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The Flu SUCKS!!!!

posted 2/10/2008 2:11:43 PM |
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It was bad enough yesterday that I couldn't stay connected long enough to even check out the butts on the AMD buttgame, dialup is the only option here in the boonies and it's not very reliable! But I thought what the heck, got an appointment to get mine and my mom's hair cut, then it's lunch out just us girls. A little shopping, maybe the internet will cooperate when I get home from all this fun! Got home about 7 last night and at 7:10 the fever and chills hit! Spent the rest of the night and all of today heavily medicated by Nyquil. The chills and aches continue today, feel like I might have to get better just to die! So it's not that I'm outright ignoring all those sexy butts just can't really appreciate them right now! Dammit!

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Feb 10 @ 2:29PM  
Dont worry Stormy................I'll email them to you after the game so that you can spend tomorrow at work enjoying them....................


Feb 10 @ 2:31PM  
Gawd I didn't think I'd ever say this but could ya email me some chicken soup instead????

Feb 10 @ 2:35PM  
Gawd I didn't think I'd ever say this but could ya email me some chicken soup instead????

Here ya go a little get well package

and if you get worse i hope this is what is waiting for you at the ER


Feb 10 @ 2:52PM  
Can you say 911?????????

Feb 10 @ 2:56PM  
Geez Ewe Wish... I need to get sick more often!!!

Actually we do have a young handsome hunky doc like that on my rock....but he is married

The women here all call him Doc Dreamy... we agree it makes you want to get sick just to get a visit. Oh yea and he has the voice that will melt you and a great bedside manner too. ... sigh.. another one in the "undateable" category.

Feb 10 @ 3:00PM  
Hope you feel better soon. Ever watched "Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny"? It might help you feel better.

Feb 10 @ 3:01PM  
Hey LBS, sorry to hear you're not feeling well, You're right the flu does suck. Do you get a flu shot? it may sound like a DUH! question, but I don't mean it to be. I used to get the flu every year, it all stopped when I started getting a flu shot. Get better soon.

Hello D.... if I were to shout MEDIC! could you fix me up with something I would like to meet in the ER?


Feb 10 @ 3:02PM  
Ok Lady you need to break out Grandma's get well quick flu remedy!!

Cut a clove of garlic in half and rub it on the soles of your feet then put socks on for about an hour before washing it off.... in the meantime make a hot toddy of the juice of 3 lemons, a hefty shot of whisky or brandy, a large tablespoon of honey (contains proplis, a natural antibiotic) and top off with boiling water.

It will kill what ails you.... oh yea and dress as warm as you can to raise your body temp. These bugs have a set life span which is why the doc says it has to run it's course. But elevating your body temp speeds up it's course and you are done with it sooner.

Get well soon hon.

Feb 10 @ 3:05PM  
Hope you start feeling better Stormy ....I can wash your panties until you feel better...

Feb 10 @ 3:06PM  
Surfin4fun....................I heard there is a nurse just waiting for you to come to the ER............


Feb 10 @ 3:10PM  
i got a shot i can give you..............

Feb 10 @ 3:36PM  
hope you feel better soon..... there are some really nasty strands of the flu going around this year!

Feb 10 @ 3:44PM  
Aww, Stormy, I'm sorry you're sick.Hope you are feeling better really soon.
Like Hopon said, it's a really bad strand going around this year. Make sure you take care so it doesn't go to anything more serious.

Would it help to know that I apprecated the butts for you?
Just trying to help a friend out.....

Take care of you, Sweetie....

Feb 10 @ 3:45PM  
I sure hope you get better LBS I got the runnning nose and sore throat and that will be enough thank you! So please get well soon and don't send it to me

Feb 10 @ 4:21PM  
Yeah bootsy.. be careful babe. Mine went straight to punymonia with the other crap I'm battling..

Swanson's chicken broth works wonders.. gag.. but it works.

Also if you have some peppermint and chamomile and a bit of.. believe it or not.. hyssop it makes a good tea as long as you aren't preggers.

I hope you get feelin better soon.. gonna light a blue candle for ya... right now.

Feb 10 @ 4:39PM  
Thanks ya'll! When it hit, it hit quick! Started sneezing my brains out in Walmart, thought I just got a whiff of detergents or candles (cos they'll do it to me everytime!) left there and drove down by the new development to see all the big too expensive for belief houses they are building down the street from me. Got home and could barely get out of the car! Feel like someone beat me with a ballbat! Been hitting the Nyquil alot and rest. Lots of rest and O.J.! I know it's going around lately and I can't get the flu shots as I've had bad allergic reactions to 'em! So I just battle it out when I get it!

Feb 10 @ 4:45PM  
"...feel like I might have to get better just to die!"

Yup, that's the flu.

DC999 is on the right track.
Grandma's remedy should alternate with bowls of
Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup,
a humidifier,
and up to 500 mg. Tylenol at least two hours after
the hefty shot of whisky or brandy...
depending on your personal experience mixing
acetaminophen and booze.
Keep busy treating symptoms if awake.
This season's flu lasts only 36 to 72 hours if you are lucky.[/B]

Feb 10 @ 4:49PM  
Yes, it comes on very, very quickly
and you suddenly feel like you are going to die.
But that lasts for only an hour or two
and the rest of the way is easy.


Feb 10 @ 5:16PM  
Thank you D. I can't wait to get sick now!

Feb 10 @ 5:18PM  

A few ideas to get you better.......Hope this helps!!!.....(click here)

Feb 10 @ 5:25PM  
Awwwww! Thanks Baby! I feel better already!!

Feb 10 @ 5:48PM  
so does strep... whole friggin craze bunch caught it....

Feb 10 @ 7:08PM  
Get well soon LBS.

Feb 10 @ 10:07PM  
Damn, hope you start feeling better. I sure hope that I don't come down sick when the feet match game starts.

Feb 10 @ 11:13PM  
Sorry to hear you have the flu. Get well soon.

Feb 11 @ 1:36AM  
Well, Stormy, misery loves company and I am here, right along with ya. I ache so bad. I live in an old, drafty house and when one of those drafts hits me, it actually hurts. Been gagging down the zinc and TheraFlu in hopes that I will feel better for work. I'm awake now for another dose of the TheraFlu and to get a blanket. I woke up shivering. I hate that.

Feb 11 @ 3:47PM  
Why do we say something sucks and mean its bad?

I mean, I personally love things that suck

Feb 11 @ 4:19PM  
Fine Billy in honor of your birthday and because you find the term sucks to be a desirable state and not a bad one.....I will hereby rephrase this to say "the flu sucks nastyass canal water" however today the ice here sucks worse than the flu does! Can't seem to get a break!

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The Flu SUCKS!!!!