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posted 2/12/2008 10:29:11 PM |
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tagged: troll

OK, Here it is, this is not a long term offer, even though the outcome will be an indefinate result. I am offering peace, and oppology. This offer expires on FRIDAY, FEB, 15th. This is my choice there was nobody who has forced me into this in any way, shape or form. I am offering this, to show good faith and that I am an adult, and that I am actually a good man, regaurdless even if it is said that I look like a "troll" I am not, but I will not contest my troll like features. Trolls are not caring, and honest good people. I am.

The truth of the matter is this....I'm not a shit stirrer, and even though I enjoyed emailing, everyone who has commented and supported me, I am starting to think that my last blog, has consumed a large part of my day, not that I have anything else better to do, but still. I really do feel kinda bad about the whole thing. I have even considered a mutual oppology. I will admit to her that I was wrong, and should have read her profile, as long as she will admit she was way to harsh, and that I never used the words "I wanted to fuck."

I'm sure she knows how to contact me. I will not contact her, because I would not want it to be said, that I am harrassing her. I will even go as far as to say, if she gives her oppology in public, in a posted blog here on this site, I will post my oppoIogy in the same way. I will also delete my profile, and never return to this site if thats what she wishes. That will be

The End

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Feb 12 @ 10:41PM  
No names were mentioned so far in the blogs, so to ask her to apologize in public I feel isn't the right thing to do. It should be done in private emails and you both should go your separate ways afterwards. From what I know, She owned up to being an ass somewhat to you in the personal email after the 5 emails that you had sent prior to her saying the same thing. I know there are two sides to every story, and I doubt that we're going to find out the actuall truth of the story, but I think it's great that you're willing to apologize for this as long as she does the same for her part.

Feb 12 @ 10:43PM  
Oops, correction on my part. My last comment should have read the 5 emails you sent prior to you saying the same thing in the emails. I apologize for the typo.

Feb 12 @ 10:46PM  
Well you already know my opinion of this so I will just say Kudos to you for taking the high road.............and you dont need to cancel your acct for anyone or any reason unless you want to leave. People will believe what they want no matter what is said or done.............

Feb 12 @ 10:50PM  
Let her leave if she has that big of a problem with it. If her skin is that thin, then she needs to find tamer ground to sit on.

Feb 12 @ 10:58PM  
Straddle you are right about the first part, however, I didnt email her 5 times prior to her emailing me back. But a far as the private part yes you are right. I do see your point that she should remain a private party. After all I was th one that made it public, even though she chose to email every other male on this site to tell her story even thoh her story was not completely true.

Feb 12 @ 11:18PM  
i dont see what this lady did? you said you sent her a email wanting to fuck her and all, then u want her to say shes sorry for what she said? i get emails all the time i want to shove my hard cock down your thoat all like that, i dont think thats nice either, would you go to a bar and say that too a woman in her face? i think you both need to say sorry! you can start it by saying it, she might even say she is :)

Feb 13 @ 12:05AM  
Feather, I don't believe he wrote anything of that nature to her. He doesn't seem to be that sort of fellow.

I'm willing to bet that if I wrote exactly what he wrote to you, youd be charmed.

I'm a walking example of this experiment. The difference in response I got after changing my pic to a topless one... well lets just say I didn't get fanmail before (keep those letters comming ladies... even if you are my mothers age).

More attractive people are treated better and thats... O.K. lets just say its not good (hate to curse to much here).


Feb 13 @ 2:26AM  
XD, just let it go some will never be happy
, now everyone is going to start correcting spelling [/B]
Ewe,last sentence was gospel
Blue, amen
BGI'll explain later

Feb 13 @ 5:05AM  
Personally, I try to keep Private matters..Private!!!
Why the drama?
My 2 cents!

Feb 13 @ 8:11AM  
Perhaps you are a bigger ado about this that is nessesary....say sorry,,,,give her a kiss on the booty and lets move on.

BTW...I got a few "wanna fucks" from the same guy, and I told him I wouldnt let him piss on me, if I was on fire!!!

We are both still here, and both still happy, she needs to get over herself, or go to calmer waters.
Women get "wanna fucks" all day, it wouldnt be AMD if we didnt...would it??

Feb 13 @ 11:08AM  
Whisperingcomet has a good point and so does Ewe. Some people are gonna believe what they wanna believe no matter what.

"Wanna fuck" or variations of...hit my mailbox daily. It used to rile me to blast them back. Now I either delete them without comment or if the mood strikes me I send them an "in your dreams" reply....then delete them. It just all comes with the territory of singles sites. It's annoying as hell but I just consider the source and feel sorry for their ignorance. They surely must lead a pathetic life...not worth getting my blood pressure up over.

If you've sent a private apology then let it go and move on. Don't leave unless that is your own choice.

By the way...looks are's the heart that counts. Just my opinion.

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