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This Week on AMD (part 1)

posted 2/9/2008 6:24:58 PM |
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Yes, I have bitten off more than I can chew here. I still have a page and half worth or notes to go through, so for now, I give ya'll Part 1 of this week on AMD (part 2 should be up before tommorrow. The following takes place near where Real Unique left off, during the first full week of the reign of Queen Gwenafar. I still haven't worked out exactly the style (or the scheduling) I want, so bare with me here. Constructive criticism would be immensely helpful.

My personal favorite bits of bloggery this week were (in no particular order): aslag’s God I love being a cripple (a humorous piece with a good message) and Those damn penis pills, DickSlippery’s Sodom and Gomorrah: The DickSlippery Remix, and soft_touch938’s Blip...blip...blip, sumdaysoon’s Worlds Worst Blow Job, borty293’s Fuck My Cock, Face Fucked, and Strange Dream (an interesting slant on adult fiction).

shy_sexy_kitten wrote a must read called Survivors. It’s a depressing subject to think about but is really the kind of knowledge everyone should have. Better to have and not need than to need and not have. Ewe_Wish also shared the rather personal blog Let Me Introduce Myself................

There were quite a few other high quality blogs this week including (but not limited to): This says it all (by ladybootscooter), Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…book quote by (Hard_uPoU812), "Leave it to Beaver" and Poop Butt Chicken (by WordsofWit) The Scinece Of Love (TattooedRawkStar), Dear Val - 3rd Edition (ValentineGirl214)

When Love is Pushed Aside by FixTheArrow345 is an amusing read if only for the sock puppetry involved. Between that and sundance64’s Multiple Profile Syndrome?, I got to thinking, it would be amusing to set up a benign bit of improve sock puppet theatre. If this interests you, please have your other extra-personalities contact me.

canuhelpme258 wrote Don't Make Me Go Germanic On Your Ass, which started off a chain reaction in my mind that continued with (to me) related blogs such as BritnBrat’s Are computers really gods? and straightup_9’s (hidden). This (and a few other blogs) left me thinking about the nature of the internet and how it both adds and detracts from communication.

lumenegra came back, along with SXZEbbw. BrokenArrow345 was canceled, though he’s still around as Yepitzme. bentan and QCMAN decided to leave, I wish them the best. Ewe_Wish and NachoBaby have mentioned that they plan on taking a bit of a break from blogging. toreduce is ‘New Here’ and looking for ladies to message his ass. Ay_Chihuahua_ may or may not be new as well. adultbuynsell also joined us with a few blogs (some of which violated the TOS, but nevermind that)

In the lives of us denizen’s of pervia there was some news. Ashinatrix had a birthday (check out mica89’s Ash is HOW OLD?? Happy Birthday! blog which has a link to her ‘official’ happy birthday blog). its_just_lil_ol_me gave us * just a lil update *. On a similar vein, interested parties may want to check out Scottishtease’s update on my condition, StraddleMyNose offered an update on his daughter (though I can’t find the exact title in my notes, it seems to have vanished). Ewe_Wish is the Mother of the Groom. ynot7769, asked related to his wedding Whos' cummin ?? ok ok but ynot? DangerousCurves999 has an Upcoming Breast Reduction. DesertSmile is taking some Vacation Time.... in Hawaii. And beefygoblin is Headed For N.J. chocolatemilf wrote I know I’m a little late with this… having come back from Mardi Gras.

The desire to make AMD a less drama filled place has been amply suggested. gwenafar started the trend (this week) with AMD'ers VS AMD'ers. Zaftik added a somewhat (though not entirely) related sentiment with NO NOT ME!! or "Times They Aren't A'changin'" sundance64 pointed out in Flying Monkeys, Train Wrecks and Nurse Betty (Oh My!!), that drama doesn’t survive without an audience. Dominus points out that at heart negative people are Idiots, asses, boors, and twerps... sky_86 asks that beefing blogs be left to the MySpace generation (I would say it should be confined to MySpace itself or other places where I don’t hang out) in I cant believe that this is taken so seriously!!! In short, many of us don’t want drama bogging down the blogs. Notice how this blog doesn’t mention any ongoing beefs. It just ignores them and offers up something unrelated for people to read. There were a few other beef related blogs, but I feel like I’ve spent more time on this issue than it deserves, so onwards and upwards we go.

Do you find yourself wondering how not to get a response from somebody? Look to Sloriver’s Good Good Good Propositions (Beachboys song?), or kernlover’s wow and I have never even spoke to this person..I must be very special, or sugarnspice005’s Someone is trying to move in on Borty's business

This week was also the week of the Superbowl (which drew 5 related blogs). However, since the Pats lost (congrats Giants fans), I’m doing my best to put that out of my mind. I will say that there was ample speculation about whether or not our squirrelly made a brief appearance in a Bridgestone add (okay, so the speculation was just me by myself). For related discussion, pop on over to Zaftik’s SuperBowl Ads blog, or Lisa46’s NachoBaby blog.

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Feb 9 @ 6:43PM  

Feb 9 @ 7:15PM  
You did a good job, if only the blogs were so well written.

Feb 9 @ 7:16PM  
entertaining and helpful............good job........

Feb 9 @ 10:28PM  
Double checks
Yep you spelled it right!

Feb 9 @ 11:21PM  
Doing good.

Feb 10 @ 8:01AM  
Well ..I can see you have developed your own style already....well done...

Feb 10 @ 11:25AM  
hey your doing great!!

Feb 11 @ 12:17PM  
Of the ten blogs posted before this one, and the ten after (totaling 21), this blog ranks number 16 with 68 hits. The benchmark for a male blog was 100 to be successful a year ago when there were fewer members.

I think you put forth a good effort and have some panache to your writing, but you might want reassess whether doing this weekly is worthwhile.

Feb 11 @ 1:40PM  
Good luck to you in this endeavor!
It’s not something for the feint of heart. So many blogs each and every week.

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This Week on AMD (part 1)