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Appalachian Triangle

posted 2/9/2008 1:00:30 AM |
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tagged: fun, humor, life, straddle

Kim and I had a pretty busy day. Spent most of the day and night with her. The day started out running a few errands with her early in the day. I picked her back up around 5pm and we went on to Ashland Kentucky. Ran around shopping here and there in the mall area. Afterwards we went out to eat around 8pm there at Applebees. I have never been there before and we have one one those about ready to open in New Boston, but it's not yet finished. I had some steak of course , along with some other tidbits. For desert I had strawberry cheescake. Oh, and I can't forget about my pepsi. Anyway, if you all were thinking Golden Corral again after I mentioned about going out tonight to eat with Kim, well, you were wrong this time. Now, why I call it the "Appalachian Triangle" you ask? Because there are three cities (Ironton, Ashland, and Huntington) in each state in the tri state area in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. They all make like a triangle within each other, and not only is this triangle in a hillbilly area, but very strange things seem to happen there in that triangle too. Every time we go into that damn triangle, there's this earie feeling that one gets, hard to explain.

Anyway, anytime I'm with Kim I always have a good time.

My question to all of you. Where or what is the strangest place you have ever been in?

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Feb 9 @ 1:08AM  
Where or what is the strangest place you have ever been in?

And yes I thought you had went to Golden Corral and I hope there isnt going to be a lawsuit with them and applebees since you moved your business over.........something like alienation of affection, perhaps??

Glad you had a good time............ Hail to King and Queen of Freaks.

Feb 9 @ 1:08AM  
"Appalachian Triangle"...I'm so embarrassed! I thought it was something dirty when I first saw the title

Feb 9 @ 1:10AM  
Appalachian Triangle- Its hickville hell

Sadly with more to do than around here

No Golden Coral...I am trying to get Straddle out more

Feb 9 @ 1:36AM  
This makes kansas city sound interesting by contrast... .

Feb 9 @ 1:48AM  
Lack of anything to do around here just gives us more time to have Freaky Sex

Feb 9 @ 1:53AM  
I suppose the access to sheep does help.


Feb 9 @ 1:57AM  
I suppose the access to sheep does help.
You're getting Straddle confused with Mrknowuwell.... and he dont take kindly to people who mess with his sheepys...

Feb 9 @ 2:34AM  
Glad you two had a really good time.
Wow, no Golden're in the big leagues now, Shawn. Applebees is actually a pretty nice place to eat. My grandchildren love it there.

I can't really think of any strange places that I've been...well except like Dayna said..AMD.

Feb 9 @ 3:01AM  
I cant help but notice that most of the ladies here have grandchildren...

Where does one go to meet younger women on the net?

By which I don't mean jailbait... If I wanted that, well lets just say they throw themselves at me... .

Finding one the right age is a challenge.

Maybe its becouse I'm a loser.

Feb 9 @ 4:01AM  
the duldrums... the dead wind area in the atlantic ocean. Water as smooth as glass for as far as you can see. you can see a whale blow at 10 miles and think it's 4. only the ship's wake makes any disturbance.

Feb 9 @ 5:30AM  
"Appalachian Triangle"...I'm so embarrassed! I thought it was something dirty when I first saw the title

me too

worst part is i BEEN where your talking bout shawn.

Feb 9 @ 5:33AM  
Seeing as how I work for OUTBACK, I am deeply saddened and offended by all of this Golden Corral and Applebees talk

Feb 9 @ 6:14AM  
Its WV's fault... strange things happen in that state.

Feb 9 @ 6:54AM  
Seeing as how I work for OUTBACK,

Oh, great. Now you have me craving a chopped salad...

Feb 9 @ 8:45AM  
The day started out running a few errors with her early in the day.
There's your keyword....Stay outta the tirangle!!!!

For me, the worst place I have had the pleasure being that just made me wanna get outta there was West Memphis, Tennessee. For obvious reasons....I won't list that here, but it didn't appear that white people were welcome in that area.
All I know is I had to pee....and I did and got the hell outta dodge!!

Feb 9 @ 10:07AM  
Definetely the Salt Peter Caves down by Berea KY....I think they're haunted by spirits of old runners of bootleg whiskey...

Feb 9 @ 12:52PM  
Where does one go to meet younger women on the net?

Where or what is the strangest place you have ever been in?

Applebee's... ...

Actually, hands would be The American Virgin Islands.......

Feb 9 @ 2:04PM  
La Grande, Oregon.. dirty filthy disgusting place.. the air stinks, the whole place feels like you are swimming in something nasty to even walk through.. too many indian massacres in that valley.. plus it's on the interstate crank trail. I will NEVER go back if I have a choice.

Feb 9 @ 5:02PM  
La Grande, Oregon
Been there

Feb 9 @ 5:08PM  
Holy crap, Meagan (Sunshine79), you're right. That "errors" should have read "errands".


Feb 9 @ 5:34PM  
Try being white in downtown Harlem after dark in the only van that isn't covered in graffiti.

Feb 10 @ 12:55AM  
theres nothing wrong with outback steak house, the best steak in town :)

Feb 10 @ 3:06AM  
What is the strangest place I've ever been in? Hands down the place I grew up in until I was 5 years old. It was originally a medieval palace converted into apartments. Some of the prior tenants going back a hundred years or more, never moved out

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Appalachian Triangle