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Just a twist from my others guys

posted 2/13/2008 9:21:27 AM |
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She was sitting at home all alone again. Boy was she ever tired of staying home on the weekends. She decided to see who was online. She walks over and turns the computer on. She gets online and goes to one of her favorite dating sites. After what happened the last time she swore that she wouldnt come back, but that had seemed like ages ago.

She was young and new to the online dating she kept telling herself, next time will be different. She meet the most amazing guy online one nite. He asked her if she was into BDSM, Dom. , subs., and all. Of course her not really knowing what all that meant she said alittle. She was thinking well this is just online not like Im going to meet anyone anyway. So she starts to talking to this gentleman. She realizes that he is not what she thought at first. He seemed to be so sweet, nice, caring, and a true gentleman.
It started out fine at first him finding out about her what her weaknesses are and all.... Then one nite he asked her to go to a private room with him and someone else. She really didnt want to but did cause she really liked this man and wanted to get to know him better. When she got to the room he asked her if she would ever like to meet him in person and of course she has changed her mind and said yes she would love to meet him. They only lived about hour away from each other. they set up a time day and place to meet . he also told her to plan on spending the nite.

Well a couple of weeks past and it was time to meet him. She was so nervous. Packing her bags she wondered if she should take her laptop or not. she decideds to take it. She gets to the motel and He is already there waiting on her.
She walks in with her bags and sets them down at the counter. She turns and smiles at him. He smiles back and says I have already gotten the room and picks up her bags and says this away.. As he leads her to the room he ask how was the drive here??? She said it was beautiful. He doesnt even take the time to realize that she is so nervous she has made her self sick.

They get to the room and she runs to the bathroom gets sick then washes face and mouth out. she comes back into the room. That is when she realizes they are not alone. She looks at him and ask him who is this. He tells her to come and sit down on the bed next to him. He says hold that thought I want you to do something for me first ok hon. She looks at him and says if I can. Confused and really ready to leave she is beginning to think this was a very bad idea.

He says close your eyes for me ok. She hesitates but does. with her hands in her lap she closes her eyes he takes a blindfold and ties it over her eyes. then he leans in and tells her to stand. she does and trys to ask what is going on. but he stops her by placing a finger over her mouth. Then he takes and undresses her slowly whispering to her telling her how beautiful she really is....After he gets her undressed He tells her to lay down on the bed in the middle she hesitates and says wait Im not ready for all of this she trys to take the blindfold off but he stops her from doing so. He then pushes her down on the bed straddles her and ties her to the bed she is begging pleading please dont Im not ready please please stop. Crying and trying to get free she is getting hysterical. She starts to scream and he shoves something into her mouth. ties a scarf around it to keep it in there.

Shaking herself back to reality she says ok hon its over with that happened over a year ago time to get over it. Shaking she gets up away from the computer. Forgetting that she left it on. she goes into the kitchen and gets something to drink. She starts to sit on the couch til she hears the buzzed on her computer going off.

Slowly walking back to it and wishing she had turned it off. she reaches it and is surprised at who is buzzing her.........

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Feb 13 @ 9:52AM  
I'm not sure if this is a true story or not but I'm certain it could be. When I first came here I tried to post some things about dating sites...from my personal experiences to try an warn "newbies"...and I got shot down big time.

Danger lurks at every turn if one is new, lonely and gullible and preditors come in all shapes and sizes and ages. They run the gambit from liars and deceivers to lure you into cybersex, phone sex or camming, while others agenda is far more sinister.

It makes me sad that so many in AMD doesn't want newbies to hear the bad stuff. Trolls who reek havoc in the blogs and forums seems to be the order of the day...but no one wants to talk about "Joe Blow" who is out to break your heart or worse...lure unsuspecting women into dangerous situations.

Just beware my friend....ask all the questions you can think of and ask again and their answers, keep track of their answers...they will eventually trip themselves up to show their real intent. DON'T TRUST ANYONE! That's a sad state to live in...but it will keep you safe.

Feb 13 @ 11:02AM  

I enjoyed the read...and certainly have a few new blogs to write in My future I see...

"BDSM Acid Test"
BDSM Activities Checklist
Negotiation and Limits
Safe Words
And more...

These are just a few of My thoughts:

I NEVER meet and play...unless I have known the person via "scene" friends etc...
The first meeting should ALWAYS be in a public place
It is not just the young, but also the old that are vulnerable
There are way too many fakes/flakes/wannabes/psychos, both Doms and subs online and real-time...
knowledge is your best defense...know how to best arm yourself and to be safe...
online dating is dangerous enough...
real-time BDSM with any of the aforementioned can be a fatal mistake!!!



Feb 13 @ 11:41AM  
oh Lily you just made my blood run cold. I hope this isn't true and that it is a fantasy from your mind.

Feb 13 @ 11:42AM  
So true Viper

I had talked to my Dom for a least two weeks before we even talked about the life style. Then he sends me a check list, of what I will and won't allow. what an eye opener

After he read that, I got his list of rules, which were very few but they included safe words, and a number of things before anything starts.

It was more like a entering a contract on both sides, I guess Ii was lucky to find a professional, instead of a wanna be. Now it's relationship on mutual trust, I trust him to take care of me. And he trusts me to make sure he does.

I guess I couldn't ask for more



Feb 13 @ 11:58AM  
O.K. now I know what side of the line I'm on. I'd have to be a dom. No way I'd let a stranger carve me up... when I can be doing the carving

Feb 13 @ 10:05PM  
ok for all of you out there that dont know me. This is a story that I made up. It is something that I felt like I had to write just because of the fact that um so many ppl on here try to hook up without knowing each other all that well.

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Just a twist from my others guys