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posted 2/12/2008 1:27:40 PM |
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OK, get this, The other day, I sent someone on this site an email. Now, dont get me wrong, I dont really make a point of emailing people telling them that I think they are hot looking, or anything like that really. Its really just not me. Anyway, I was reading blogs, and read one that I found very interesting, because I am a person of much culture, and this blog kinda touched home. Being half Irish I cant help myself. LOL

Also, seeing the picture of the lady who wrote this blog, for some stupid reason, Oh I dont know, cause this is an adult dating site? I email this lady, and let her know the picture was hot, and I wouldnt mind spending a few hours naked with her. Well why not? I'm a supportive kinda guy... I would be right behind her ya know what I mean?

Anyway, she emailed me back today. Uh huh she did. It was also quite informative too. I knew that dating, can be somewhat competitive at times. But I did not know this site was like POGO, or Yahoo games. I was not aware that we ran leagues in here.

She told me that she wouldnt let me do them things to her, cause she was out of my league. Well, I wanna find out just who it is that runs this league, cause she told me I cant be in her league, cause I need to look in a mirror......ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDIN ME? Well, being informed of this, I got right up outta my chair and looked strieght into that mirror, and her and I dont look anything alike. I'll be damned....I figure she must be in one of them cloning leagues. I aint joinin one of them. I really hate conceited people.

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Feb 12 @ 1:53PM  
No shit,,,me too, i can't stand people that are conceited

Feb 12 @ 1:57PM  
people make up "leagues" in the hopes that it makes them look like they deserve better than they really is in the eye of the beholder.

Feb 12 @ 1:58PM  
Now that’s just plain cold.
I believe firmly in the Golden Rule and obviously this “lady” does not.
However maybe a less obvious come on would have been nicer.
The wanna fucks get old real fast.

Feb 12 @ 2:02PM  
She should have been more considerate. "I'm sorry. I don't think we are a match"...or something like that. Screw her.

Feb 12 @ 2:08PM  
Wow, XD that sucks.. cuz I've done some emailing back and forth with you and find you to be a really decent person.. that chick needs a high colonic... really high.. so it squirts out her ears.

PS ladies.. he's funny too!

Feb 12 @ 2:14PM  
Playing devils advocate here, but she could have just had a knee jerk reaction to your email depending on what it said. Women get really sick of superficial "wanna fucks" when they don't know you and it is an initial contact, particularly when they get inundated with a lot of email messages like that. Women have posted hundreds of blogs on here expressing that very thing.

Feb 12 @ 2:14PM  
Shit like that just happens I guess... I dunno....

I just got lucky, I just posted all over the site like a retard but never e-mailed no one, they started mailing me? Like I'mma prize right??

Just can't figure the females out....

Feb 12 @ 2:23PM  
I'm in my own leage Thats right. just me.

If ya all want to talk to the leage management ... the home office is on Alpha Centariy

I just crack myself up some times

Feb 12 @ 2:27PM  
Oh ya ... I forgot ...

Can ya spell Bimbo ... I knew ya could

B I M B O ... and Bimbo was her name oooooo... come one every one together now.

Feb 12 @ 2:29PM  
wow so what kinda league am i in?? I know the BEWBIE league

sorry you had to chose a ass (wasn't me was it??)

Feb 12 @ 2:30PM  
She told me that she wouldnt let me do them things to her, cause she was out of my league.

Well, now.....she just may be right......would you really want to be in "league" with someone like that? ....

There are a lot of people on sites like this.....not wanting anything but an inbox full of how beautiful and sexy they are......just sayin'...

Feb 12 @ 2:32PM  
I'm in the little league.... but I got a big bat!

Feb 12 @ 2:39PM  
Wow, thats funny I know of a lady on this site that wrote the same thing to a friend of mine............hmmmm makes me wonder........

First cliques and now leagues..........WHO THE HELL IS SUPPOSE TO BE KEEPING ME UPDATED ON THIS SHIT...........Damn!!

You and i have exchange some emails and i have also found you personable.....and obviously you would really have to lower yourself to want to be someone like her..........

Feb 12 @ 2:39PM  
Thank you Nacho for the kind words. its always a pleasure talking with you too.

