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How Often Have You Seen Those Flashing Lights?

posted 2/3/2008 6:40:39 PM |
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It's actually almost 40 degrees here today.....I read in a blog earlier where WOW said it was like 80 there...I don't like him much at the moment..

Okay, I am kidding , but he sure took away some of my joy of it being above freezing here for the day...

Spring can't come soon enough.....I just want to enjoy the warm sun on my face...feel a warm breeze as everyone is able to wear tee shirts and tank tops....go barefoot and enjoy it.
And Drive.. with the stereo cranked and windows down...... OMGosh, I miss that..

So while my mind was on driving and getting away for a while this spring or summer, I was thinking about a friend that just lost her license for 4 tickets in one year...Damn, I like speed, I mean Really like speed....but 4 tickets in less than a year.... Even I would have slowed down by then......I think. lol

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I haven't been pulled over....or that I haven't ever gotten a speeding ticket......I've had 3 speeding tickets in my life....and uhh, well , we won't talk about the umm, few that I've gotten out of.... But, I digress...the point is...

Driving is something that most of us do just about

Do you just drive cause it takes you places or do you really like to drive?

How's your driving record? Speeding tickets? At fault violations?

And how many things never went on your driving record......

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Feb 3 @ 6:46PM  
Never had a ticket. Never had an accident. What can I say? I'm good at talking to cops. Mind you I've been pulled over 5 times.

Feb 3 @ 6:47PM  
Clean as a whistle here, no tickets of any kind...ok, I haven't been caught...I like speed when I'm driving alone.

Feb 3 @ 7:00PM  
Only speeding ticket I got was back in March 1991 where I they said I was going 67mph in a 35mph zone. I was speeding, but I wasn't going that fast like they said I was, and it was the Ohio Highway Patrol.

Back In Jan. 1987 I was coming back home from college early afternoon to where there was a chain reaction with cars. I didn't stop in time and I hit some elderly woman's car from behind. It damaged her car in back a little, but not a scratch on my car. I didn't get a ticket and wasn't cited for anything.

Feb 3 @ 7:10PM  
i've had 10 or 12 tickets........lost my license for 6 months.......and got away with loads of shit..........mostly before i was 30 though........since then i have been a good little boy........ uhhhhh driving that is........

Feb 3 @ 7:14PM  
I have 768 moving violations....wasn't eligible to get a license til I was 36 yrs old........but I got it

Feb 3 @ 7:29PM  
umm my first ticket?? I was 20 drunk as a skunk lied thru my teeth and just got one for speeding going 75 in a 35 last ticket ummm bout 3 yrs ago going 60 in a 45 well hell I was coming from Beech Grove up Emerson and I really thought it was 55 I wasn't looking for signs yep busted

Feb 3 @ 7:47PM  
Let's see, 3 speeding tickets - all more than 10 yrs ago. 1 DUI 21 yrs ago - was pulled over as I was walking into my hotel room. 1 Fuel Conservation Tax ticket in Montana for passing a cop at 110. Ahhh, the good ol days

Feb 3 @ 8:00PM  
Back when the speed limit was 55MPH I drove a 1982 T-Bird approximately 1,100 miles from Elizabethtown KY to San Antonio TX in 12.5 hours averaging about 88 MPH making one stop in Texarkana to get gas.

I also drove a 1983 280ZX turbo approximately 400 miles from Bremerhaven Germany to Nurnberg Germany in about 3 hours 40 minutes which was an average of about 108 MPH but there were no speed limits for most of that plus I also had a Porsche sitting on my arse for some of it flashing his lights trying to get me out of his way. Never got stopped but did get caught on “candid camera” and received a 480 Dm speeding ticket in the mail for doing 148K in a 110K zone.

Feb 3 @ 8:03PM  
no tickets...but one dui when I was 19.. Nothing since then though.

Feb 3 @ 8:12PM  
you only asked about the flashing lights as far as DRIVING was concerned, right?

Feb 3 @ 8:47PM  
I have sent this before.... Maybe it will work this time! lol

No Tickets.... 1 DUI when I was 19, I Like my Speed on the Water!!!

Feb 3 @ 9:33PM  
No tickets and have never been pulled over- exept to be warned about the neighborhood. Some cop told me to roll up my windows.

Haven't had any runnins with the law since that time in highschool...6 cops with hands on theyre guns and me in a hello kitty towel...


Feb 3 @ 9:41PM  
I've had a couple parking tickets.. but in La Grande Oregon. . it's almost impossible not to have a couple.

