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School shooting in my city

posted 2/7/2008 4:42:26 PM |
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tagged: guns, school, violence, straddle

Has anyone heard about the latest school shooting today? I woke up this morning and was told about this happening in my city in Portsmouth Ohio. I heard that it was on the national news like Fox News and some others. All I have seen so far is local news about it out of Cincinnati and Columbus for here at 5pm. All I know so far is a husband went there and shot his wife who is a teacher there. Feel free to post a comment if you have heard anything about this.

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Feb 7 @ 4:47PM  
Haven't heard anything but wanted to say whatthefuckistheworldcomingtoo

I needs him to shoot my ex while he's at it!

Feb 7 @ 4:52PM  
omg.. I hadn't but I'm gonna go look.

Feb 7 @ 4:54PM  
Right now all I'm hearing on Fox News and MSNBC is business and campaign news. Haven't really checked out CNN.

Feb 7 @ 4:54PM  

Feb 7 @ 4:57PM  
Thank you for the news, Sam!

Feb 7 @ 4:58PM  
You're welcome sweety.. this sucks. I guess the good news is that no children were injured.. and the two women he accosted might make it. Damn Well that and we don't have to pay for his housing for the rest of his life.

Feb 7 @ 5:07PM  
Just heard more about it on our NBC station out of Cincinnati with their news. It was voted the number one story out of 5 today for online viewers. It's also out on our ABC station out of Columbus with it on their news

Feb 7 @ 5:13PM  
Anyone who hears about this on their local news or national news feel free to share it on here. I'm sure many people haven't heard about this little place, and this doesn't make this city look very good after first hearing about it with something like this happening. I was never too high on this place, but as you know, stuff like this can happen anywhere, even in the best places.

Feb 7 @ 5:48PM  
The world is getting to be a terrifying place!

Feb 7 @ 5:54PM  
School stabbings are far more common in Japan, but I suppose thats due to the lack of guns...

This may be sad, but its not a sign of the times. Its just another domestic dispute.

Anyone here ever have a lover try to kill them?

I wonder how long it will take for the kids to get over this.

Does one send flowers?

Feb 7 @ 5:58PM  
He stabbed her at the school then and fled home to shoot himself 2 hours later with a shotgun in his garage after a standoff with police.

Feb 7 @ 5:59PM  
Damn woman! Don't Just Shoot Back! Shoot first!

Feb 7 @ 6:01PM  
I only caught a little bit of it....apparently the husband went to the school where she worked....stabbed and shot her in front of the students. Last I heard police didn't know why he did this.

Feb 7 @ 6:05PM  
Anyone here ever have a lover try to kill them?

Indeed, that's why I wish I were a widow.....

Feb 7 @ 6:23PM  
Anyone here ever have a lover try to kill them?
I dont know.......does being held hostage for over 2 hours with a loaded .357 magnum at your temple count?

Straddle..........How horrible.......Please keep us updated on this.

Feb 7 @ 6:45PM  
OK. Time for me to come clean. I'm not a pirate but I teach school. I got my frist job in the fall of 1967 and outside of two years in the service during Viet Nam (drafted) I have taught school. Every level from 7th grade to the college level. This is what I have seen during my forty years in a classroom. We can't pray. We can't teach "Thou shall not kill" We can't tell a kid there is a God and you will be held responsible for your actions in this world or the next. Students are never wrong, the teacher is. The teachers word is not good enough, you must document everything. Law abiding citizens can't carry guns on school property (except for police) but SOMEHOW guns get on school ground. Ten years ago in Jonesboro, Arkansas, four students and a teacher were shot and killed. The killer was a young child so he is out of jail now. He just make the news because he got picked up for drugs. We need change. And not the bullshit change that people (of both parties) that are running for President are talking about. If everyone doesn't get involved, we are going to be in a worst mess.

Feb 7 @ 6:51PM  
I agree with you, Buatbu. I think when you start taking God out of everything like we have been seeing over the years, things are going to get worse.

Feb 7 @ 8:25PM  
This is a terrible thing...that happens far too frequently across the country.


It happened in a Catholic school...where God is taught, the ten commandments are taught, and students and teachers do pray, every day. So IMO, to say this and other similar incidents happen because religion has been removed from schools and other public venues...well, lets just say that I disagree with that statement.

Feb 7 @ 8:49PM  
It may have taken place at a catholic school, but the shooter was indeed an outsider, regardless if his wife worked there or not. I don't know anything about the shooter as far as what his faith was, and for all I know he may have lived his life without God ever being in and part of his life. The other woman that was stabbed at her house was the shooter's gf. People vandalize churches a lot, and I have never seen God fearing people and church people doing things like that. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, just have never seen people that's actually been caught that have been part of any church. Vandals destroy head markers in cemetary's, and personally I can't help think that people like that don't worship God in any way.

I really have seen prayers and God taken out of public schools today to where the problems seems to be worse than what they used to be.

Just my two cents on this topic

Feb 7 @ 10:14PM  
Check out the national news and see about the City council meeting in Kirkwood, MO. It is a suburb of St. Louis. My grandmother lived there and my dad went to Kirkwood H. S.

Feb 7 @ 10:18PM  
I think Sundance is a true liberal and proud of it. Good for you Sundance.

Feb 8 @ 12:03AM  
Every one is entitled to their opinion, Buatbu. Friends may disagree with one another on different issues, but that doesn't change the fact that Sunny and I are still friends.

Feb 8 @ 12:28AM  
I just wrote an excellent blog about this...had quotes from research groups and everything. Then my page locked up and I had to close it...lost everything!

So I'll summerize:

You're right buatbu...I am a liberal, but that's neither here nor there. I also happen to be an AF Vet. My point was, that first of all prayer in and of itself has not been disallowed in public schools or even in government venues. Only mandatory prayer. And you're right, public schools can't teach about God and the afterlife...that's the responsibility of churches and ultimately the parents. And since when is it wrong to teach that killing another person is wrong?

The rest of your comment I agree with.

Unfortunately, alot of the reasons behind the fact that students are allowed so much leeway in school is due to the fact that some teachers have abused their positions of authority.
I've always been an advocate of corporal punishment...but it was banned in most states because of teachers who were abusive. Of course, the parents with the little brat who got a well-deserved paddle that decided to sue the school cuz little johnny came home with a sore butt didn't help either...
As for the Arkansas of the shooters attended church regularly and even sang in the choir. However, both boys were known to be bullies in school. My question is...were the parents aware of this?

And're probably right in that people who worship God don't vandalize churches. At least not their own church. But history is full of stories of people who have burned to the ground a church of a denomination that was not their own.

My point is, these shootings have very little to do with the fact that mandatory prayer and religious values are not taught in public schools, and more to do with the fact kids aren't learning these values, or any values at home.

Sorry for the long post Shawn...but really, my blog was alot longer!! I'm really not trying to start an argument...just stating facts.

Feb 8 @ 12:33AM  
Don't worry about it, Sunny. Everything is cool.

Feb 8 @ 10:37AM  
ultimately the parents.

There it is in a nutshell......When PARENTS begin to take control of their kids, and raise them to be human beings, then none of these problems will exist....Children are not born bad....Violence is NOT genetic....

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School shooting in my city