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Men are almost obsolete

posted 2/10/2008 12:11:47 AM |
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Doc Hits the 'Gee!' Spot
It's happened. Men are one step closer to being replaced by technology. Once a scientist invents a robot that can take out the trash, bring home another paycheck, and kill the big fuzzy spiders, we're obsolete. American scientists have discovered how to create orgasms in women at the touch of a button. As if we weren't lazy enough. We have children who don't want to read entire books. Most don't have the attention span to sit through a Shakespearean play. Finally, they have gotten bored with the actual act of sex. What's next? Are comic books going to be tossed aside for being too wordy.

I was very enthusiastic about this discovery until I heard what some of my peers had to say about it. Young women have no reason to be considering this as a viable option besides the mere fact that their boyfriends are lazy. I want to highlight the parts of this article that clearly say " For women with orgasmic dysfunction". Jimmy isn't an orgasm dysfunction. Men use viagra. For a brief period of time, it was used only in the case of those with erectile dysfunction. It has now become a party drug. People will go to a club, pop a couple of viagra pills, and then they go home and screw like it's going out of style. Is this really any different? Only if you consider surgery different from pills.It's always been my personal policy that experimentation is a great thing as long as you aren't tinkering with what makes your sexual functions work. This little instance of teenage stupidity sparked a question in my mind. How far would one go in order to have a normal sex life?

We can all understand how hard it can be for a more conservative gentleman to have to tell his doctor that he can't get it up.This is still a country where a serious discussion about sexual problems can result in ridicule. The worst thing that can happen in that situation is a little embarrassment. I think that anyone of us could handle it if it meant that we could continue our carnal delights. Pills are only mildly dangerous and generally work if you use them as directed. If a pill doesn't work, I'd just move on and find another alternative. This procedure has been described by doctor James Pfaus , associate professor of neurobiology and psychology at Concordia University in Montreal, as being exceptionally painful. Any surgery that would involve a doctor implanting anything near my spine just isn't worth it to me.

So here is the question. Where is the limit? How far would you go for a normal sex life(physically speaking)? Would you stop at pills or would you go full nine with the surgery? Also, should the price go down, could this become something that normal people will have done to enhance their regular sexual activities much like viagra did?

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Feb 10 @ 12:48AM  
My oldest sister years after she became a widow and we were trying to fix her up said she didnt need a man.........she had a fireplace that smoked, a bird that swore, a cat that stayed out all night, and a dog that laid around the house all day........what the hell would she need a man for.................

If there was someone in my life.....and sex was a problem......yes I would take meds for to surgery........... Women are being prescribed Viagra more and more each says it helps them in the actual wanting to have sex............hmmmm never was a problem there for me...........

Feb 10 @ 1:15AM  
People will have to decide for themselves if the problem they want to fix with pills or surgery is worth the risk. Unfortunately, sometimes the risks are greater than they advertise. I would be all for a safe means of balancing the sex drive within a couple’s relationship. My guess is that there are a lot of couples who suffer from one wanting it all the time, and the other would seemingly rather have root canal.

Feb 10 @ 1:47AM  
at this point..i would just give up....

Feb 10 @ 8:22AM  
I wouldn't be surprised to hear that people would be willing to do this to enhance their sex life, since many seem to go to any lengths to find new thrills. Personally, I think there are other ways of reaching fulfillment than surgery.

Feb 10 @ 8:46AM  
at Dayna

Feb 10 @ 9:57AM  
I don't think I ever had a NORMAL sex life..

Surgery to maintain a sex life? Well, I'm a girl, so the only real surgeries they could do that would effect my sex life (unless I had heart trouble) would be a lover's knot or hysterectomy. So.. sure I'd have em if I needed em.

For guys there are three different surgeries that they can get to maintain an erection.. all pretty much preclude ejaculation.. but notice I didn't say orgasm.

I don't need the pills, but if I did, you better bet I would be right on em.


Feb 10 @ 10:02AM  
I asked my sister a few years ago to help me find a good man. Her reply what it would be easier to find a good woman. Now, that wouldn't be a problem for me, except I'm not gay. So, I sit here with no man, and a drawer full of batteries.

Feb 10 @ 10:12AM  
Hmmmmm.....I may have to write a separate blog regarding this...but....Pills or surgery?.....I don't think either one addresses the original problem....unless, of course, you had an accident, and the problem is actually a type of "handicap".....just sain'...

Feb 10 @ 10:44AM  
I agree with straightup...pills or surgery doesn't fix the original problem.

Feb 10 @ 2:44PM  
Think I will wait for the Robot

Feb 10 @ 3:01PM  
I had some friends who were considering that route.They were physically healthy men,mind you as are most men.I could've just told them that it was their confidence that needed a boost.Damn stupid media preying on human's basic fear of not reproducing,therefore driving them to fuck up their bodies with chemicals.If most would know,there are natural ways around dysfunction,like better diet and exercise and going to the shrink...but I guess you already covered that point,whoops,lol

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Men are almost obsolete