But no driving infractions. I used to love to drive.. then I took it up as an occupation.. now I'd just as soon ride.

Feb 3 @ 10:10PM  
I'm wanted in 4 states.

Feb 3 @ 10:23PM  
I did get a ticket for 70 miles an hour over the speed limit...ONCE. Pretty much cured me. Thank goodness the judged dropped it to 5 over and gave me a serious lecture.

Feb 3 @ 10:26PM  
I'm wanted in 4 states.

I'm sure you are wanted in more than four, Ash. But, for other reasons...

Feb 3 @ 10:36PM  
I've been arrested several times for wheelies on the highway @110
Couple of dte tickets 1000 a pop

Feb 4 @ 12:00AM  
55 in a 35 back in 1982 (seriously my speedometer cable broke that morning and I was on my way to the shop to get it fixed, was keeping up with a gray haired granny in the next lane!) and then 67 in a 55 in 1996, thank goodness for that hill that slowed that little car down or he'd have gotten me at 90 in a 55!

Feb 4 @ 12:00AM  
I got in a fender bender that was technically my fault (one of those things where I'm more responsible than the other driver but I couldn't have done it by myself). Other than that, I've only been stopped by a cop once, that was for a tale light that wasn't working (I never had a problem with it again, but my car's a piece of shit and it's been having all sorts of issues with the electric system).

I don't really like driving. But I do like to wander alot. On the freeway, I see the signs telling me how far the next major city is as suggestions.


Feb 4 @ 1:36AM  
I've gotten one speeding ticket in my life as a driver, being 20 years.
However, the ones that I didn't get caught...well, we'll just say it's a good thing I didn't.
I once drove home from a neighboring town doing 125 down the highway, windows rolled down and Metallica's "So What" blaring on the stereo.
I also drag-raced a '78 Olds 442 in my '74 Olds Delta 88 and won...on a major street, in the day time.
OK, enough incriminating myself.

Feb 4 @ 2:44AM  
I've had three speeding tickets, of the nit-picky variety, where I had barely raised a cloud
of dust....One occasion where the Law turned around and came after me for speed, smelled
alcohol, and asked that I walk the line, touch my nose, etc....and I got off CLEAR!!
And many, many times, over 20 years ago, when the car must've found its own way
home from the bar, after band practice....

Feb 4 @ 12:08PM  
As a professional driver, I have received more ticket over the years than Carter had Pills...all of which I can honestly say I was guilty of whatever the charges were.....

I have NEVER received a DUI....I was never that stupid, even as a teenager.....although I did attend a few funerals of close friends who were....


Feb 4 @ 1:50PM  
I have had one speeding ticket...........and i speed all the time.......but i have always managed to talk my way out of them.............staties like redheads for some reason...........

I have had one no seat belt ticket and he caught me at 87 mph and let me go with just the seat belt violation.

I have never had a dui but then again I knew all the cops in my area and if caught made me park the car and drive me home.

Have i deserved tickets..............anytime i get behind the wheel and hit the freeway i probably do.............actually i heard that tues is suppose to be up in the 50s and i have to go out of town and am already thinking of popping the tops off the camaro...............which means i will be speeding faster than normal..........

if you accept in your heart you're probably going to get a really doesnt bother you if you do.

Feb 4 @ 4:57PM  
And many, many times, over 20 years ago, when the car must've found its own way
home from the bar, after band practice....
Now, don't get me wrong....I'm not defending drinking and driving! This was for a short
period of time, many years ago, in my 20s. I could try to rationalize it all I want, but looking
back now I know it wasn't the brightest thing in the world...

As I told another member, karma has paid me back in that I now take Lipitor, which
is not to be taken with alcohol! Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?

Feb 4 @ 5:37PM  
I see the flashing lights of the snowplows as they hurl large jagged rocks at my windshield... does that count?

Feb 4 @ 7:11PM's been about 20+ years since my last speeding ticket.......Have I slowed down? Nope....just learned to watch for the cars with the "pretty" flashers...or, better yet...learned to tell the difference between a civilian car and an unmarked police cruiser..

(really helps when one of my good friends has a brother on the local police department...I've learned a LOT. )

And yes...I know where most of the speed traps are and I'll go through them doing the speed limit.

Good thing I know a lot of this stuff cause here in Michigan for the entire month of February the State Police are lurking on the expressways and other highways waiting to nab drivers going as little as 5 miles over the speed limit, which is a $100 fine.

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How Often Have You Seen Those Flashing Lights?