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An Open Rules Query for the AMD Butt Game

posted 2/5/2008 2:24:42 PM |
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tagged: humor

Is the Butt Game limited to amateurs only or can professionals enter? Or should there be separate categories for professionals and amateurs?

If it is amateurs only serious screening of the applicants is necessary because according to the AMD ladies most of the men on here are professional asses. If it is amateurs only then it is believed this would also disqualify sumdaysoon. While no one has ever accused him of being in the aforementioned professional ass category it is believed he is overqualified for this game. At the least he would be categorized as a “professional amateur” as investigative reporting has discovered the following:

- 96 % of the AMD single women have an 8 ½, or larger, glossy of his butt pic sitting on the nightstand beside their bed.

- 64% of the married women have a sum’s butt pic but keep it under their pillow.

- 28% of the remaining married women also have his butt pic but are able to keep it on their nightstands because their husbands think it is a portrait of them.

Speaking for the remaining 8%, Ash made the following comment, “Once you’d seen one ass you’ve seen them all and it doesn’t matter if it is on the man or if it is the man.” (However, it must be noted that further observation revealed that she was carrying a sums’ butt pic in her wallet)

These figures become even more astounding when you take into account the number of AMD women who state in their profile and essay that they are seeking women only.

In addition, the recent “AMD BOOB GAME” questions his professional/amateur status or at least would disqualify him for insider trading. Incidents have occurred that tend to indicate the “AMD BOOB GAME” was fixed. Rumors have begun to circulate that several of the ladies offered to trade sums their boob pictures in advance in exchange for more of his ass pics. While presently there is no evidence of any cheating the disparity of the scores does indicate insider trading. Due to the seriousness of these allegations the Senate is initiating a congressional investigation. Should anyone receive a subpoena to testify before the committee I would like to remind you of the consequences for not telling the truth; remember Martha Stewart was sentenced to prison for lying about insider trading. And that is one place no one wants to be known or recognized for having a fine looking butt.

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Feb 5 @ 2:40PM  
Thanks for the heads up Swyeter. I will contact my congressman with some in depth questions for him to ask.

A first class Kudo blog.

Feb 5 @ 2:49PM  

Feb 5 @ 2:52PM  
I do have an insider secret... All ass photos sent to Dayna have been intercepted by me; all names and corresponding asses have been swapped making the competition all that much more difficult for the ladies.

Feb 5 @ 2:58PM  
sitting on the nightstand beside their bed.
psst, Swyeter, that's not my nightstand, it's called a vanity.

several of the ladies offered to trade sums their boob pictures in advance in exchange for more of his ass pics.
Hey!! That was a good come no one told me about it?
Is it too late to make that trade.....

Feb 5 @ 3:10PM  
Horny ~ I do appreciate you giving your congressman a heads up. I contacted mine and he told me to leave well enough alone. Seems his wife has one setting on her nightstand and while she’s staring at it he slips out to meet his mistress.

gwenafar ~ Dayum, now why didn't I think of that when the Boob Game was going on Just goes to prove women are smarter, I mean more devious than men.

casuallylooking ~ “a rose by any other name”…….I call mine a junk collector. And as for the
Hey!! That was a good come no one told me about it?Is it too late to make that trade
It’s never too late, I just emailed you a pic of my butt and expect to receive your boob pic in return ASAP.

Feb 5 @ 3:56PM  
oh yeah send her (CL) one but not me??? WTF you shown favorites AGAIN I expect one when I get home from work

Feb 5 @ 4:05PM  
Lisa ~ You know you are always my favorite (when I’m with you) and you pic is in the mail, BUT remember, I expect a boob pic in return ASAP.

Feb 5 @ 4:06PM  

**sigh*** Now that I have wiped the tears from my eyes; how come I didn't get a butt pic.????

Damn, who ya gotta know to get the good but pics

Swyeter, I will gladly trade a boob pic for a butt pic email me, we'll talk

Heeey If you send Lisa one I definitely want one!!!

Feb 5 @ 4:13PM  
Zaf ~ my little Eskimo, all you ever had to do was ask. Pics in the mail and I trust yours is too.

Feb 5 @ 5:57PM  
But... but.. Swy! I wanna see.. I'll not email ya the pic but I'll tell ya which one are squirrel bewbs...

Feb 5 @ 6:16PM  
Take a vote..............I already have the pics..............and they are HAWT!! so if you vote no................guess they are all mine.............

Feb 5 @ 10:15PM  
i repeat..........i did not have sexual relations with any of the boob shots............directly............ oh and i am still the bewbie king...........

Feb 5 @ 10:44PM  
Umm...Ladies.........Did y'all notice that Swyeter sent your pics snail mail...but sent mine email so I would have it sooner.

Yea, Sums..we trust you about that........or not. lol

Feb 6 @ 2:57AM  
sums ~ just remember when you get in front of congress to plead the fifth but don't lie. Seems they have a habit of sending people to jail for lying about what they did, not what they did.

CL ~ you are correct I sent your pics URGENT email but that was because you came to my house and let me take your boob shots.

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An Open Rules Query for the AMD Butt Game