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NO NOT ME!! or "Times They Aren't A'changin' "

posted 2/3/2008 9:09:19 PM |
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I love stories.

Stories be they folktales, fables, myths, legends, fairytales, etc. are my love and my passion.
Well, okay, stories and music (heck a song is just a musical story).

What I really love about stories is that no matter how old they are,
no matter what part of the world they come from,
they always seem to be relevant to our lives now.

The Animals Reform Meetin'

Long time gone, there was a big gatherin' of animals and fowls and birds, that got together to talk about everybody behaving better.

Instead of talkin' about how to improve things, everyone started talkin' about how other folks were doin' bad things.

Brer Hyena complained that Brer Buzzard was always gettin' to eat first.
Then Brer Wildcat complained that the mice and rats were right troublesome.
Though everyone knew how much he liked to eat mice and rats.
Then Brer Tiger up and started moanin' about how troublesome rabbits were.

Now right then, Old Brer 'Coon just couldn't stand all the fussin' and he called the meetin' to order.
"Friends" he said, " we all have got to do a lot better or we're goin' to end up bein' in a really bad way.
What do y'all think about us tryin' to reform ourselves?"

Brer Tiger jumped right up and hollered "I'm all for reform."
"I seen Brer 'Coon stealin' corn almost every night and it has to stop!"

Well then, Sis Cow chimed in with, " I'm for reform too. I want y'all to know that Brer Tiger has got the blood of my young'uns in his mouth, and it's got to stop!"

Brer Elephant stepped in to say his bit, "Look who's talkin'! Sis Cow is eatin' up all the grass and leavin' none for us Elephants."

Brer Wolf shouted, "Men are goin' around usin' knives and guns! It just ain't safe no more to go after'em."

Now at that point, Old Brer 'Coon tried to call the meetin' to order again.
"Look y'all, we gotta start gettin' less complaints and get more reform! Now who's got somethin' positive to suggest?"

Well, Brer Deer jumped on up and said that all the animals had to stop eatin' meat.
Brer Wolf said "No that don't make no sense, what we need is for all the animals to stop eatin' grass."

Sis Chicken started cacklin' and said" No, no, no! Y'all have all missed the point. What we need is to kill all the snakes."
To which Brer Fox shouted, "Hey, I rent my cave to the snakes! What we have to do is kill all the worms."

Now y'all know the birds didn't like that! They figured they would starve if all the worms were killed.

And so the arguin' continued. Every animal tryin' to keep what was good for him and get rid of what his neighbor wanted.

At long last, Old Brer 'Coon stood up and said "That's enough! What we need to know is if any of you folks are willin' to agree to give up somethin' you like for yourself. If ya are then say so, now."He waited. But nobody said a word. They just sat there so quiet that ya could have heard a tater growin'.

"This is sure 'nough a sad and sinful world we are livin' in," said Brer 'Coon. "Everybody is just findin' fault with everybody else. I say, it's time to quit this meetin' and go back to your own homes."

Old Brer 'Coon shook his head and said, "You can begin charity next door. But if you want to reform, it's got to begin at home."

And that's all I have to say about that!!

An AfricanAmerican/Southern Tale retold and copyrighted by LLL,Storyteller

Love, Laughter, Peace and Blessings!
(Lord knows we need them all!)

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Feb 3 @ 9:44PM  
ouch.. i resemble that remark lately and I apologize to anyone who is not involved in it for perpetuating the drama.

Feb 3 @ 10:15PM  
Aww, don't take it too personally Nachobaby!

Lots of folks everywhere, myself included act this way.

It's an old story, and an old problem!

Feb 3 @ 10:21PM  
Yup but I saw myself so that tells me there is an issue. It will be dealt with. That's how I roll bitchez!

Feb 3 @ 10:25PM  
My Bad

Carry on, Ma'am

Feb 3 @ 11:47PM  
Thanks for the gentle and subtle reminder! We all need it sometimes, 'specially me.

Feb 3 @ 11:49PM  
You get a kudo from me just for expressing a love for stories in all their splendiferous forms. If I could I'd give you another one here for an excellent story. Hell, while I'm at it, I fail to able to give you a third kudo for the anti-drama message.

Feb 4 @ 12:46AM  
LBS, not casting stones (can't afford to ) just a gentle nudge.

AS, thanks for all the almost kudos

I've told stories to kids (and adults sometimes) for years and it is amazing what a good story can do
that actually just telling someone something straight out will not accomplish.

Hmmm..... did that make sense??

And folks remember the stories they hear but rarely the advice given.

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NO NOT ME!! or "Times They Aren't A'changin' "