Feb 12 @ 2:42PM  
he's funny too!
he talked about fret boards once

Damn Dayna XD jut updated you, what more you want?

Feb 12 @ 2:43PM  
believe me, I can truthfully understand a lady getting tired of the"Wanna Fuck" emails...But at that point, dont you think that having your one and only pic of you on your profile with your legs spread would just be kinda asking for that?

Feb 12 @ 2:45PM  
I see your point... similar thing happened to me long time ago....

Feb 12 @ 2:47PM  
LMAO LISA no it wasnt you, your main pic isnt one of you with your legs spread.

Feb 12 @ 2:48PM  
Want me to post one???

Feb 12 @ 2:52PM  
Damn Dayna XD jut updated you, what more you want?
A little more advanced notice so I can come up with something witty to say, Canu..........damn do you think I am this funny all the time?

Feb 12 @ 2:53PM  
Thanks WISH, that really does mean a lot to me. I knew I enjoyed chatting with you for a good reason

Feb 12 @ 2:56PM  
See CANU I knew you understood the fretboard thing! LMAO

Feb 12 @ 2:57PM  
LISA I am NEVER opposed to seeing one!

Feb 12 @ 3:07PM  
I agree with WoW with his comment on here. It could have been that reason. But there was no excuse to still act like an ass like she did when she emailed you back.

Feb 12 @ 3:16PM  
your main pic isnt one of you with your legs spread.
Now that does paint a different picture now doesn’t it?

Feb 12 @ 3:20PM  
I think this girl is really just playing hard to get LMFAO cause she just keeps emailing me, just to tell me I look like a troll. I'm just hoping its not one of them trolls with the pencil up its ass, and the hair all standin up, cause thats just wrong. Them pencil trolls should just stop that!

Feb 12 @ 3:27PM  
Oh see now you'll have us looking at blogs to see if there is one with wide spread legs for the only pic just to see who she is!!! LOL

Feb 12 @ 5:04PM  
Man thats cold. To me, you look like Penn Jillette. You just need to smile

Feb 12 @ 5:15PM  
I'm in the little league.... but I got a big bat!

Sorry that there are people out there like that, a polite no thank you would have been better. I have turned some men down myself, but not in a way that would hurt them......that's not nice!

Feb 12 @ 5:38PM  
Is it more polite to not respond or respond badly?

Most don't even respond back to me ... so in a way your lucky. At least you know where you stand here.


Feb 12 @ 5:44PM  
One thing I have learned in my forty-odd years of crawling around this planet.. looks are not the measure of a man. I know several who are nice to look at but I wouldn't trust em with my dog let alone my body. Some who aren't maybe all that much to look at on the outside who have beautiful souls.. and baby that soul thing isn't going to change as much as the physical bit. I'd rather have a man who was.. than a man who never will be.

Feb 12 @ 5:47PM  
I still say he looks like penn... that and he should smile. He looks so much better in his other pics... the ass one is great. Use the ass one man.

Shake that ass.


Feb 12 @ 6:09PM  
The only league that bitch is in is the SHIT FOR BRAINS league! Even if I don't feel I'm a match with a guy who writes to me, I always write him back and tell him I'm not interested and good luck with his search.
People like her give the rest of us a bad name!

Feb 12 @ 6:17PM  
Egads! And I just wrote a rude email to a bitty boy that told me I would have fun exchanging nude pictures with him.

Feb 12 @ 6:34PM  
Hey BG thanks for the ass comment LMAO I'm glad you like that pic.....However it does concern me. Just messin with ya bro. Its all good

Feb 12 @ 6:42PM  
Now who's friggin kidding who?

Looks like a few people like ya at least!

Feb 12 @ 6:57PM  
I appreciate hearing from you and your acknowledgment of my playing devil's advocate on the blog post, ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDIN ME?. I also appreciate you, and to an extent him, not mentioning names and commenting on his blog and starting a fire fight. I always feel that a certain point, people need to take it to email and observe the "let's not do our dirty laundry in public" approach.

