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Viper's D/s Philosophy

posted 2/11/2008 2:26:28 PM |
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tagged: dominant, bdsm, submissive, fetishes, s and m

Control is given to a Dominant by a submissive it is NOT taken...
Control is maintained by a Dominant it is NOT relinquished...
Control is returned to a submissive unless 24/7...
Control is given without reservations...
Control over a submissive doesn't equal weakness...
Dominance is NOT how loud One yells...
Dominance is if a whisper or the unspoken word is both heard and obeyed...
Dominance is NOT checking Ones intelligence, manners and sense of humor at the door...
Dominance has it's roots in chivalry...
Dominance is a need...
D/s is an erotic power exchange and a relationship with balance, intensity and intimacy...
D/s is defined by limits...those of both the Dominant as well as the submissive...
D/s is based on mutual respect, honesty, communication and TRUST...
D/s has NO rules...ONLY the rules of the Sir/Dominant/Master...
D/s is a journey and NOT a destination...
submission is strength NOT weakness...
submission is a NEED...
submission is a way of being...
submission is a thing of beauty and power...
submission is pleasure for both the Dominant and submissive...

I hope you enjoyed a little further insight into Me,

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Feb 11 @ 2:30PM  
Amen Viper, and it's about time some of the 'wanna be Doms' read some of this and realized it's not all some major power trip in which you get to just be a total ass. if you want true submission, you better be able to control yourself!

Feb 11 @ 2:32PM  
You are correct on everything.
D/s is a journey and NOT a destination...
This is my favorite part and my personal creed also.

Feb 11 @ 2:34PM  
Damn fine blog and a shiny green thingy to you for it.

Feb 11 @ 2:40PM  
can anyone take this journey ......................

Feb 11 @ 2:45PM  
Very well said, Viper.

I am pretty new to the world of D/s, and it has taken me a while to figure out that although I am strong willed, outspoken, self-sufficient and capable.. I am a submissive. (I originally thought I was a Domme or at least a switch...LOL)

It has also taken me a while to figure out that there is no value in conditional submission, it has to be 100% surrender., mind, body and soul.

It is an art form. It is a world of honor and integrity. It is a world of naked honesty.

There are alot of wannabes and tourists. There are fakes and posers. And there are also some mighty sweet good-hearted people playing in the dark wicked world of D/s.

Feb 11 @ 2:54PM  
I've always had a hard time understanding the whole mindset of s and m.

I think it makes for very pretty porn, and can appreciate it... but I can't seem to realy grasp it.

Is it something your born into, or can it be devolped?

Feb 11 @ 3:37PM  
First thank you all for your comments...there will be much more to cum... true...
One must be in control of Ones self...before they can control someone else know I agree
ladybootscooter...I appreciate the shiny green thingy
sexyangel...anyone can take the journey...just be careful in picking your Guide theory it is of honor and integrity...but at times not the case
beefygobin...there are both...
the natural Dom and sub as well as those who grow into the lifestyle...there indeed are many Dom and sub types

Feb 11 @ 5:19PM  
I'm like aftersox. finding that even though I can be outright scary in the board room. I need the gentle hand and the control of my Dom in the bedroom. I love to give up control knowing that my Dom is there to guide us both. That doesn't mean I don't have to do anything, Being ready and being willing to answer every need of my Dom brings me great joy. I love it when he pulls the collar out of the draw and says, let's play. We aren't 24/7 because of our professional lives and the fact that we live 120 miles apart. and maybe that's what makes to so much better.

Thank you Viper for your wonderful writings.


Feb 11 @ 6:27PM  
Trust...Commitment ....Mutual Attraction.....Unselfishness.....Waaaaaait a minute.....Hold on there.......Isn't that some things that are required for ANY type of relationship to work? ...Imagine that!!!...all the "straight" people out there, as well as the bashers and wanna-be's, gotta have the same personality "flaws" as D/s's in order to have their relationships work....... thingie to ya.....

Feb 11 @ 6:42PM  
I get into bondage but no other aspects of BDSM.

Feb 11 @ 7:32PM  
Thank you...My pleasure...I will be writing about collars one day soon
I agree with you...but probably would have used "vanilla" instead of "straight"
Thanks for the green thingy
One of the great things about BDSM is all of the choices and flavors.
Are you into Shibari?
I'm very much into chains...I guess you can say that is My kink!

Feb 11 @ 7:46PM  
I'm not into any form of restraints outside of the basic. Handcuffs, ropes scarfs, bandanas, spreader bars. I just like the temporary feeling of helplessness. I could serve a mistress to a certain extent but I would like my turn next.

Feb 11 @ 8:20PM  
I like tying people up and biting, but thats not the same as a control relationship. It lacks a certain aspect which makes for s and m.

I don't know what that aspect realy is though... I just don't grok.

I'm trying to understand it though, becouse it makes for stunning visuals.

The reason I like to bite- is becouse I used to have a dental applience that consisted of a series of spikes. The girls loved it in highschool, so I went along with it... The device was to prevent me from knocking my teeth forward ( pauses to use tongue as straw and licks bottom of glass). So I'm stuck with that kink.

Feb 11 @ 8:55PM  
Chains are one of my favorite little fetishes too. I love the cold hard steel against my flesh warming with the heat of my skin. I adore the glint of the metal in the light shining with every tiny movement. I really get off on the sounds, the clanking and rattling is so intoxicating.

Feb 11 @ 9:19PM  
Now see, I like the whole drama and artform of shibari. To see human flesh contorted by the intricate knotwork and know that this person has placed their life in my hands.. it's heady.

Feb 12 @ 2:03AM  
AMEN my lap!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 12 @ 2:27AM  
I agree you are correct on all the things mentioned. I have ran across many ' wanna be's" and I must say its very frustrating. Many do think submission is weakness but they dont even have a clue to the truth of the matter. So many good points made. I can only hope that I find one that see's things as you do. Again I say thanks for putting this out here. I here so many talk about the Dom/sub in the negative, not taking the time to learn about it first before making judgement on it. kudos to you for this blog.

Feb 12 @ 10:02AM  
Oh Viper Sir I have to say that I totally understand and agree with what you are saying here. At first I didnt understand any of the Dom. subs and all that stuff but I knew deep inside that I had to first trust myself and then the person I was with. Im so glad that you finally put into words what others are afraid to say. It is truely appreiciated.

Feb 13 @ 10:22PM  

Feb 14 @ 9:14PM  
i like this blog! perhaps you have cleared a few foggy areas with this.

Feb 15 @ 11:02AM  
I find myself surprised. I've always liked aggressive, and feared dominance. You made me realize they're one in the same . . . lusty, sexy, and hot.


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