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Just A Day At The Office

posted 2/8/2008 7:37:55 PM |
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tagged: erotic

As I wandered through the store picking up all the different bath oils, bubble baths and body lotions to find a new scent that I would like I was suddenly startled when one was placed in front of me with a very nice voice saying, "Here, try this one." He had already opened the bottle and I leaned in slightly to smell the bottle this man was offering. "You'll like it" he confidently said.

Oh my, what an intoxicating scent. But I was supposed to be smelling the contents of the bottle, not him. Wow, he was right, I did like it. A lot. As I closed my eyes and slowly smelled it again, he gently laughed and said, "I told you so.". I looked at him and replied that it was okay, for something different. He just laughed. "Different, huh?"

His eyes were the color of the ocean. His look so intense that I felt myself blushing. Could he read my mind? What was he wearing that was drawing me nearer to him? Or was it his eyes, his smile, his confidence, that squared jawline that ......oh hell what was I thinking and why couldn't I take my eyes off of him?

Did he have this effect on all women? Just then I heard his voice break through my train of thoughts bringing me back to reality. "don't you think?" was all I caught. Not sure what to answer cause I couldn't admit I hadn't heard him. How stupid would that be? We were standing less than 2 feet apart. Close enough I could almost feel the heat from his body..

"Umm, well........Oh I'm sorry what was it you said? My mind has so many things going around in it right now. I forgot the actual question." Oh yeah, that sounded really intelligent, I could have just said Duh. He laughed and said,"You didn't even hear the question, did you?" I just looked at him for a second and then busting into laughter of my own said, "No, I'm sorry, I didn't. Please don't take it personal."
He had a drop of the lotion he held before me on his fingers. He took my hand, turned my palm up and gently rubbed the lotion into my wrist. He leaned in and gently smelled it and as he did he reached into his jacket pocket while still holding my hand and placed his card in my open hand closing my fingers around it. "Give me a call when you really want to know what the question was." And as he winked at me he walked out of the store.

I was going to go after him but just then the sales clerk came up to me and said, "Your gentleman friend asked me to wrap that for you. He already paid for it and said to tell you that you are welcome. Think of him when you wear it." As I handed her the bottle in shock I realized I would call, just to say thank you of course. And he knew it.

As I arrived at his office the following week for our lunch date that I finally agreed to I was greeted by him personally as I stepped off of the elevator. "I was afraid you might change your mind," he said as he placed his hand on the small of my back and lead the way to his office. "No, you didn't, " I replied. Surprised that I could find words and walk at the same time with him that near to me. That same inviting scent as before, the warmth of his hand burning through my blouse, his sense of self assurance. What was I doing here? Why had I agreed to this? Oh yea, I wanted to know the question. Which question, was there a question?

As we walked into the largest office I had ever seen I heard him tell his secretary he was not to be interupted for any reason. I was in awe. But mostly from the picnic lunch on the blanket in front of the fireplace against the far wall.

As he slipped off his shoes and headed toward the blanket asking me if I would like a glass of iced tea, I did the same and answered that I would. As he handed me the glass I felt the cold from the glass but the heat from his fingers as they lingered on mine for a moment.

Through out lunch of chicken salad sandwiches, strawberries and more iced tea we talked, laughed and casually flirted with each other. He was smart, funny, charming and in no way was he in any hurry for this lunch to end. He took the last strawberry out of the dish and offered me a bite of it. As I bit into it the juice ran down my chin a drop landed right at the edge of my blouse.

He instinctively leaned over and gently kissed the drop off of my skin then slowly licked and kissed my chin for the rest of it. When he finished with with that he found my waiting lips and kissed me with a mouth that was made for kissing. And damn, did he use it well. His tongue moved over my lips and he lightly sucked my bottom lip in as I felt such a heat race through my entire body. His tongue danced with mine like they had been lovers forever. His moved his head and began kissing my neck and back down to where he had first started, teasingly running his tongue just inside the top lace of my shirt and bra as he teasingly unbuttoned my blouse and placed a kiss in place of each button, against my skin. I felt chills, I felt heat, I felt desire.
As he undid my bra and it fell away he stopped long enough to allow me to pull his shirt over his head and then eagerly took a swollen nipple into his mouth and sucked it. Then his mouth moved to the other breast as he smiled at me with those eyes, his hands working on the zipper of my jeans and pulling them down as far as his hands would allow without letting go of my nipple from his mouth. He brought his hands back up to each breast as he slowly went from one to the other,

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Feb 8 @ 7:39PM  
kissing, sucking, licking. He worked his way down my stomach and to the lace of my panties as he pulled my jeans the rest of the way off. Kissing through silk he gently moved his way between my thighs and moved my panties slightly to allow his fingers to find their way to my parted lips he slowly slid in one finger and then two as I allowed this pleasure to completely consume me.

