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Not Reading What It "Actually" Said

posted 2/6/2008 5:01:01 AM |
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You know how you can be somewhere or doing something outside and see something that reminds you of someone you know?
I have a few friends on here that have become good friends on and off line...And then there are those that I have written back and forth with on quite a few occasions. So I have gotten kind of friendly with some of these people...

The town I live in has oodles and oodles of squirrels. They run around my back yard and through the trees all the time. Chase each other across the cable wires. On my back porch roof. I've caught myself watching them play and think of Nacho...wondering how she's doing that day or something of that manner.

This morning it was raining and storming like crazy here. I laughed to myself about it, thinking that now Dayna had to leave her t-tops in on her road trip she was taking today.. Even called her and laughed at her about it. It's not like she doesn't pick on me about how good is feels to take them out on nice days, knowing I would love to have t-tops. lol

My youngest grand daughter was watching a cartoon called Little Bear one day and was pretending to be a bear. I asked her if she was a grizzly bear. She told me she was the wittle grizzy bear.(Hey, she's 2, some words aren't perfect.) Of course, LilGriz went through my mind.

A few weeks ago, I started to read a Dean Koontz book and thought of Whispering Comet and how cool it was how she got her name. Those of you who have ever read Dean Koontz will understand. Or if not and you're curious, ask her.

But this evening takes the cake...frosting and all. I ran some errands this evening and decided while I was in town I would go do some shopping and grab a few things I needed. And browse a little. While I was at a particular store I eventually ended up in the panty department. I saw this tiny little red sequin thong and thought I should be a smartass and send that to Borty...could you imagine the look on his face as he opened that out of his mailbox....lmao. Then I was looking at some others that had designs or some really cute little sayings and cartoon characters on some of them.
You know how you can glance at something really quick and it says something but not what you think it says.....
There was a pair of panties with a little green alien on them, and as I just glanced, I could have sworn the caption said.....Borty is Missing......Borty is Missing.
I about got whiplash I flipped my head back so quick to look at them again. In actuality, what they really said was .....Abort this mission...Abort this mission.. All I could do was laugh..and be glad as hell no one was able to read my mind.

I really need to get off the caffeine.....either that or figure out who is putting what in it that I don't know about..... Maybe throw a few hours of sleep in there too..

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Feb 6 @ 5:22AM  
Oh dear...don't you know that's my new line of panties...they had to drop the B for patent reasons...

Feb 6 @ 5:48AM  
Yeah, sleep, might cure that ails ya...but I doubt it! Isn't it nice when something out of the blue reminds of of people and brings an unbidden smile to our face?

Feb 6 @ 6:44AM  
Hmmmm, looks like your daughter has good taste in animals

Feb 6 @ 8:23AM  
yeah CL I'm like you I see something and thing of someone here We really spend way to much time on the computer But yanno what??? I wouldn't trade one friend in for the world! like you I love them all

Feb 6 @ 8:30AM  
Yes it is nice that you think of us............even nicer when you call just to laugh cause i cant drive with the tops off.........and i know that you love it when I call you too..........and next summer on those beautiful days..........when you just want to get out and fullfill your need for speed.........I will call you and remind you that I am racing down some road with the t-tops off, Bose sound system blaring out music........and ask you how your day is doing........k?
( I might even play your favorite song for ya......................... )

It is amazing how people you have formed friendships with here do start to enter your mind when your out in the real world. Yesterday, in walmart I saw a man pushing a double stroller with a set of twins in it and I thought of Lifeizabitch. I cant walk into the intimate department without chuckling to myself and thinking hmmm wonder if I will see straddle......and yesterday talking to the priest at the nursing home and he was telling me something real serious, he said You Know Dayna and i thought if he mentions the blue speedo God im going to die. Now i know straddle isnt in the intimate department, and i know that Father Sam wasnt going to mention blue speedos......its just those quick flashes of my subconcious saying..........damn life is funny.

Great blog Treas.

Feb 6 @ 8:42AM  
It's those evil mind controlling squirrels, I tell ya.....Haven't ya noticed they been bunching up around YOUR house lately?

Feb 6 @ 9:12AM  

Goo blog sweety

Feb 6 @ 9:15AM  
Dayna said father Sam...

Feb 6 @ 9:19AM  
Yes i did borty............thats the name of the priest at the nursing home i was talking to....................

Feb 6 @ 9:29AM  
Oh well now that would have had me picturing Father Sam squirreling away nuts for the winter!!!
Good blog Treas and yeah some things remind me of those I know or care about from here or real life! Sometimes it's funny things, sometimes a little sad but sweet!
Good blog!

Feb 6 @ 10:09AM  
I have been maligned! Twicet! This is war..

just soon as I get enough nuts to fill my hollow tree.

Feb 6 @ 10:25AM  
I think of Kim and Straddle everytime I go to Golden Corral....
Be honest, so do the rest of you....

I might even play your favorite song for ya....
IF you call me to make me listen to You're beautiful, you will hear a click on my end...Just sayin'.. The song, for those who aren't sure. I hate it.. She, being the "friend" she is, put it as my ringtone on her cell. lol

It's those evil mind controlling squirrels, I tell ya
lol...don't let Sam hear you say that, Straight.Yes, a lot of them around my house and they play on my window sills in the summer when the windows are open. But they are adorable to watch.

Feb 6 @ 11:27AM  
psssst........i think she has a "thing" for borty........

Feb 6 @ 2:22PM  
I thought the caption on Borty's picture said the same thing!

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Not Reading What It "Actually" Said