I looked at your profile and noted that you are seeking other women and that is on your main page. When I moved to your essays, from the get go there is a clear, polite, yet firm comment in the beginning:
The person I would like to meet:
*No guys* You will be ignored or taunted. I tried to be nice before, but I guess I just have to spell it out. I have an incredible guy already." Pretty clear to me.

Some people do not lie as such but only submit parts of the truth so as to produce false conclusions by the reader. The word for this is propaganda and in her teens, my daughter was a master of the art and a superb manipulator of the truth.

Let me tell you that this site is populated by many fine people. I may have been using the analogy a bit too much lately, but every picnic draws flies.

I am sorry that he wrote five times to you, bothering you before you said that "you were out of his league". I am sorry that he has harassed you since that time. Unfortunately, some guys have a dick or ass, and some guys are one.

What I intend to do is cop[y paste what I have written, without identifying you to every commentator so they get the rest of the story from an objective source.

What you can do, and I have done in the past, is to block undesirables from emailing you. I would not report anyone for harassment unless there is a real fear of reprisal beyond cyber space and that is unlikely considering the distance he is from you.

Again, there are many wonderful people here and it is a pity that we must deal with trolls. I really admire you in your taking the high road in how you have dealt with this and wish more would follow your lead.

Feb 12 @ 6:59PM  

I am the type that only having heard one side of the story.
I feel that it is best to reserve judgement.

Feb 12 @ 7:04PM  
Well, I'm not sure that you guys understand how boring it is to answer "wanna fucks" in a polite manner.

As far as posting a provocative post as "asking for it" WTF??????

Feb 12 @ 7:35PM  
ok, I said it once, and I will say it again. 'ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDIN ME?" first off I have not said anyones name as to who she was, and I know you didnt say that I did. However I EMAILED HER ONE TIME, and she responded to it, I did NOT email her 5 times, and if I have to post all the emails with the times to show I will just to make my point. Thank you. Oh and I still say when you tell someone to go back under the bridge they came out from, and DIE I dont find that to be as you say "NICE"

Feb 12 @ 7:52PM  
Relax darlin and consider the source. An unpredictable lot women are, and you already know that. Why waste the energy? You can apparently put it to much better use!! You know you will find as many Bitches here as you will find friends. We want it all..........but we don't know how much we miss from preconceived ideals............I learned............who fuckin cares if she does????????

Feb 12 @ 7:56PM  
I never said that she was asking for anything, all I said was if you have one pic on your profile, nd it is one of you with your legs spread you should expect that. and it was not as gross as a comment like is being said, I never once said that I any word remotely close to fuck I didnt say it in a gross way or demeaning compared to the pic she has. and complaining about what I said to her, is about the same as being in a bar, and complaining about the loud music, and drinking. if your in a bar, thats what you have to expect. thats why its not a place for children, or people of the cloth.

Feb 12 @ 8:11PM  
You deserve another Kudo!

Feb 12 @ 8:19PM  
There are two sides to every story and the truth usually rides somewhere between..........what amuses me is that it seems like she only contacted the men to tell her story of distress not that i want her to write to me and not that i really give a rats ass all i know is that the author of this blog has always been a gentleman when writing to me.

Feb 12 @ 8:27PM  
Thank you very very much Ewe_Wish for the kind words, and the support

Feb 12 @ 8:54PM  
Hey, how come she didn't email me? Am I not a good shoulder to... o.k. thats the first thing she's done right so far.

The things I'd type back would make a hooker gasp.

Feb 13 @ 2:29AM  
She didn't e-mail me either...

Feb 13 @ 11:39AM  
<---has been guilty of blasting "wanna fuck" e-mails but NEVER doing a personal attack on any man. Yet numerous times I've replied nicely to men's 'wanna fucks' and received scathing replies in return telling me how ugly/fat/old and nasty I am. Maybe I'm not alone in that and it's why some women don't answer any undesirable e-mail...or even nice ones that we know we're not interested in.

Most I reply to nicely...some I just delete...depends on my mood. But I do know this...I let none get to me anymore...I just consider the source.

And I'm sorry ladies...this grandma thinks if a woman posts a pix with her legs spread she is setting herself up to be a target for all kinds of crap. If she is so offended then she is a two-faced bitch...plays the "come here/go away' game thinking her pussy is extra special. Now I am in trouble

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