As I gasped for air he gently licked and kissed the inside of my thigh and moved so he was able to remove my last article of clothing between him and I. As I pulled his jeans off I was surprised to see he didn't wear underwear. But at that moment happy, it was less I had to tear off of him to be able to feel his entire naked body next to mine.

My want had went to need. I needed to see him, smell him, touch and taste him. As my hands reached for his cock and I knelt to allow my tongue to taste the clear wetness that was forming he grasped my hair and held me there but just for a moment then he pulled himself away from me.

I wanted to continue tasting him, I wanted to lick and suck him until his cum found its way passed my tonsils. Until he was spent and couldn't take it anymore.

But he had other ideas in mind at the moment. He managed to position himself so he could kiss me with that mouth and thrust his fingers back into the wetness between my legs. He moved them in and out so easily as he allowed his thumb to gently rub my swollen clit.

His kisses again trailed down my neck to my breasts as his fingers keep in perfect timing thrusting in and out of me. He had worked his way to between my legs again and placed his hot tongue on my clit. It was a few moments before I realized the moans I heard were coming from me.

We both knew he couldn't continue this much more before....before, Ooooohhhhh, as he quickly lifted my hips towards him so he could bury his tongue deeper in me, I could feel myself cumming so hard as he ran his tongue in me and devoured every drop of cum that my body was able to expell.

As he brought himself back up to kiss me I could taste me in his mouth as he slide himself inside me. Slowly at first and then as I wrapped my legs around him, there was an urgency that neither of us had any control over, bringing a sudden and quite unexpected orgam to peak again.

I wasn't sure who was enjoying my orgams more, me or him. Nor did it matter.

I'm not sure who enjoyed his more either as he thrust one last time into me and held himself deep in me, cumming for what seemed like a glorious eternity.

As he moved beside me and pulled me into his arms he whispered that his question was just answered. Confused I laughed and asked him how was that and what the question had been. He said he had told me that a scent should match someones sensuality...didn't I think..

All I could do was breathe in his scent and smile, knowing everything about him had intoxicated me with pure desire. And it was far from gone..


Feb 8 @ 7:47PM  
Well there wont be any sleeping for someone tonight................

Feb 8 @ 8:04PM  
Um, what was that store? Think I could find one of those there?

Feb 8 @ 8:04PM  
Oooooooooooh that was hot....

Looks arounds carefully to see that DeDe is not looking... here is a green thingie for you.
... I will stash one away for DeDe just in case too....

Feb 8 @ 8:07PM  
Thanks CL...looks like I may now be watching some pornography tonight instead of Rhinestone

Feb 8 @ 8:07PM  
Can't find THAT at Bath and Body Works!!!!!

Feb 8 @ 8:07PM  
Hmmmmm, " U Have been busy" Eh? ......Just askin...

Feb 8 @ 9:02PM  
now we talking........

Feb 8 @ 9:14PM  
My compliments

Feb 8 @ 10:00PM  
Wow!! What's the name of that store? Are there anymore of him around?

Feb 8 @ 10:09PM  


Feb 8 @ 10:15PM  
Well fuck me blue and sideways.. no seriously.. somebody help.. I think I'm melting.. damn it's hot in here.. whooooo... CL..t hat's NOT fair!!!

Feb 9 @ 12:33AM  
Damn!! That was awesome Treas! Shiny green thingy to ya......whew!!
*wonders where that new package of batteries is?*

Feb 9 @ 12:36AM  
Trease, Barbie doesn't know about this

Feb 9 @ 12:58AM  

Feb 9 @ 1:05AM  
Normally I would be horny after reading something like this, but hey, I got laid a bit ago, so I'm not horny!

Good blog though!

Feb 9 @ 7:58AM  
OMG wonderful!!! and straddle I haven't gotton any so yep I'm worse now than when I woke up! Great one and heres a green thingie for you!

umm will ya send me the name of the store in the mail

Feb 9 @ 7:26PM  
GREAT story!! Loved it!! Sorry it took so long for me to read it!!!

Feb 10 @ 10:26AM  
Sorry it took so long for me to read it!!!
Loveable, I'm just glad you liked it....Thank you.

wonders where that new package of batteries is?*
Stormy, some things you should never lose track of....

Well fuck me blue and sideways
@ Nacho....
Sam, it's not nice to make me laugh when I'm trying to drink something in front of the

Umm...welll, yea.....I guess now the secret is out and Barbie will know ... lol

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