin and walked towards the fireplace to warm themselves. As he stared into the roaring flames the thought ran thru his mind that he was glad that he had started it before they had decided to go for a short walk in the first new snow of the year. She came up behind him and playfully ran her hands down his chest to his crotch. He turned to face her and as they were kissing; a large overstuffed couch was near the fireplace and they started helping each other undress as they moved in its direction. She sat on the sofa and as she turned to stretch her long legs down on its cushions she took his hand and pulled him down beside her. As they snuggled together he reached op and pulled the afghan lying on the sofa’s back over them. They began to snuggle and kiss; caressing and exploring each others body. He moved her body under his and as he tried to mount and penetrate her she said, “This isn’t working, the sofa is too soft. Let me on top”. He smiled and thought “you’ll get no argument from me” as they changed positions. She mounted him and slowly slid his shaft inside her warm moist pussy but as she attempted to move her hips up and down she was unable to generate a stroking motion because of the overstuffed cushions. She stopped and said, “This isn’t working either; let’s move down to the rug by the fire.

They moved to a large sheepskin rug that was in front of the fireplace and as he lay on his back she knelt over him on her hands and knees and began to kiss his chest. She suddenly stopped and said, “Relax and shut your eyes and you will get a big surprise”. He smiled, remembering it was Valentine’s Day as he shut his eyes; wondering what she had in store for him. After just a few short minutes he heard her say, “Keep your eyes shut”. Once again she was over his body on her hands and knees but not making contact other than the occasional kiss on his chest and nipples. She slowly took him by his wrists and extended his arms at angles over his head and he felt her buckle a strap around each wrist. She then moved down; kissing and gently sucking on his body until she reached his ankles. She took them, spreading his legs and strapping his ankles all the while telling him to keep his eyes shut; as she buckled the last strap around his ankle he tried to move his arms and legs he realized that she had strapped him to an X frame under the sheepskin. She placed a large pillow under his head before telling him he open his eyes.

As he opened them he saw her standing at his feet naked except for a pair of tall black leather boots and a pair of leather gloves with a multi-lash whip in her hands. She patted it against her gloved hand and with a devilish grin on her face said, “You were a naughty boy today”. He struggled against the restraints on his wrists and ankles as she knelt between his legs. She started rubbing and kissing his calves and thighs as she worked upwards on his body the whip still in her right hand. Every now and then she would brush the whip against his body and say, “A very naughty boy”. When she got to his crotch his dick was limp as she took it in her gloved hand he could feel the leather was cool to the touch. She licked his shaft, running her tongue around the top. She peeled back the uncircumcised foreskin and placed the head in her mouth, running her tongue around it and gently sucking the head. She dropped the whip and started playing with his balls still sucking and licking the head of his cock. Occasionally she would try and go down on the shaft but it was still limp so instead it folded like an accordion as she went down. When it was pushed all the way down she would suck all of it into her mouth before stretching it out as she ran her lips back up to the head where she would run her tongue under the foreskin and around its head.

He felt it start to harden as he looked at her face and saw her eyes were looking at his as she smiled an impish grin. His cock hardened as she started going up and down on its shaft and each time she went up its length she would pause and run her tongue under the foreskin and around its head. Once it was hard she started to kiss his inner thighs and balls; occasionally sucking a ball into her mouth before releasing it and licking his shaft sometimes she would pull back the foreskin, licking, kissing or sucking just the head. His hips started to wiggle and as he involuntarily moaned she asked, “Who’s the naughty boy now”? Then ever so often she would ask in a soft seductive voice, “Tell me what you want, come on tell me what you really want”. He finally blurted out, “I want you to suck my cock”. She smiled and stopped and said, “Uh huh naughty boy”. Instead she moved up and straddled his body taking his shaft in her hand and slowing inserting just its head inside her warm moist pussy lips. She started to fuck just the head with very slow, short and gently strokes. Whenever he tried to raise his hips to penetrate her deeper she would lift her body so that only the head was inside her pussy and say, “Uh huh naughty boy”. He kept trying to raise his hips, to get the full length of his shaft inside her pussy but every time she would raise her hips up as he thrust upwards; she was always just fucking the head and making “naughty boy” comments. Just when he felt he was about to explode she stopped with just the head inserted and asked, “Tell me what you want, come on tell me; tell me what you really want”. He moaned and said, “Please, I want to fuck you, I want my dick inside you”. She smiled her impish grin and said, “Uh huh naughty boy” and dismounted moving her head back to his crotch, licking the shaft’s full length before taking just the head once again into her mouth, nibbling, sucking, kissing and running her tongue under its foreskin and around the head. She kind of bobbed her mouth on the cock’s head as if she were going to work down and take the full length in her mouth; he blurted out, “Oh yes, please, please suck it.” But she murmured, “Uh huh naughty boy”. He was thrusting his hips upwards trying to get her to take the full shaft into her mouth but each time she would pull back keeping her lips around the cock’s head. As the climax started to well up inside him she removed her mouth and started stroking his shaft; first with long slow strokes but increasing the speed after every 4-6 stokes. As he felt himself about to cum he pleaded, “Please, please fuck me or suck me, please”. He heard her make a little snickering laugh as his cock exploded its load.

(continued below)

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Feb 13 @ 7:11PM  
She slowed her strokes as he spurted cum on himself timing her strokes so as to stop stroking as the last drops exited; his body trembled slightly as the last of the cum seeped out she bent down and licked the shaft from base to head; pausing to kiss the head before saying, “You think you’ll ever try to be a naughty boy again”.

As he lay there spent from the intensity of the organism yet unfulfilled he moaned, “No, never, not ever, never ever again” but as she loosened the restraints he was thinking to himself “just wait until I get free”.


Feb 13 @ 7:29PM  
Keep em coming, swyeter! I really liked this story!!!!!!!!!! Very hot!

Feb 13 @ 7:30PM  
Ok that was HOT!!!!!!!!

Feb 13 @ 8:14PM  
Gulp.. er...wheeew.. yeah.. cookie for you!

Feb 13 @ 8:36PM  
dude you was a bad boy........... good story.........or was it........

Feb 13 @ 8:52PM  
Oh you naughty boy!
But a very good story and a sweet cherry to taste too!

Feb 13 @ 9:05PM  
That was awesome Swyeter!!!

Is it warm in here or is me?

Feb 13 @ 10:11PM  
Well done good sir...

Well done

Feb 13 @ 10:17PM  
ummm...Wow!!!! Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Keep writing..that was good.

*leaves a kudo*

Feb 13 @ 10:55PM  
be gentle and respect me in morning.
hmm, not so sure about the being gentle....but I'll still respect you in the morning....


Feb 14 @ 1:07AM  
Very Hot Swyeter .... Anytime you want to be Naughty ...Just let me know ..I`ll play .... Kudo

Feb 14 @ 3:23AM  
Damn now I got to drive to work?

Feb 14 @ 7:06AM  
I shouldnt have read it while at work ... good story, cant wait to read how the payback turns out

Feb 14 @ 7:39AM  
Oh my... Happy Valentine's Day to me!

Perhaps tonight I'll be inspired...

Feb 14 @ 1:38PM  
OMG that was wonderful great job can't wait for more!!

lays a green thingie on the nightstand

Feb 14 @ 9:11PM  
Damn that was sexy as hell!!! LOVE IT!!!

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Naughty Boy Payback